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posted by SM_2020
03 January 2021

Genetic testing

Last reply: 19 days ago
Hi everyone, My Mum was recently diagnosed with advanced ovarian cancer and her oncologist recommended genetic testing. Bloods for this were sent off for lab assessment a few months ago but no results yet. Has anyone has experience of this? I'm very anxious, obviously caring for Mum but also worried about possibility that there's a genetic element to her illness too, raising my risk. Anyone know about time frame for test results, full process etc?
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posted by orchardj
18 December 2020

Periods on Taxol

Last reply: 30 days ago
I've started bleeding ans its 35 days since my last period which was before I started chemo. I was told that my period will stop all together when on this drug. Had anyone else still gotten periods on Taxol? I'm starting my 3rd round of Taxol next Thursday.
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posted by May-Marie
12 May 2020

Waiting for scan results

Last reply: 8 months ago
I had an MRI scan last Thursday which was about 2 months overdue -I am being monitored after having breast cancer last year -my question is how long is it usually before you get the results
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posted by Muir
19 May 2018

My Story

Last reply: 1 month ago
In September 2014 at the age of 26, I was diagnosed with a rare form of Ovarian Cancer; Immature Teratoma-a less common form affecting younger age groups. It therefore is so important that we acknowledge and understand that Ovarian Cancer isn't confined to those in older age brackets and in effect can present itself at any age. When I was experiencing my symptoms Cancer was the furthest thing from my mind...Polycystic Ovaries, IBS, Allergies, anything but Cancer were being looked into. I had to persist to get a scan because on the basis of my doctors referral the hospital only viewed my case in terms of priority as low and not high. I eventually got called 6 months later and the pelvic ultrasound showed what they thought to be a cyst; being compared in size to a tennis ball. I had it removed quite promptly via laparoscopy. One month later I was called back in and to my horror told the biopsy showed it was a rare form of ovarian cancer; a tumour that actually was hiding out and growing away inside my left ovary, frightening thing is that when I had the blood markers done prior tomy first surgery they showed up as normal, so it was a double whammy to hear the opposite a month later when I thought I had put my worries and fears to bed. I was immediately referred to Cork to the most wonderful professional and empathetic doctor; numerous scans and checks followed, the first stage of treatment was to remove my left ovary and Fallopian tube. My second surgery went very well and thankfully I didn't need any more treatment after that as the cancer had just been contained within that ovary. I feel blessed that I listened and persisted, as hard as it was I went to my GP as not all the symptoms can be easy to discuss. I'm also blessed that I got it when I did. Early detection is key and I cannot stress that enough. I'd love to help raise awareness as I was only 26 when diagnosed. I did find it hard to talk about it but time has passed and I have been blessed that my check ups have been going well and I think it's time for me to speak out and help others with early detection! The scary thing is the amount of times I brushed off my symptoms and put them down to other things. I knew something wasn't right, my body was asking me to speak up, and I'm so so grateful I did. I am nearly four years in remission now and I can't express enough gratitude for that, I am on the other side and proud of myself and the journey I have put down over the past while. There is hope and I'm sharing this to emphasise that and the positive outcomethatcan be achieved when you act early. We can be bombarded by bad news and horror stories but I feel optimism and hope go a long way so I hope my piece will help other women who find themselves in a similar situation; I urge you to surround yourself withthose you love, let them in, the endless support and love I received from my family, my partner and friends got me through it #youcandoit. Women young and old need to be encouraged to listen to their bodies and persist in seeking medical advice no matter how small their concerns are. Taking responsibility for your health is imperative, the ball is in your court. Please listen to your body. My symptoms were a mix and blurred the lines into other possible conditions which again makes Ovarian Cancer hard to diagnose and catch. I am sharing the following link as it sums up the key symptoms that help detect Ovarian Cancer and is titled 'BEAT Ovarian Cancer': The main learning on my journey has been to listen...and to trust my body. Not an easy thing to do the best of times, but your body really does know what's best for you. Don't doubt yourself. Be proud to look after your #womenshealth I will be forever grateful to have come through this process and to be given a second chance. I am so blessed and I truly realise that. If I didn't keep returning to my doctor however it may have been different. Please don't fear being judged as an overthinker or a worrier...if something doesn't feel right for you, for YOUR body that is enough. There is absolutely no harm being done by checking in with your GP even if it just provides reasurrance with a once over. Don't feel like an inconvience or a bother because you're not. You're you and you're important. You're loved and admired more than you'll ever know. You matter and so does your life. Life is fleeting, it is a precious gift. Trust yourself. Warmest blessings and well wishes to all who read, benefit from this and share #strengthinnumbers #worldovariancancerday #raisingawareness Marian x 'Just like air. I rise' ~Maya Angelou~
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posted by Bepositive
24 July 2018

Suspicious mri

Last reply: 2 years ago
Hi all I'm new here and not sure if I should even be on here! But I am worried I might have ovarian cancer. I'm hoping not of course, but in case I am diagnosed with it, I'm trying to be mentally prepared at least. Long story short, I got mirena coil fitted in last year for my heavy periods and for contraception, but coil actually made things worse. Way more bleeding etc. Had u/s which showed a simple cyst on left ovary. Had follow up u/s to check on cyst after removal of coil not working, cyst still there but changed shape. Also uterus peppered with fibroids and something inside my left ovary. Got referral to see private gynocologist, he thought the something in my ovary is a fibroma. Not too concerned. Lining of endo I'll defined and thick. My doctor suggested hysteroscopy and do biopsy of womb. And if all is good there then we could look into hysterectomy as I'm finished with having children and my mother and grandmother had to have hysterectomy as well in their 40s due to problematic fibroids. I agreed to this. He sent me for blood test ca125. It was 96. Doctor not concerned because of the fibroids. I mentioned to him that I have difficulty emptying my bladder at night and he said fibroids can do that. He also sent me for a pelvic MRI. I've had the MRI, and the hysteroscopy/d&c. On day of surgery, my doctor told me he got the results of MRI. No free fluid shown in MRI but left ovary has something solid in it and radiologists can't say what it is. It is painful before during and after period there. I also have trouble eating asuch as I used to. I get bloated every day the last two months but only after eating and can be quite painful too. But I know there's no fluid so that's good. My doctor is sending my MRI report to mater hospital for second opinion. A team who specialise in ovarian cancers. And he said if they think it's something sinister, then they will take over. I'm currently waiting on biopsy results of hysteroscopy too. I'm 42, and I feel I'm over thinking it or worrying unnecessarily, but at same time, I'm trying to be prepared just in case. It is more than likely nothing to be worried about, but just wanted to check if anyone else has had similar experience that they can share with me? Thanks
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posted by E_14
14 October 2017


Last reply: 2 years ago
Hi, I'm new here and very frightened by what is happening to me and how it is being (not) dealt with, I have a pain in my right ovary(severe) Also now in my left ovary (not as severe), I'm exhausted and no amount of sleep seems to help, I'm constantly going to the bathroom as my bladder is now always full, I have a shooting type pain in my back passage when I try to have a BM during a period which are now quite hectic, I have lower abdominal pain and the pain in my back is actually crippling me I have had an ovarian cyst before so I am aware of how that feels, My mother had ovarian cancer and some other members of my family,also some other cancers, I have been to my GP many times over the past 6/8 weeks as the severity of what is happening is increasing rather rapidly, The only examination I have had, is a urine test to rule out pregnancy and infection (3 times) also had my stomach felt (over my clothes) Referral letter has been written and sent to consultant which I followed up only to be told I am on a waiting list and it's just over a year for an appointment, I'm not allowed to see the Dr privately as I don't have medical insurance and I can't pay for it as it would "mess up the system should I need follow up treatment" I'm not a doctor, however I do know my own body and something is very wrong and getting worse almost daily, I would appreciate any help/advice that anyone can give me, as realistically I don't think I will be around for any appointment I "a year or so" Thank you
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posted by alexperezromia
14 September 2017

Questions Ovarian Cancer

Last reply: 3 years ago
Hi since the last month, my wife has been feeling symptoms similar to the Ovarian Cancer described on the website, we went to the GP and got a referral for a Gynecologist, after this the doctor indicate she has cystocele and the bladder is prolapsing a bit, and small cyst on the ovary and he recommended to start with some exercises in the mean time we get an appointment for the Physio, for the Cyst he recommended an contraceptive pill. however she's been feeling very worried due she has the symptoms very similar to this cancer. do you have a recommendation of what to do?, currently we are planning to go to another doctor and explain our case, and request for the blood test CA-125. Thank you very much!
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posted by myra101
24 October 2016


Last reply: 4 years ago
Hello, I am new to this. I have lost my sister-in-law to overian cancer and who is my brother's wife. Has anyone one else dealt with this
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posted by daisies1507
12 June 2013

ovarian cancer

Last reply: 4 years ago
Hi, anyone out there who has been diagnosed with recurrent/metastasis ovarian cancer. Have finished the chemo part (taxol & carboplatin with avastin) and I am on Avastin only. However, down in the dumps this week and concerned about mortality. While there are lots of women like me - I can't find anyone in the same boat. Just wondering if it is normal to have these down times as I have been upbeat until now. Have not told family members about this feeling, as I think they would watch me like a hawk. Mo
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posted by Irish Cancer Society
02 July 2008

What are the symptoms of cancer of the ovary?

Last reply: 5 years ago
With cancer of the ovary most women will not notice anything in the early stages. It can take a long time for symptoms to occur. When symptoms do appear, they can be vague and quite mild. These can include: Poor appetite Vague indigestion or nausea Bloated feeling Swollen abdomen-caused by build up of fluid called ascites Pain or dragging sensation in the lower abdomen or side Abnormal vaginal bleeding or discharge Change in bowel or bladder habits, such as constipation, diarrhoea or wanting to pass urine often Even though these symptoms can be caused by complaints other than cancer, it is very important that you have them checked out by your doctor
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