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posted by georgie76
29 January 2023

Biopsy results question

Wondering if someone can help? I am awaiting results of a breast biopsy-2.5 weeks between biopsy and results appointment. Wondering if anyone felt lumpier after the biopsy? And if this is normal. Also wondering if the hospital (mater breast clinic) will indicate if you should bring someone with you? I know that over covid-that wasn’t happening-but has anyone recently diagnose been advised to bring a supportive person with them? Don’t want to go alone if I’m getting back news-but equally don’t want people taken days off for no reason. Thanks so much for any help y oh can give me.
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posted by lovelife
21 January 2023

Breast cancer

Last reply: 5 days ago
What do you do if you find out 2yrs after having breast cancer that your surgeon deliberately lied to both you and your gp.. was told by my surgeon that the margins were clear after a 2nd operation within a week and then just this weekend I discover that the margins haven’t been met 0.6mm from the superior aspect of the medial shave Have been told that this has put me at higher risk of recurrence
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posted by alrorek
18 January 2023

Recurrence of breast cancer

Last reply: 3 days ago
Periods of time (how ironic as I always been irregular) It’s nearly a year after 1st diagnosis, 9 months after lumpectomy, finished 4 weeks of radio 5 months ago and now going through a follow up ultrasound because I’m afraid (it) has come back🥺
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posted by kransom
17 January 2023

Skin irritation on face

Last reply: 4 days ago
My skin on my face seems to have gotten very bad since starting chemo. Particularly on my two cheeks it’s red with raised bumps like pimples. This wouldn’t be the norm for me as I don’t get acne or the like. I don’t know what skincare I should be using or what might help? Has anyone experienced this or would have any recommendations on skincare to use on it?
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posted by emsarah11
12 January 2023


Last reply: 17 days ago
Good Afternoon, i have had a double masectomy, and have two prosthesis i find them very heavy and hot can someone recommend a lighter one please.
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posted by Roderick
09 January 2023

Radiation Options - Lymph nodes or not

Last reply: 13 days ago
Greetings I am a Gleason 8 (3+5) PSA 10. Apparently I am T2C N0 M0. The cancer is 1.8cm along the anterior of the prostate. It seems to be contained within the prostate. The radiologist recommended IMRT and this seemd fine. However, i saw a second radiologist and they said, given the grade and extent of tumour, they would suspect that micromets could be beyond the capsule and they recommend radiation not only of the prostate but to also include the lymph nodes. Now in terms of risk management the latter approach seemed sensible but of course risks of damaging the surrounding areas will increase. I am at a loss as to what to do!
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posted by noddy
06 January 2023


Last reply: 18 days ago
Hi all I had a head Ct in dec and thought nothing more of it as it came about from an off the cuff remark about headaches . I assumed these were from ongoing treatment tdm1 and just happened to mention . Anyway when I’m last week for treatment I was given the shock that they had found something on the Ct . It’s very very small and I’ve been told highly treatable if it’s something to worry about . I’ve now to have head mri to find out what it is exactly . To say my anxiety levels are through the roof is a massive understatement !!! Mri may not be for at least 3 weeks yet which is torture . I’m so so upset as am due my last treatment in 2weeks and had dared to get a little excited . Every time this time round that I have gotten to the finish line I’ve been tripped up . Has anyone had anything similar which turned out to be nothing ?? This is my second breast cancer diagnoses (I was a month off 10yrs clear ,it came back in recon breast in same spot ). Please any advice greatly appreciated . TIA
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posted by ap1983
05 January 2023

ketogenic diet

Last reply: 20 days ago
Hi, i have been diagnosed with breast cancer. I was wondering if ketogenic diet is good for me or should i stay with balance diet.
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posted by jessk
03 January 2023

Tamoxifen and low sex drive

Hello ladies, I am on tamoxifen 20mgs after double mastectomy, chemo and radio. Anybody with an Idea on how I can improve my desire for sex...before I get to the dryness and lubricants, I would give anything to get the interest back. I'm just 49, in a new relationship, ooh dear... Thanks Jessk
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posted by lillywhite52
02 January 2023

New lump

Last reply: 25 days ago
I was diagnosed with stage 3 invasive ductal carcinoma with local spread to lymph nodes in dec 2020. I had chemo, R mastectomy, axillary node clearance, oral chemo, radiotherapy and am now on tamoxifen. Over the Christmas break I have discovered a lump in my right armpit. (Side of surgery )My question is do I contact my oncology team or the breast care nurse in st James. I’m not sure if I’ve been discharged from the surgical team though.
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