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posted by greeneyes40
16 May 2024

Infertility after breast cancer

Last reply: 21 May 2024 10:33
Hi, I was diagnosed with lobular hormone positive breast cancer last year. I have finished treatment but I am on Zoladex and exemestane for the next few years. I was diagnosed at 39 and have no children. As the cancer was hormone positive and in the lymph nodes they have told me that it would be a big risk of recurrence to come of my medication to become pregnant which I am not willing to take. I have always wanted to be a mother and now this has been taken away from me as a result of breast cancer. I am wondering if there is anyone else in the same situation and if so how did you come to terms with it ? Thanks 🙏
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posted by Eve1234
30 April 2024

Scalp Cooling

Last reply: 05 May 2024 18:36
Hi All, I wanted to share my experiences of scalp cooling in the hope that it helps other people. I am just completing chemotherapy 12 rounds of Carbo Taxol and 4 rounds AC for breast cancer in a private hospital. Against the odds I have kept the vast majority of my hair. It gave me such freedom not to have to explain to people about my illness and kept things normal for my young kids. It has not been easy but it was worth it. Some words of advice. - It may not work so prepare yourself and get a wig and coverups etc. I felt happier that I had these should it not work for me. - Become the expert. Don’t assume that oncology ward staff are the experts. I had nurses who didn’t even know how to turn on the machine. Read everything you can on - Know what cap size sits the most effectively on your head (tight but not uncomfortable) and insist on it each time. - Know much pre infusion and post infusion time you need the cap on based on your type of chemotherapy. Don’t ever allow staff to reduce this time! You need every minute. - You will need to be your own advocate. Right from the beginning the attitude from oncology staff was negative. Whether this was from being too busy, indifference or where they’ve seen not working. I had nurses discuss opening how it wouldn’t work for me (it did!) and say to me how they hated the process. I was made to feel like it was an inconvenience so there may be sessions where you have to be a little pushy! - Practical tips Buy a silk pillowcase, use a soft baby brush to brush your hair, wash your hair only once a week with Simple shampoo. Dry your hair naturally or on a cold setting. Before putting on the cold cap use a water spray bottle to wet your hair (can be really difficult to wet your hair properly in those tiny toilet sinks!) Once wet brush conditioner through it then put on a hair band to protect your forehead - I got my hair cut twice during the 6 months. I just asked my hairdresser to be super gentle and not use hot hair dryer. - Even if it works you may still shred a lot of hair and this can be the most difficult time but persevere. Best of luck
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posted by MicheleC
25 April 2024

Waiting on results

Last reply: 03 May 2024 18:13
Hi, I am out of my mind with worry. I am 58 years of age and only went for my first mammogram on March 21st. I have a history of childhood abuse and lots of body issues so I kept delaying it and the Covid etc, anyway I got recalled last Monday 22nd, I had the mammogram and the nurse said there were calcifications on both breast and they needed to look a bit more. Then I had an ultrasound, the doctor said 'we need to do a bit more investigation' and said she could see a shadow somewhere on my left breast. I've no lumps or symptoms. She then said she would like to biopsy both the shadow and the calcification and did I want to do them that day or come back another day. I opted to have them done there and then. I then seen the breast nurse who gave me an appointment for next Wed 1st for the results. I was in bits and very upset etc and since then cannot sleep or focus either at work or at home. I've never, ever been so terrified in my life and am having panic attacks. I need some tips to calm down before Wed. Thank you x
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posted by corsa
18 April 2024

Zoladex hormone injection stopped after 9 yrs

Last reply: 19 April 2024 15:48
Hi 👋, I vaguely remember setting up a profile on this site in 2014 when 1st diagnosed age 37yrs with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer & here I am thankfully living life to the full almost 10yrs later. While I have remained on 3wkly IV treatment all this time, I am so grateful to be in remission. Small setback 4 yrs ago when heart was affected by herceptin & now cardiology patient too but all is under control. Latest change was start of Feb when I stopped zoladex 3.6 monthly injection due to severe cramps/muscle spasms in legs/abdomen causing me to pass out & since then I've waiting to see what happens as my reproductive system is shaken up I in menopause or was I already in menopause after initial 6 mth chemo treatment taxol/AC . A week ago I suffered bad lower abdominal pain & attended out of hrs doctor who gave me antibiotocs/pain killers for UTI infection but now infection has cleared & pain remains so possibly reproductive system awakening.... would love to hear from anyone else who was on zoladex injection long term & any side effects they had after stopping it. Ive had the odd nite of hot flushes but more concernee about recent abdonima pain. Oncology where I attend are aware & will discuss at next meeting.
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posted by kransom
02 April 2024


Last reply: 03 April 2024 11:39
Hi, Has anyone here had experience with seroma's and discharge post treatment? Struggling with this at the moment and would love to talk to someone who has dealt with it.
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posted by diasydoo
25 March 2024

Paclitaxel Herceptin starting March 2024

Last reply: 26 March 2024 15:45
Starting TH ( Paclitaxol and herceptin) March 25th. 12 weeks and then 9 months of herceptin. Interested to hear how others are getting in with this treatment.
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posted by Daiz
22 March 2024

Urgent breast clinic app

Last reply: 27 March 2024 12:15
Hi all! Went to see my GP on the 13th of this month with a large breast lump. He sent for an urgent referral to St James’s breast clinic. I got an appointment for the 15th of April. The wait is killing me! She I try to go private or just wait? I’m stressing myself out here…
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posted by BeachVibes
16 March 2024

Waiting for Triple Assessment

Last reply: 16 March 2024 21:45
Hi All, I found this forum when I went down the rabbit hole of Dr. Google as the wait for my triple assessment is two weeks! There’s one more week left now of waiting and it has been agony. I’m 42 and when I was 21 they found a through an ultrasound a 1cm benign cyst in my right breast. Fast forward to January this year I found out my great-aunt has stage 4 breast cancer and my mum’s cousin is a breast cancer survivor hence I asked my GP for a breast check referral. The day after my first mammogram they sent me a recall letter which has now got me thinking the worst case scenario as I have have two young kids. I’m going to Vincent’s and was told I will be there the entire morning and to bring someone with me. Anyone here had this experience before? I’m currently in the middle of dealing with Depression hence don’t really need the anxiety of not knowing and waiting on top of it!
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posted by Genevieve
07 March 2024

Post chemo hairdresser

Last reply: 26 April 2024 23:32
Hi there, I am almost 12 months post chemo & my hair has grown back really well. I haven’t had it cut yet & it’s a bit mad looking now! I went for a consultation today at a hairdressers & the guy was really unhelpful. I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good hairdresser in Co.Wicklow/Dublin who knows what they’re doing with post chemo short hair? Many thanks 😊
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posted by lovelife
21 February 2024

breast cancer

Last reply: 27 February 2024 14:20
diagnosed 3yrs ago with ductal carcinoma had my annual mammogram on the 09/02/2024 received a phonecall from breast clinic today to come up on mon for ultrasound worried..
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