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posted by Valerie62
29 July 2023


Last reply: 01 August 2023 01:38
After 3 clear mammograms last one in February I am been called back for an ultrasound. Should I be worrying like I am?? Many thanks x
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posted by Cancer Nurse
26 July 2023

Screening Exam for mouth head and neck cancers by your Dentist

Screening Exam for mouth head and neck cancer Did you know that a screening physical exam is part of a regular dental exam? The dentist checks your neck, mouth, and oropharynx - the “oropharynx” is the middle section of your throat, including the roof of your mouth, base of your tongue, and tonsils. A careful examination of the mouth and neck only takes a few minutes and can find these cancers at an early and curable, stage. So, if you have any lesions (ulcers) present for more than three weeks you should be referred for further investigation.
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posted by ShoobyBooby
25 July 2023

Are biopsy results ALWAYS in-person? Or does this mean bad news

Last reply: 26 July 2023 16:04
Are in-person callbacks/appointments ALWAYS bad news? Have already been called back after first consult/mammaogram (details below) ... and now waiting for adenoma/biopsy results. Have now received another appointment with initial consultant. If it was nothing bad/clear, would they simply send a letter saying so? I don't think I can wait two weeks ... I rang the admin number and they said the results haven't been discussed at the multi-disciplinary meeting yet, so it's neither good nor bad. Thanks everyone! - Initial consultation/examination 1st mammogram: callback - 2nd mammogram: generalised calcifications, ultrasounds: benign lymph node, and adenoma, chose to have excisional biopsy there and then rather than the "wait and see".
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posted by anriocht
22 July 2023

Lung cancer diagnosis

Last reply: 25 July 2023 16:46
Hi there, I had breast cancer 10.5 years ago, but have now been diagnosed with primary lung adenocarcinoma. Just got diagnosis this week, have yet to see surgeon and hear if there is a plan for me. Anyone on here recently diagnosed with primary lung cancer. Thanks!
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posted by lovelife
19 July 2023


Last reply: 21 July 2023 15:32
had invasive ductal carcinoma 2 1/2 yrs ago and have just noticed some skin discolouration and a small swelling on the same breast
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posted by Dotniff
17 July 2023

Ice therapy for neuropathy

Last reply: 18 July 2023 15:50
Hello I am in the middle of a 12 week treatment of Oxaliplatin. I have been getting Peripheral Neuropathy in my hands. It has been suggested to me by a friend who went through this to try using icepacks on my hands just before and during part of the infusion. My nurses tell me it is not a good idea because of the Oxaliplatin/Cold response. I know it is available in some hospitals but I am drawing complete blanks here.
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posted by Julio
09 July 2023

Doubts about immigrating to Ireland while having cancer.

Last reply: 15 July 2023 00:38
Hello, my name is Julio and I live in Brazil. I was diagnosed with pulmonary Carcinoid cancer with metastasis and a pituitary adenoma in 2018. I treated the pituitary adenoma with surgery and currently undergo hormone replacement therapy. For the Carcinoid, I have been using medications and have been achieving excellent results! The reason for my contact is because I'm interested in doing a language exchange in Dublin for 8 months, and I need information on how I can continue my treatment while in Ireland. Could you provide me with the necessary steps to take or advise me on where I can obtain this information? I have the right to European citizenship through Poland, so I will be traveling as a European citizen.
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posted by AnnMaria
25 May 2023

Starting Chemo

Last reply: 26 July 2023 16:10
Hi, I’m starting chemo tomorrow. I’ve 4x ac & 4x t. Anyone else starting this month? I’m anxious and a little scared which surprised me as I’m 53! Best of luck to everyone starting & all those going through it as I type x
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posted by BellaBubble
02 May 2023

Scalp cooling

Last reply: 13 July 2023 23:46
Hi, Has anyone here used scalp cooling/the cold cap in recent years? (I see there is another post about cold caps, but it's ten years old and I don't want to potentially trigger the original poster if they get email alerts to say there have been replies to it.) If so, what are your thoughts? Did you find it successful? How much time did it add to your day? I've read that the cap should be on for 30 minutes before and 45 afterwards (the afterwards time seems short - is that an accurate timeframe to expect?). Any other information that you think would be relevant or useful would be gratefully appreciated. Thank you.
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posted by divinemercyjesus
11 July 2023

Breast cancer

Last reply: 21 July 2023 14:53
Breast cancer
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