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posted by aimcro12
13 March 2020

Post stem cell transplant for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia

Last reply: 14 days ago
I'm 1.5 years post stem cell transplant after being treated for Acute Lymphoblastic leukaemia. Would I still be in the high risk for COVID-19?
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posted by Dollycilla
15 February 2020

Megaloblastic anemia

Hi, recently diagnosed as having Megaloblastic anemia and paraprotein in my blood igM it's 22g/L awaiting bone marrow biospy and ct tap, have had some nose bleeds, bone pain, fatigue, lymph node swelling neck area, anyone with same symptoms
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posted by Kitty
08 September 2019

Stem cell transplant

Last reply: 6 months ago
Has anyone undegone a stemcell transplant for Acute Myloid Leukaemia and how are they now
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posted by Emmalu
25 March 2019

Lymphoma symptoms?

Last reply: 11 months ago
Hi, the last couple of months I’ve had a lump below my left breast over my lower rib. It’s not painful but I do have some discomfort on that side. Also experiencing mild nausea especially when I eat plus periodic sweats and itchy feet, especially at night. I know some of these could be symptoms of lymphoma but km wondering would that be a normal location for it to be? Do you think it warrants a doctor visit? I don’t want to go along being dranatic but this thing is not going away plus I’m struggling a lot with fatigue. I keep Blaming that that on my underactive thyroid but I’m not sure that’s it now. Just wondering others thoughts? Thanks in advance
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posted by Justy
28 November 2013

follicular non Hodgkin's lymphoma

Last reply: 1 year ago
Hello, I'm new here and wanted to say hi. I got diagnosed with follicular non hodgkins lymphoma in September 2013. I'm a 34year old female. The diagnosis felt like a slap on my face . I'm worried of course. I have so many questions (Google is not helpful. It scares me) Is there anybody else here with the same cancer who would like to talk? Take care, Justy.
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posted by Imlost2019
05 January 2019

Mam has six months multiple myeloma

Last reply: 1 year ago
Its 1.20am, ten hours since my mams consultant rang me to say that her multiple myeloma is aggressive and not responding to the treatment. She was diagnosed two years ago, had stem cell transplant and rounds of chemo but only got 11 months approx before it came back. i have one sibling, im 40 years old and i am devastated. My husband is asleep beside me right now, my four children ( under ten) are asleep. Im here frozen since i got the call. My dad doesnt know only myself and my brother. Ive one friend in my lofe who lives 3 hours away and my mother was and is my best friend. I can breathe, i cant move. Her ldh is over 700 and six months is the max she will get.
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posted by Terry Kav
18 December 2018

polycycthemia vera

Last reply: 1 year ago
Im looking to talk to someone else with polycycthemia vera.
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posted by LymphomaSoph
14 September 2017

Belfast lymphoma conference 4 November

The Lymphoma Association is bringing the latest in our regional series of ‘Know Your Lymphoma’ conferences to Belfast in November. This conference will give you a great opportunity to hear the latest on lymphoma from regional lymphoma experts and ask them questions to learn more about your diagnosis. Sessions include: What is lymphoma? Breakout sessions: Choice of high grade lymphoma or low grade lymphoma The psychological impact of a lymphoma diagnosis Diet and nutrition Patient experience The role of exercise after a lymphoma diagnosis Ongoing follow up, getting the best from your review appointments New and future treatments for lymphoma Clinical trials for lymphoma Ask the expert panel: question and answer session with speaker faculty Feedback from previous 'Know Your Lymphoma' conferences: • Interesting and informative knowledge about the intricate aspects of lymphoma, it’s all quite amazing and mind boggling. • Having never been to one of these conferences before, I am pleased to say that I have found this one to be very enjoyable and useful to me. • A very worthwhile use of a days’ time! • This helped me to understand my illness far more than I did when I was diagnosed. I wish I went to something like this sooner. The webpage for the conference is and the number for the conference team is 01296 619 412 if anyone wanted to find out more or book.
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posted by Coco1
17 June 2016

Cll support group

Last reply: 2 years ago
Hello, I was diagnosed two years ago with Cll and am hoping to start a support group for people living with Cll. Just wondering if there are any others with Cll interested in getting involved. Be bold and drop me a line.
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posted by CLL Ireland
03 June 2017

CLL Ireland

We have established an advocacy group for Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia (CLL) patients and carers. Thanks in part to the help provided by the Irish Cancer Society, on 29 April we held the first ever Public Information Day specifically for CLL patients and carers. We were overwhelmed with the support shown and the attendance on the day, with almost 140 patients and carers present! We are trying to reach out to the CLL community nationwide. Make sure you check out our website, and Follow us on Facebook ( and Twitter (
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