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posted by Cath Williams
09 August 2020

Fatigue and lack of appetite AFTER cancer treatment has concluded

My husband has recently completed his treatment (chemo & radiotherapy) but his fatigue and lack of appetite have gotten worse over the last 7 days (he completed treatment 2 weeks ago). He is now sleeping 20 hours a day and is eating very little, sometimes nothing. I have tried lots of recipes and tempting treats that he normally likes but he is not eating and continues to lose weight. I am really at my wit's end and simply do not know what to do. I intend to call the doctor in the morning but he does not want me to do that. He is lacking all energy for anything and I really do not know what else to do. Any suggestions please. Thanks
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posted by ladybird
08 August 2020

Diagnosed breast cancer

I have been diagnosed with cancer originally it appeared on scans to be very small but surgery showed it to be 4.5cm and in 2 biopsied lymph nodes. So now have to do chemo which scare What do I need todo to prepare.
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posted by Saski
07 August 2020

Biopsy results

Hi Everyone today I had a mamagram and ultrasound biopsy I was told it was probably just fibroid I didn't really understand I got three samples taken I didn't want to ask any questions as the pandemic they said they would call me I have it in my head its fine but am I being silly trying not to think about it and how long will it take for them to call thanks so much for any help
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posted by ladybird
06 August 2020

Medical card

Can u apply for a discretionary medical after been diagnosed. Is it means tested
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posted by sandie20
04 August 2020

Advise on weight loss

Last reply: 4 days ago
Hi all Husband has started treatment for his lung cancer we have just completed week 1 and he has lost so much weight I’m scared dnt know how to help what to do for him any advice would be great I feel out of my depth here and we have only just started this journey
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posted by kymryan
02 August 2020

Breast cancer scare

Last reply: 5 days ago
Hi so for a while I have noticed a lump near my nipple but I thought nothing of it because I’m only 16 and have really bad acne and I just assumed it could have been a spot and I’m really scared to asl my mam to book an appointment with a doctor and I just don’t know what to do can someone please help me and give me advice
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posted by siobhan123
30 July 2020

Breast reconstruction

Last reply: 3 days ago
Hi I have just had an appointment with the plastic surgeon about a breast reconstruction the option I am thinking of is breast reconstruction by latissimus dorsal flap and then I will need a reduction on the other breast I would love to hear from anyone who has had this done to hear their experience. I had my mastectomy in January 2019 and finished radiation in May of that year. I am feeling well but I am worried about putting my body through this and if I will be strong enough for this op.
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posted by Catherine Kiely
30 July 2020


Last reply: 9 days ago
I had my first cycle of Taxol on Wednesday last week. Had 4 cycles of AC previous to that. Tough days were had. I'd read that taxol is a walk in the park after AC. Not for me. Suffered horrendous bone and joint pain along with pelvic pain from 2pm two days after taxol. I had to contact Oncology ward to seek advice Re pain management. Upped oxynorm every 2 to 4 hours, it barely touched the surface of the pain. Sleeping tablets were the only way I could get sleep. Meeting with a Registrar tomorrow to discuss my options, lower dose, weekly dose instead of 2 weekly. I just know I could never face that pain again. Saves to say don't believe everything you read as we are all different. I can't help but think I've had 4Ac, 1 taxol, do I really need to put my body through more of this, as it's an insurance kind of treatment to make sure the cancer is wiped out. I know I'm wiped out. Let's see what tomorrow's discussion brings to the table.
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posted by Flowers
28 July 2020

Capsular Contractor of Breast Implant and Breast Implant Illness.

Would be interested in hearing from anyone that has had their breast implant removed because of Capsular Contractor and have not had the implant replaced. Also, anyone that has been diagnosed with Breast Implant illness?
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posted by Mrsmoleary
25 July 2020

Scared of dilator

Last reply: 11 days ago
Hi all, I just found this forum and wish I had found it several months ago. I was diagnosed with cervical cancer on 26th February 2020, had a radical hysterectomy on 31st March and then 23 sessions of radiotherapy finishing on the 19th June. It's been just over a month since my last radiotherapy but I still cant bring myself to use the dilator to prevent the scar tissue. Honestly I dont know why. I am 36 years old and do wish to continue having a normal sex life but just cant mentally bring myself to follow the advice. I suppose I've just found it difficult to access supports during the pandemic and although technology is great, I do find it very difficult to say anything other than I'm fine in these zoom calls or whatever technology is being used. I also wonder how everyone is feeling about returning to work. Financially I'm very lucky in that I'm under no pressure to return any time soon, however it has been mentioned to me on several occasions by medical professionals about when I plan on returning. Honestly, I dont feel up to returning to work just yet, I usually work 60/70 hour weeks and know myself I wouldn't be able to keep up with my colleagues right now. Thanking you in advance for taking the time to read and any advice you can offer.
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