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posted by dotgos
12 January 2020


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Hi can anyone let me know how and where to organise or order eyebrows , am starting cyclophosphamide in a week or so ?.or do I just pencil them in ? Thanks

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commented by Irish Cancer Society
13 January 2020

6 months ago

Dear Dotgos

Thank you for your post. A lot of people choose to use a soft eyebrow pencil. The colour would depend on your skin tone and hair colour but generally brown or grey are softer tones on the skin and it would be great to get one that lasts 12 hours. There are stencil packs too which take a bit of practice. Your skin will be sensitive so its good idea to ask the advice from your pharmacy on which product is hypo allergic.

There is a programme called ‘Look good feel better’ you might like to avail of. You can book a place on one of these workshops through our cancer nurse in one of our Daffodil Centres

Do phone our Nurseline at 1800 200 700 if we can be of any further help.

Kind regards

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