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posted by Christine Eichbaum
25 May 2022

Stage 4 Breast Cancer

Hi, I have been diagnosed with stage 4 BC about three months ago, am on Ibrance/Anastrazole and starting on Zometa injections. Had initial BC four years ago, after that clear Mammograms. By chance they detected nodules in my lungs through a CT scan, and now have confirmed it to be secondary BC. It is also in my bones and lymphnodes. Would love to hear from someone in similar's an avalanche of treatments and a rollercoaster of emotions and thoughts...
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posted by worried22
25 May 2022

Mammogram Recall

Last reply: 2 days ago
Cancer diagnosis 7.5 years ago Triple positive all the therapies Been recalled back after mammogram check up and in a heap Convinced it is back again could it be scar tissue causing a distorted image all these years on ? Thanks - going insane
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posted by libra1975
18 May 2022


Last reply: 8 hours ago
Hi everyone, I was just wondering if anyone else has had the same problem. After my lumpectomy I developed cording in my armpit, going down past my elbow. I got physiotherapy for it, and it was as good as gone. I am doing my exercises every day. But now it's actually back again. The therapist signed me off last week, saying my range of movement is great. I told her then that it felt like the cording is coming back, but she just said to continue with exercises. Has anyone else experienced that? I thought, or hoped, once it's gone its gone.
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posted by pudswife
12 May 2022

Results for Breast Biopsy

Last reply: 9 days ago
Had a biopsy two weeks ago and when I rang the hospital for update they said could be another two weeks before I get a result. (They had said two weeks when having the biopsy). Is this Covid or staffing delays, anyone else experiencing the same thing? I don’t think they would leave it this long if cancer showing?
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posted by ash mammy of 2
09 May 2022


Last reply: 9 days ago
Hello 👋🏻 I have my appointment in the breast clinic on Thursday as you can imagine I’m up in a heap as I have a very large lump roughly 5cm so I’m imagining if it is cancer it’s going to be later stage? Could you tell me please how long I’ll be waiting for results? I honestly don’t know how much more of a wait I can take I’ve downplayed it to my husband as he’s a major worrier and obviously I haven’t told my teenage children yet. Thanks in advance xxx
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posted by jeanie21
26 April 2022

Pregnancy after breast cancer

Last reply: 13 days ago
Hi, I was diagnosed with early breast cancer last year at the age of 33. It was found by accident when in for a chest X-ray for an unrelated issue and so was a huge shock. Thankfully it was a type that’s not very aggressive and it hadn’t gone anywhere. I had a lumpectomy, 3 weeks of radiotherapy and am now on tamoxifen. When I was diagnosed myself and my husband had just started trying to get pregnant so it was pretty tough to have to put those plans on hold as well as dealing with the diagnosis. My oncologist has said if I do two years of tamoxifen then it has been proven safe to come off it to try and get pregnant. I’m just wondering is there anybody out there in a similar position who has done the two years of tamoxifen and had a successful pregnancy? Thanks
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posted by Iamstrong
26 April 2022

Pulmonary nodules post breast cancer

Hello, I am 1.5 years out from diagnosis and mastectomy for stage 1 breast cancer that didn't spread to the nodes. I requested a CT scan recently and was advised yesterday that there are 2 tiny nodules on my right lung. Naturally I'm in bits but I'm also confused as I was told I had clear margins as well as clear nodes and mastectomy. I also chose to have chemo which was optional. Anyone else ever get these nodes post breast cancer and they are benign? Thanks
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posted by hellokitty
18 April 2022

Enhertu Chemo Drug

Looking for other people on this drug. How are you getting along on it?
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posted by suic
10 April 2022

DIEP Breast Reconstruction

I'm hoping to hear some people's experience with DIEP reconstruction. I have to make a decision quite soon whether to have reconstruction while having a mastectomy. I'm 33 years old, with 2 young children and I'm concerned about the risks and recovery time.
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posted by Debbie Harrington
07 April 2022

Hair regrowth After Chemo & Radiotherapy

Last reply: 1 month ago
Hi there, I finished Chemotherapy at the end of February and finished Radiotherapy on 22nd March. I am worried that my hair won't grow back. I am becoming quite anxious about it. I didn't lose my eyelashes or eyebrows, which I am very grateful for, but I only have a very small scattered bit of white hair on my head. I was OK during my treatments but now feeling quite low and miss my lovely blonde curly hair and worried that it will never come back ever again. Has anyone any advise to suggestions on how to help the hair growth along? Many thanks
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