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posted by Sarah2023
13 September 2023

Breast Cancer

I am a 34 year old woman, I was diagnosed with grade 2 breast cancer yesterday. I am having surgery to have it removed next week. I am expecting a call from the Cancer nurse tomorrow but I am just looking for suggestions for questions I should ask? It doesn't look like I should need chemotherapy as of yet but I am aware that can change once they have a look at the lump and surrounding tissue once it's out. Any suggestions welcome. Thank you.
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posted by Brian
20 August 2023

Options for Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

Last reply: 14 days ago
I have been diagnosed with prostate cancer during the week. My consultant recommended two options: 1. Radical Prostatectomy or 2. Hormone Treatment for 4 months followed by 7 weeks radiation 5 days a week. The consultant is terse and not comfortable with patient communication- the review consultation lasted 6 minutes. I asked about my suitability for brachytheraphy and his response was "- it's not available in this hospital and it has fallen out of favour " and "it will render you unsuitable for later prostatectomy if needed". He favours Prostatectomy. I am to see him again in two weeks, however I am considering a change of consultant to someone who has better patient communication skills and who is willing to discuss other options rather than dismiss them. I have also explored NanoKnife and made contact with the King Edward v11 Hospital in London. They will review my histology report and MRI report (when I receive them). I have a Gleason 3+4, with 2 of the 14 biopsy samples being 5.1 (Grade Group 2) and MRI :PIRADS 4. I feel with such scores that I should have more options than radical prostatectomy. I plan to seek my histology report and MRI report from my current consultant tomorrow but I am unsure of the protocol. Should I ask my GO, whom I am also meeting tomorrow, to request them or request that they be sent to my GP.
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posted by Andrew
15 August 2023

Disjointed medical care

Last reply: 1 month ago
Hi, I don't honestly know if I'm looking for advice, or if I'm just having a rant at the apparent shambles of care my mother has gotten since she was diagnosed with bladder cancer in the middle of March. Synopsis: - 14 March Tralee. diagnosed with bladder cancer - 21 March - 12 April ULimerick Hospital Consultation, and kept for test that they kept postponing until she said she was leaving if we they didn't do the remaining tests. (Over 3 weeks in Limerick for tests that should have been done in a week max, in my opinion). I've forgotten many of the dates in-between, but she began chemo with the idea that she would have surgery after, if she responded well, but it didn't work out for her as she was too wrecked after the chemo even when it was reduced. She wasn't coming around as she usually did after her final chemo treatment and as she wasn't getting treatment her weekly blood check had also stopped. -20 July. My dad took my mom to the GP as she was very very weak and GP left her home again don't even remember what his "diagnosis" was, if he had any. (This is the same GP that allowed 2 years of recurring UTIs go on without thinking further testing might be advisable). - 23 July. I called the ambulance, she wasn't eating, wouldn't take all her meds, was confused. Turns out she had Urosepsis and was in hospital for over a week. - 2 August. Discharged, without a care plan 🙈 (After I explained to numerous different medical staff that there was already a fully dependent adult in the household, so it has gone from a house where two adults cared for one person to a house where one person cares for two. (There are supports in place for the previous care situation, that's not what I'm talking about). We had to phone around and follow up to eventually get some care support ( Just once every second week, as that's what my mom wants, minimal intrusion. She is back walking around again. - 10 August (Last Thursday) Multidisciplinary team met with all of the updated test results. My mom followed up today, no response from the doctors involved, while she anxiously waits the next steps. What is wrong, why do we have to keep chasing up with people to get them to do their job and at least communicate what is happening. - 15 Aug (today) Phoned GP to get report from recent MRI, he is on holidays. Mom felt like she might be getting another UTI so saw one of the other GPs at her practice, was given 3 days of antibiotics, and a print out of the MRI. Why are all the communications so disjointed? How long should it take for somebody from the Multi Disciplinary Team to get back to us and tell us what the next plan is? The above doesn't include everything, but it's all I have the energy to write at the moment. There have been some great care staff in the hospitals, but they are all over worked. This state is a joke.
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posted by AnnMaria
25 May 2023

Starting Chemo

Last reply: 1 month ago
Hi, I’m starting chemo tomorrow. I’ve 4x ac & 4x t. Anyone else starting this month? I’m anxious and a little scared which surprised me as I’m 53! Best of luck to everyone starting & all those going through it as I type x
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posted by ScoilteMc
29 June 2023

What to ask consultant

Last reply: 2 months ago
Hi, My sister has just been diagnosed with BC, we've an appointment with the consultant to get the biopsy results and treatment plan next Monday (3rd July) - are there any suggestions as to questions we need to ask, TIA, Scoilte Mc
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posted by Doireannf
04 August 2022

Hair loss in kids

Last reply: 2 months ago
Hi my son who is 6 is receiving chemo and his hair has started to come out - would anyone recommend any child friendly books I could read with him or give to his teacher to read with his classmates to explain this for him and make it more 'normal' for him thanks
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20 February 2023


Last reply: 5 months ago
Hi there, my name is Ashling, and I'm new to this husband was diagnosed with oesophagul cancer, some in lymph nodes, so a very scary and overwhelming time...he starts chemo today and we are both very scared and hope it helps him...any advice or words of encouragement would be brilliant..thankyou.. Ashling
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posted by smiffy86
12 February 2023

Phone call for results

Hi everyone, I had uterine polyps removed and send away to be tested at the end of November. I got a letter Fri for a virtual phone call appointment with the gynecologist for Fri week and now I'm panicking, I'm thinking if all was clear they would send a letter saying that and the call might be to arrange more tests. I'm wondering if appointments are being done either way over the phone at the moment as I know the waiting lists I that department are crazy at the moment
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posted by indigoalice
01 February 2023

Breast cancer diagnosis

Last reply: 7 months ago
Hi my name is Alice and Ive got breast cancer. Im attending St Vincents hospital for treatment. So its in the left breast and got into lymphs. Next step is CT scan then chemo, then op then radiotherapy, for now fingers and everything crossed. I am 47 years of age.I would like to ask another wou for man who had a similar diagnosis and has already travelled this road for a chat? I am very grateful to you in advance and thank you for reading my post. Alice x
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posted by chickaroo82
28 December 2022

Hospital referral

Last reply: 8 months ago
Hi there. I was given a colposcopy in UHG and am now being transferred under gynae to St James's in Dublin. I have a CT booked with Galway, quickest appointment in January. James's have received my referral but does anyone know how long it usually is to get an appointment to see a doctor? I don't want to be asking the secretary so I'm wondering if anyone here might know from prev experience?
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