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posted by Christine Eichbaum
25 May 2022

Stage 4 Breast Cancer

Hi, I have been diagnosed with stage 4 BC about three months ago, am on Ibrance/Anastrazole and starting on Zometa injections. Had initial BC four years ago, after that clear Mammograms. By chance they detected nodules in my lungs through a CT scan, and now have confirmed it to be secondary BC. It is also in my bones and lymphnodes. Would love to hear from someone in similar's an avalanche of treatments and a rollercoaster of emotions and thoughts...
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posted by worried22
25 May 2022

Mammogram Recall

Last reply: 2 days ago
Cancer diagnosis 7.5 years ago Triple positive all the therapies Been recalled back after mammogram check up and in a heap Convinced it is back again could it be scar tissue causing a distorted image all these years on ? Thanks - going insane
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posted by Pisces25
22 May 2022

Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Last reply: 3 days ago
I’m 40 years old and on Tuesday I was diagnosed with breast cancer, invasive ductal carcinoma. Everything since then has just been a bit of a daze, moving through the days but without really being present. I had an MRI on Thursday gone and have a CT scan Friday coming and a bone scan the following week. The waiting it so hard, I want it dealt with immediately. I am a mother of 3 children, 20, 16 and 15 and my youngest has her JC in 2 weeks so I’ve made a choice not to tell any of them until that’s over to give her the best chance. I don’t know if that’s the right thing to do. I’m absolutely petrified. I know I need to be strong and positive but right now I’m anything but. My mind is wandering to the worst places, I can’t sleep, I’m lost and in limbo and I’m really angry. I just want to wake up from this bad dream
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posted by MollyM
21 May 2022

Lymphoma of CNS

HI, Has anyone experience of this type of cancer? I know it is relatively rare. Has anyone suffered with bowel incontinence as a result of this cancer ? Was it possible to get a colostomy bag? Many thanks
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posted by Deirdre4791
19 May 2022

Triple assessment

Last reply: 7 days ago
Hi. I found a lump.Female48 Doc thinks it might be a blocked duct. Sent referral letter on the Thursday.. I got a call to come the following Wednesday for an assessment. A mammogram would have been done that afternoon following the initial assessment but there was a radiographer after ringing in sick. So, they said they would write out. I got an appointment in the post, inviting me to appointment on 1.6.2022,(initial appt on 27th April). Can I take comfort that it might not be urgent as there was a 5 week delay.? Also, is the triple assessment standard for all lumps, or should that make me worry. I am trying not to be worried, but I have discomfort and wonder should I have fought for an earlier appointment? I have been trying to research these questions but not getting many answers.. Kind regards Deirdre 0860668715
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posted by libra1975
18 May 2022


Last reply: 8 hours ago
Hi everyone, I was just wondering if anyone else has had the same problem. After my lumpectomy I developed cording in my armpit, going down past my elbow. I got physiotherapy for it, and it was as good as gone. I am doing my exercises every day. But now it's actually back again. The therapist signed me off last week, saying my range of movement is great. I told her then that it felt like the cording is coming back, but she just said to continue with exercises. Has anyone else experienced that? I thought, or hoped, once it's gone its gone.
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posted by dublinsouth1
16 May 2022

Prostatectomy query

Last reply: 15 hours ago
Hi all, I am a 44 year old man who only last week was diagnosed with stage 1 prostate cancer. while I am considered very young to have cancer of the prostate I think I am lucky that it was spotted so early. however there is always doubt and worry. I am due to to have a full radical Prostatectomy at some stage over the summer. I am just hoping to speak to somebody else who may have had an RP. Specifically I wanted to know what life is like after the procedure.. Specifically around continence and erectile function etc? Nice to meet you all and now be part of this community.
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posted by pudswife
12 May 2022

Results for Breast Biopsy

Last reply: 9 days ago
Had a biopsy two weeks ago and when I rang the hospital for update they said could be another two weeks before I get a result. (They had said two weeks when having the biopsy). Is this Covid or staffing delays, anyone else experiencing the same thing? I don’t think they would leave it this long if cancer showing?
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posted by LisaO
11 May 2022

Lip growth

Last reply: 14 days ago
I was with a cosmetic doctor yesterday getting some treatments done and in passing mentioned a lump(white flat) that I had on my lip. Have had it years (5+)but recently it's been crusting and getting bigger. He said he thought it was pre cancerous or early cancer. He decided to cryo it on the spot and told me to go back to him in two weeks. I'm now so so worried. He's not a specialised dermatologist and I'm concerned that maybe a biopsy should of been done. I can't stop googling and really cannot cope right now.
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posted by ash mammy of 2
09 May 2022


Last reply: 9 days ago
Hello 👋🏻 I have my appointment in the breast clinic on Thursday as you can imagine I’m up in a heap as I have a very large lump roughly 5cm so I’m imagining if it is cancer it’s going to be later stage? Could you tell me please how long I’ll be waiting for results? I honestly don’t know how much more of a wait I can take I’ve downplayed it to my husband as he’s a major worrier and obviously I haven’t told my teenage children yet. Thanks in advance xxx
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