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posted by carr21
11 April 2021

MDT meeting

Hello. This is my first post and im looking for advice. I had a hysterectomy 4 weeks ago. My local hospital suspected womb cancer so i was referred up to see a Gynacological oncologist who did a d&c which came back clear, but due to large fibroids he booked me in for hysterectomy. Following surgery he didnt give me any cause to think that he found anything suspicious. I know that some others, who had the same op as me at the time , have had a call from the hospital to confirm that their pathology tests came back clear. I however have been told that my tests are back but they cannot tell me anything as it is going to an MDT meeting next week and then im to come back to the hospital a few days later to see them. Im very worried. Would you agree that this is a strong indicator that something unexpected has shown up? Thanks for taking the time to read this, and if anyone has any advice to offer id be grateful. I have nearly 2 weeks til i go back, its going to be a very long wait.......
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posted by Beechfield34
10 April 2021


This week has been the worst week of my life. Diagnosed with Breast cancer on wed. It’s in the lymph nodes too. I’ve to get chemo , surgery and radiotherapy. Next week a bone scan and then a PET scan. I feel and look healthy but I’m terrified the cancer has spread everywhere and I’m terrified of chemo . I work from home so I plan to continue to do that. My emotions are all over the place. Ok one min and actually having panic attacks the next min. Each day is a struggle . I know I have harder days ahead . I’m so worried. I’m in shock. I’m avoiding telling people as it makes it so “real”. Anyone else in the same boat ? Xxx
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posted by bmth19
01 April 2021

Lump under armpit

Last reply: 1 day ago
Hi everyone, I am looking to see if anyone can advise me please. I am 31 I have a lump under my right armpit, I have breast pain in the right breast and my right breast has become larger. I have constantly niggley pain under my armpit up to collar bone and shoulder pain into my right breast and every now and then I get a shooting pain right through my nipple and the pain takes my breathe away and i double over with the pain. I attended the breast clinic on Tuesday in Beaumont. The first doctor I seen said it was definitely a lump and it was concerning, I told him all of my symptoms. The second doctor came in and it was just like he was in a rush he said he couldn't find anything and asked me to point it out which I did, then he still said there was nothing there asked the first doctor to find he did and still said he couldn't feel anything there. And said he was more concerned about my left breast as there were nodules. The first doctor pointed out that my breast was larger and he ignored him, I mentioned the pain and I was ignored. He said he would refer me for an ultrasound but it was nothing. They said the wait for an ultrasound is two months. I felt so embarrassed and that I was being a waste of their from the way I was treated. Basically I'm just wondering if I was to be referred privately the cost and if they would do an ultrasound and a consultant. And if it is anything could I change back to private. I am keeping positive that maybe its just a cist and needs to be drained 🤞🏻🤞🏻 but I don't think I can wait two months for an ultrasound as the pain is starting to become unbearable and keeping me awake at night. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thank you x
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posted by MMK7
28 March 2021

Mater Breast Clinic

Last reply: 12 days ago
Hello all, hope you are good! Quick question, I was recently referred to the Mater breast clinic by my GP and am wondering if anyone knows the approximate waiting times at the moment? Would it be rude to call and ask as they would be extremely busy. Thank you in advance.
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posted by Amaru124
28 March 2021

Tonsil concerns

Last reply: 12 days ago
Hi, I am worried about my right tonsil. It seems to have got bigger recently but not swollen if that makes sense. It's opened up at the top and is when you compare both tonsils it's not even a defined shape, just bits of circular tissue. I have been having chest pains and pus pockets behind my tonsils so I have been on calvepen for 4 days and there is no difference. I am worried as there is a red nodule hidden above the misshapen tonsil, very sore and very hard to see. Also my soft palate seems like it is swollen and lower down and my uvula has a transparent coating to it. I am worried about hpv cancer of the tonsil as it is so odd the way it is growing so randomly and antibiotics are not having any effect. Any advice for this?
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posted by Iamstrong
25 March 2021

Tomoxifen-what foods to avoid

Last reply: 12 days ago
Hello for those taking tomoxifen what foods must be avoided as the interact with the metabolism of the drug? Thank you
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posted by Marguerite
24 March 2021


Last reply: 9 days ago
I'm going for my second round of chemo next tue and I'm dreading it. I was so sick after my first round for a week I'm wondering is it worth it.
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posted by Mrs C
23 March 2021

Question re rectal cancer/surgery

Last reply: 18 days ago
My husband was diagnosed with stage 4 rectal cancer last june he had mets on his liver. He completed his radiation and chemo treatment and he also overcome covid at xmas! He had 5 spots on his liver he was scheduled for surgery to burn the tumors bout 1 month ago now, when they went into do the surgery there were no spots visable great news. He is now awaiting his rectal surgery to remove the tumor, the surgeon told him 2 weeks ago he would need a permanent bag and he would need to see a plastic surgeon, it was alot of info to get his head around at the time. Since that he a scope last week and they were very happy with it only a scar left he is having an mri this week because tumor had grown into the muscle, the nurse rang to cancel our app with the plastic surgeon which means bag may not b permanent? Nurse didn't want to commit to answering my questions when asked which i completely understand. my question is is it normal for a surgeon to give you news like he got 2 weeks ago then a week later change of plan?? Is it possible he mite only have a temporary bag or maybe no surgery at all??
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posted by Tasha84
23 March 2021

Worried about lymphoma

Hey guys so long post just looking for info... 5 weeks ago I had an MRI for back pain. Physio said I had a bulging disc in L5 but also something in my L2, I was sent 3 days later to the mater private to the spinal clinic who said it was either a growth or infection. Next day to the bone specialist who said he was treating it like cancer and I needed a further MRI and ct scan with dye. That happened 4 days later. MRI showed rest of spine ok thank god. Ct scan was few days later and dr rang with results next day saying another growth in my hip but also enlarged lymph nodes in my neck and chest......very worrying he mentioned lymphoma and I was being transferred to a haematologist. So quickly had a biopsy from the nodes in my chest that was 8 days ago and I am a ball of nerves waiting on results.... so do results take this long ? Do Dr only mention cancer when they are sure ? Anyone else have a similar experience......Thanks
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posted by davidmcnally97
22 March 2021

Hodgkin lymphoma

Last reply: 19 days ago
Hi I just finished 6 months of treatment for Hodgkin lymphoma. I’m 23 and in my final year of my engineering degree. I’m struggling to stay focus and can’t get any work done. I am still waiting on my post scans to make sure it’s gone. If anyone have any helpful tips or information that be great. I don’t want to defer or let this cancer delay my efforts in getting my degree. Thank very much and if anyone wants to talk about anything I am here too.
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