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posted by libbymc44
15 April 2024

now live abroad but travelling to Ireland

Last reply: 17 April 2024 20:12

Hi, I live in Spain now and my prescription for Zoladex is from Spain. I need to travel to Ireland at the beginning of May but my Zoladex injection is due when I plan to be there. I have called 2 GP centres and no help and said can´t help me at all. So now I am stuck with not being able to travel or administering it myself which I don´t feel comfortable doing as it is a depot injection. Would you have any advice on this. In Spain, once you have a oncology letter, prescription and the medication any nurse can administer it.

Thanks in advance



commented by Cancer Nurse
16 April 2024

16 April 2024 16:37

Hi Libbymc44, 

Thank you for your post on Ask a Nurse. I do hope that you are keeping well. 

We would recommend that you speak with your team in Spain about your Zoladex which is due in May. Your team may be able to offer more advice or refer you to a hospital team locally in Ireland to administer the Zoladex. 

If you would like to speak with one of our nurses in more detail, please contact the Support Line. To contact the Support Line from outside Ireland, please call via our reception and ask to be transferred to the Support Line. The main reception number is 00 353 1 2310500. 

Kind regards, 

Cancer Nurse

commented by libbymc44
17 April 2024

17 April 2024 20:12

Hi, I have a letter, stamped and signed, prescription and the medication from my cancer hospital MD Anderson which is very well known internationally usually and they told me to contact a doctor but that´s what I did and no. I contacted the hse and they told me to contact the local public health centre but waiting a reply. They told me it is a very strange request, can´t imagine why, what do tourists do when they need an injection for an illness. It´s looking like I will have to try it myself. Usually here we can go to any health centre and once we have a prescription a nurse does it.. will see what reply is. Thanks for your help.

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