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posted by hippy
07 December 2023

Vaping after Breast Cancer

Hi everyone. I am a 14 year Breast Cancer survivor. Following my diagnosis I quit smoking and really looked after my health. In 2020 I finished Tamoxifen after 10 years and life was good. In 2021 my partner of 29 years died very suddenly and traumatically and I witnessed the whole event. I had evere PTSD and started vaping to help with anxiety. I quit vaping last month but I am now scared that the vaping may cause my cancer to reoccur. My mammograms have being clear but I am still really worried. Does anyone vape years after diagnosis. Is there any test I can have to keep an eye on this. I know blood tests dont show Breast Cancer reoccurence, I would really like some advice on what I should do.
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posted by Ned707
28 November 2023

Biopsy results wait…

Last reply: 07 December 2023 18:14
So I Finally got called for my mammograms and ultrasound over 3 months after 1st breast clinic appointment. I ended up having biopsies on the lump and a lymph node. Breast changes just keep coming :( lump increasing, skin dimpling and puckering, change in texture, unexplained cording and swollen lymph nodes… I was told I’d be called back in 2 weeks for results. I got appointment letter 3 days later but doesn’t mention to bring anyone. Is this a good sign do you think or was it just an automated appointment and a standard letter sent…. Can reports be done and discussed so quickly, in 3 days? Trying to stay positive 🙏🏼
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posted by joi_
15 November 2023

Delayed Breast Reconstruction

Last reply: 17 November 2023 15:36
Hi All, I have opted for delayed breast reconstruction because I wasn’t sure if I would require radiation post surgery as well as chemo. I was a candidate for oncotype dx and was hoping I won’t require chemo. However, results came back I would benefit chemo. I am currently on ACT chemo regimen, would complete on Jan next year. It would be of great help if anyone would give me tips about delayed breast reconstruction. My Breast consultant advise DIEP breast reconstruction vs implant. I need helpful tips to prepare me for this procedure , especially from those who have been through this. Thanks a lot! Kind regards, Joi
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posted by mimimac
14 November 2023


Last reply: 19 November 2023 19:37
I'm struggling with the knowledge that everyone in my town will be aware of my situation..I know having breast cancer and being at the start of my journey should make me not care, but I deeply dread people other than my immediate family knowing. Everyone knows Everyone here and what they don't know they make up, my own brother in law would tell everyone and embellish the facts for shock factor and while I have wonderful friends I don't want any help right now as Im still trying to process everything. I'm quite private and feel more in control if no one knows ,so I can still go shopping or my kids school without looks and constant attention. Ireland is a small country so I'm aware that when I start radiation I'll probably meet people I know, but how do I still keep control and keep people at a distance without offending anyone. Sorry for the huge essay
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posted by Helen75
13 November 2023

TC Chemotherapy

Last reply: 20 November 2023 16:14
Hi All, I'm starting TC Chemo on Wednesday. Just wondering how other people have got through it - were the side effects okay or bad? Also, has anyone getting this Chemo tried a cold cap? How did it work for you? Thanks, Helen
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posted by clare81
03 November 2023

Waiting for results

Last reply: 20 November 2023 10:51
Hi, I had a mammogram last Tuesday, was called back in less than a week later, had another mammogram, ultrasound and biopsy. I've got an appointment with consultant in 11 more days to "discuss where we go from here". 11 more days is a long time wondering and waiting. It sounds to me like the doctors know something, could this be the case ? And they are just waiting for the biopsy to confirm? I was told to bring someone with me on the 15th when they called with the appointment. Every day feels like forever while I'm waiting. Is it normal practice to be told to bring along support? I am 42.
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posted by Gem
02 November 2023

Me again :(

Last reply: 07 November 2023 18:43
Hello, I'm going to the triple assessment clinic in Mater Private next Monday. I haven't even received a letter or text confirming and don't know what to expect. This does not fill me with confidence regarding the clinic. If they don't mention anything to me about how the scans look does that mean it's bad? I'll be seeing the consultant on Wednesday so of course he will go through everything. It's just...well you know how sometimes radiographers will say "all looks ok", if they don't does that mean there is an issue? Also, what will indicate to them that I need a biopsy? If things do look fine, will they biopsy in order to understand my symptoms? I'm overwhelmed and worn out with it all.
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posted by Muireann85
29 October 2023

Initial doagnosis

Last reply: 01 November 2023 13:06
Hi, I had a triple assessment last week for a lump that I found while I was pregnant. I am now 3 weeks post partum. I was truly shocked to be effectively diagnosed straight away. Now I am just waiting for biopsy results for staging. I am 38 and in a blind panic. I couldn't ask anything because I was in shock. I have a 12 day wait for my results. I have had upper back pain since labour and have convinced myself that it has spread to my lungs. I'm so worried about the future, especially since I'm a new mum. If anyone could help answer some questions. Is it standard to take a lymph node sample at triple assessment or is it only done if spreading is suspected? Was there any financial supports available? If you can't work or need to get a carer? Thank you.
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posted by noddy
24 October 2023

Symptom worry

Last reply: 28 October 2023 19:22
Hi I was diagnosed with local recurrance in oct 21 just a month off 10yrs clear of first diagnoses . I have finished all treatment since jan of this year thankfully ,although still having 6monthly Ct scan . Last scan was sept and saw oncologist after who was happy enough for another 6 months. I pointed out when there that I noticed a small pucker on my diep reconstructed breast on the opposite side to lumpectomy . She had a look said seemed to be ok ,but it’s just not sitting with me and I now have a feeling of fullness in both of my armpits but predominantly in bad side . There is also pain . I’m assuming it’s all scar tissue and nerve issues after lumpectomy and previous surgery ? Anyone anything similar ? TIA
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posted by Catherine2023
16 October 2023

Treatment for cording - at home

Last reply: 16 October 2023 18:38
Hello all! New here (well, newish, 10 years after the first time...). I've had lumpectomy and removal of 2 lymph nodes - lucky that my breast cancer, just like the first time in the other breast 10 years ago, is not the worst brand, and hoping to not need chemo, to get away with just surgery, radio therapy and hormone therapy. However, just 3 1/2 weeks since surgery, I have developed cording under my arm (armpit and nearly to elbow) and in my breast tissue (armpit to nipple, down the side). It is sensitive rather than painful, and I have relatively good arm movement, but I am keen to treat it to get rid of it. My post op physio appointment is not for another two weeks, so keen to find info and resources of how best to deal with this right away - i.e. what kind of massage, and what kind of exercise. The internet is chock full of contradictory advice (light pressure massage, deeper massage, different types of exercises). I do the exercises in the booklet I got in hospital religiously, but that is not focused on cording. Anyone here has good advice to share, and quality resources they can point me to? Many thanks in advance, and I wish you all the very best wherever you are in your cancer journey. All the best Catherine
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