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posted by liverlady
07 December 2022

How long until diagnosis?

Hi, my consultant told me recently that my ultrasound showed a mass on my liver. He didn’t say if he thought it was cancer specifically but I have cirrhosis so I’m at risk, I’m waiting for an urgent MRI since 9th of November. How long typically is the wait for MRIs or how long does diagnosis usually take? Thanks
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posted by LACO
27 July 2018


Last reply: 03 August 2018 10:45
Hello. My husband has HCC liver cancer and one round of TACE therapy has been unsuccessful - the cancer has progressed. His Dr is suggesting Radioembolization - has anyone had this treatment done? Thank you.
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posted by jaykay
06 October 2008

Dad has Liver Cancer

Last reply: 12 October 2015 11:23
We have only recently found out that Dad has cancer 2.5 weeks ago. All the signs were there but we didn't want to see what was right in front of our eyes. Dad was in hospital for Two weeks he is home now but he seems so distant there is Mam ,myself 2 sisters and 1 brother we all feel so helpless as my Dad has always been a strong man and in a matter of weeks he has become a shadow of himself. I try to put it all to the back of my mind ( the mind is a marvelous thing) but then when the reality hits it makes it even harder to cope.My father has an Ulcer sitting on top of the liver and he is being given drugs to keep this under control. We had a little glimmer of hope a week or so back when the doc said that he may be a candidate for Chemo but that didn't last long as they then said that the type of tumour that it was the chemo would have no effect. The Docs reckon that he has had the tumour for several years going undetected as Dad has never been one for Doctors or hospitals the very first time he has ever been in hospital was when the cancer was discovered . I feel like I am in this horrible dream and can't wake up from it, I try to talk to my family and boyfriend about this but it is just too upsetting to have to face the fact that the Docs are not treating the cancer at all so I have to face my biggest fear that I may not have dad for much longer and that scares me so much. I feel like I am slowly going insane I don't know how to cope.
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posted by Anna
07 November 2008

Liver cancer and lesions in the liver

Last reply: 12 October 2015 11:22
Hi there! My Dad has been battling cancer for almost 5 years. It originated in the colon but is now very active in the liver, and has lesions in his lungs. I am just wondering what exactly lesions are - sre they cancerous spots in themselves or are the caused from the treatment of the liver cancer? Thanks! :)
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posted by Margaret
03 October 2011

Mam has cholangiocarcinoma

Last reply: 14 November 2011 14:03
Mam has cholangiocarcinoma, cancer of the bile ducts in the liver with liver metastases also. She was diagnosed in March aged 66 years.She is now really feeling the effects of the tumour and unfortunately it is palliative. I never thought about my mother going through something like this or that I would have to watch her and try and support her. Watching and waiting is the worst, waiting for symptoms to appear indicating the tumour is increasing. Noone ever tells you what it is like to wait. I wish I could forget and miss her even though she is with us.
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posted by Irish Cancer Society
25 July 2008

What is secondary cancer in the liver?

This is cancer that has started somewhere else in the body and has spread to the liver. The most common types of cancer that spread to the liver start in the bowel,breast,pancreas,stomach,lung, ovary, or skin (melanoma) Sometimes, secondary cancer is found in the liver and yet, even with thorough medical tests, it is not possible to find out where the cancer started. This may be because the primary tumour is too small to detect and is causing no symptoms. This is sometimes called unknown primary cancer or tumour. For more information more information or to talk to a specialist nurse in confidence, please contact: Freefone 1800 200 700 or email
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