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posted by bmth19
01 April 2021

Lump under armpit

Last reply: 1 day ago
Hi everyone, I am looking to see if anyone can advise me please. I am 31 I have a lump under my right armpit, I have breast pain in the right breast and my right breast has become larger. I have constantly niggley pain under my armpit up to collar bone and shoulder pain into my right breast and every now and then I get a shooting pain right through my nipple and the pain takes my breathe away and i double over with the pain. I attended the breast clinic on Tuesday in Beaumont. The first doctor I seen said it was definitely a lump and it was concerning, I told him all of my symptoms. The second doctor came in and it was just like he was in a rush he said he couldn't find anything and asked me to point it out which I did, then he still said there was nothing there asked the first doctor to find he did and still said he couldn't feel anything there. And said he was more concerned about my left breast as there were nodules. The first doctor pointed out that my breast was larger and he ignored him, I mentioned the pain and I was ignored. He said he would refer me for an ultrasound but it was nothing. They said the wait for an ultrasound is two months. I felt so embarrassed and that I was being a waste of their from the way I was treated. Basically I'm just wondering if I was to be referred privately the cost and if they would do an ultrasound and a consultant. And if it is anything could I change back to private. I am keeping positive that maybe its just a cist and needs to be drained 🤞🏻🤞🏻 but I don't think I can wait two months for an ultrasound as the pain is starting to become unbearable and keeping me awake at night. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thank you x
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posted by MMK7
28 March 2021

Mater Breast Clinic

Last reply: 12 days ago
Hello all, hope you are good! Quick question, I was recently referred to the Mater breast clinic by my GP and am wondering if anyone knows the approximate waiting times at the moment? Would it be rude to call and ask as they would be extremely busy. Thank you in advance.
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posted by Iamstrong
25 March 2021

Tomoxifen-what foods to avoid

Last reply: 12 days ago
Hello for those taking tomoxifen what foods must be avoided as the interact with the metabolism of the drug? Thank you
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posted by Marguerite
24 March 2021


Last reply: 9 days ago
I'm going for my second round of chemo next tue and I'm dreading it. I was so sick after my first round for a week I'm wondering is it worth it.
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posted by lovelife
15 March 2021

inverted nipple

Last reply: 24 days ago
is it normal after breast surgery for nipple to become inverted
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posted by tara c
15 March 2021

breast cancer

Last reply: 26 days ago
Hey, i was wondering if anyone has any advice on accepting your new body after breast reconstruction. I am 23 and i had an immediate reconstruction with an implant last year. I'm finding it hard to like my new body. Any advice would be appreciated! Thank you :)
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posted by Positivevibes
08 March 2021

Ultrasound Do you find out results the day?

Last reply: 1 month ago
Hi guys x Hope you are all keeping safe and well. I found a lump on my breast 3 weeks ago. My GP seen me and referred me to Breast Clinic. Went to St James last Thursday for initial assessment. Consultant was not worried about lump on right breast but I've 2 on my left that need more investigating. I'm back tomorrow for a mammogram on both breasts , an ultrasound and biopsy on left. I'm wondering will the Dr that is doing the ultrasound be able to tell me or let me know if it's just a cyst and nothing to worry about. I've not slept great in 3 weeks and although I'm trying to keep positive it would be great to have some idea.Do they say nothing about what is seen on screen and you've to wait for all results when biopsy results return?
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posted by Ash
06 March 2021

App on Tues

Last reply: 5 days ago
Hi all, I got my app in Beaumont for Tues next. I'm just wondering if I should bring someone with me or is that even allowed with covid? Thx
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posted by RC
05 March 2021

Biopsy results

Last reply: 13 days ago
Hi all, I had mamo, US and biopsy last Tuesday and got phone call today to attend clinic for results next tuesday. The lady on the phone didn't mention bringing someone with me for results so I'm assuming the news is good. Just wondering if it's a good sign and also what the protocol is, can I bring someone with me during covid times?
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posted by Cheshire
03 March 2021

Periods Return after Finishing Tamoxifen

Last reply: 1 month ago
Hi everyone. I completed 10 years of Tamoxifen in November 2020. My periods had stopped in March 2020 and had been irregular for the past 3 years with breaks between periods of up to 3 months sometimes. They originally had stopped during chemo but returned after I finished treatment and I always had periods whilst on tamoxifen and the oncologist was worried. My oncologist had told me I was in Menopause when they had stopped altogether and was surprised I lasted so long without entering menopause as I was 36 on diagnosis. I finished with my oncologist in November after 11 years. But in December my periods returned and are regular every month since. I am just wondering if my breast cancer was Oestrogen positive and I have no tamoxifen to help with levels is it dangerous to have periods. I had a left side mastectomy but still have my right breast. Would love some advice as I cannot call my oncologist anymore.
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