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posted by Richard Newall
16 July 2024

Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

Last reply: 18 July 2024 11:12
Hi I've had a diagnosis of grade 4 prostate cancer. The good news is that CT and bone scans reveal it has not metastasized. Very relieved and hence considering my options optimistically! I'd be interested in hearing from anyone who has undergone a radical prostatectomy and their experience of managing incontinence and preserving some sexual function. Thank you
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posted by carver
14 July 2024

Second opinion on a biopsy

Last reply: 16 July 2024 10:41
Hi there, I recently had a biopsy. I would like a SECOND opinion on this biopsy - totally independent of the first opinion that I recently received. How do I get a second opinion on a biopsy? Thank you.
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posted by hard decisions
12 July 2024

Salvage Prostatectomy v Hormone Therapy

Last reply: 15 July 2024 17:15
My partner had brachytherapy for localised prostate cancer in October 2020. His PSA is now rising again and he has been offered Hormone Therapy. The cancer is still contained within the prostate gland. We have been looking at the possibility of a Salvage Prostatectomy in the UK. I would be most grateful if anyone with experience of either of these treatments could tell us how they worked out. Thank you.
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posted by Clontarfian
27 March 2024

Pre-Operative Physiotherapy (for pelvic floor before radical prostatectomy)

Last reply: 05 July 2024 17:59
Hi, I have just recently been diagnosed with with prostate cancer and have opted for for RARP, scheduled for early May. I am interested to know if anyone has experience of pre-operative physio? My main worry with the prostatectomy is the incontinence issues and I am interested in getting some specialist phsio support in advance to ensure I am effective in working on my pelvic floor. I will ask my consultant (by email as I dont have another pre-opp appointment booked) but wanted to know if there were any physios that might have some expertise in this specialist type of treatment with men pre and post prostatectomy. Also interested in any good resources on specific exercises programs . Thanks to all those who have posted on this forum, looking back at previous posts has been really helpful and encouraging for me as I deal with my diagnosis.
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posted by Peter Hayes
31 January 2024

My Journey with Prostate Cancer

Last reply: 05 February 2024 18:23
Since my first post last November, all was on course until December 2023. I had the usual blood tests and my PSA levels were on the rise again. I had been on Zytiga for some time but this drug was interfering with my liver function , so on to a different drug but this caused a lot of dizziness and lightheaded moments, so bad I refused to drive. So after a blood test in November my PSA had risen to 18 , it had been down to 0.75. Oncologist brought forward a PSMA petscan 4 days later and I was back in to see him 22 December. The news was not good, unfortunately your cancer is in the lymph nodes and the left lung and is now ' Incurable '. So now on another drug ,Daralutimide and hopefully this one can hold off the spread . So far no ill effects bar the usual ,tiredness ,fatigue . So now at Stage ivb prostate cancer ......the future ...lets see what it brings Peter
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posted by Jacky
29 November 2023


Last reply: 25 February 2024 12:34
I had prostate cancer some years ago. And it was successfully treated by brachytherapy. Unfortunately it has returned. My consultant has now recommended testosterone suppressing medication followed by focussed, high-dose brachytherapy. There are risks of damaging side effects with this treatment. I am aware of newer, reportedly much less risky treatments abroad such as NanoKnife ( irreversible electroporation ) in the UK ( London)and elsewhere. This is not available here. Anybody out there willing to share their NanoKnife experience with me please?
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posted by Ad10041
25 November 2023


Having been diagnosed with prostate cancer in February this year at the grand old age of 40, I had surgery in June. Cancer has officially gone, but its the after effects of surgery I'm struggling with. No more than the lack of elections, using the pump once a day for 10 minutes, have been a bit slack this week, only used it 3 times. The viagra isn't having any effect whatsoever, going from a walking erection to nothing is difficult mentally. To be honest the urge isn't even there anymore. I have full control of the bladder and use the gym around 3 to 4 times a week, I'm in pretty good shape physically considering what I went through, just this last hurdle to get over. I know it can take anything up to 2 years to get back to near where I was previously, I just suppose I needed to vent a little is all
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posted by Headsy
22 November 2023

Perineural Invasion Present

Last reply: 31 December 2023 07:42
Hi folks. I'm 53. I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer on 16th October 2023. Gleason 7 (3+4). Cancer in 6 out of 17 cores. On right side of prostate. PSA is 3.9. I see on my biopsy report it says Perineural Invasion Present . Which I gather means cancer is on the nerves inside the prostate which in turn means a higher chance of cancer spreading outside. Although not always. I am waiting to be called to St James for initial chat pre treatment choice ( surgery seems best for me). I was private up to this point as I don't have health insurance. My question is has anyone any experience with Perineural Invasion?? And what were the outcomes? Honest answers appreciated. Thanks, Sean
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posted by Cancer Nurse
01 November 2023

November-Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

No question too big or too small. The Irish Cancer Society has experienced cancer nurses on our support line. They are there to answer any question about prostate cancer. They will provide advice information and support to both men and their partners/family or friends on any query regarding prostate cancer. And there are many questions… It may be ‘what age should I start discussing the PSA test with my GP What is the PSA test What if my father/brother had prostate cancer You may have questions about the treatment and the side effects of treatments and how to manage them It may be practical questions around local support or transport to hospital. You may wonder why women are called for screening and not men- this is something our cancer nurses can explain. We can inform you about Prostate Rapid Access Clinics around the country- who they are for and how the referral system works. Or it may be all around the emotional aspect to a cancer diagnosis. Maybe talking to another man who is trained as one of our Peer to Peer volunteers and has been through prostate cancer treatment would be helpful to you at this time. You may find talking to a trained counsellor would help you to cope better with your worries and distress. Counselling is available not only to the person going through cancer treatment but also to a loved one finding it all very hard. Maybe you or your relative’s prostate cancer is advanced and you are worried about the future & what support and services are there for you. Maybe you are wondering about clinical trials and prostate cancer and what questions to ask your consultant. Everybody has different concerns at this moment in time. That is why the individual approach can be of so much benefit. Do phone our cancer nurses knowing your call is confidential. Our freephone number is 1800 200 700. We are here Mon-Fri 9-5pm. You can also email us at or request a video call with one of our nurses. We do hope we will hear from you-and not only during November! Best wishes Cancer Nurse  
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posted by bradleyg1952
08 October 2023

Prostrate Cancer - Lu 177 PSMA Treatment

Last reply: 05 January 2024 15:25
Has anyone explored the Lu 177 PSMA treatment ? I understand only 3 on trials in the Mater Private. Royal Marsdon in Surrey on hospital in the UK offering it. FDA approved in 2022 But originated in Germany about 8-10 years ago, and is now available in 50 - 70 hospitals in Germany. I have stage 4 metastatic prostrate cancer and am half way through my 39 radiotherapy sessions and am interested in exploring what options are available afterwards to contain / beat my cancer. I’d really love to hear from someone who may be interested in exploring this option or any other constructive options for this journey. Gearoid B 08.10.23
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