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posted by 2022diagnosis
24 September 2022

Hair dye when on Chemo

I have just started chemo and will be on it for six months. I have been told the chemo I will be on that my hair won't fall out but may get thinner. I have been putting in hair dye for over 30 years in my hair now and go grey very quickly. Is there anything I can use in my hair to keep the colour safe and try and hide some of the greys or do I need to wait until after I have finished my treatment before even thinking about colouring my hair. Thanks you.
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posted by amcl
06 September 2022

Autologus stem cell transplant

Last reply: 11 days ago
I am day 90 post cell transplant. I have been very sore all over my body for about 2 months now. Doctors can't tell me why or if it'll get better over time. All my bloods are mostly back to normal so it's not related. Just wondering if anyone else is feeling the same post transplant? I feel that my quality of life is quite poor at the moment and is getting me down! I am not too bad when I'm up doing things but muscles and joints get very sore & stiff when sitting/laying! Thanks!
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posted by H0mepage
04 August 2022

Maintenance Herceptin

Last reply: 1 month ago
Hi. I'm just completing my 6th chemo/herceptin session and will be going onto maintenance Herceptin every 3 weeks for a year. Have surgery and possibly radiotherapy to look forward too but putting on my positive hat I've a holiday booked layer in year (booked before diagnosis) which I'm hoping to make. Booked for a month so just wondering if anyone has experience of stretching time between injections Or getting an injection abroad? Can reduce hols to three weeks just if it was possible would be a great post treatment treat. TIA.
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posted by NiamhT
10 March 2022

Medical alert Bracelets

Last reply: 6 months ago
Hello, I was wondering if anyone has bought or had a bracelet made up to alert medical teams. I would like to get something as following node removal, my right arm is now compromised and should never be used for blood pressure or for taking bloods etc...Thanks
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posted by libra1975
03 March 2022

Head scarvss

Last reply: 6 months ago
Hi everyone, can anyone tell me where to buy cotton headscarves or other head coverings? I got scarves of amazon but they weren't great. If anyone could recommend a shop, that would be great.
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posted by Johanne18
28 February 2022

Stage 4 non aggressive ovarian cancer

Last reply: 6 months ago
Hello I’m 42 and recently diagnosed with Stage 4 low grade ovarian cancer. Are there any other women with this type of cancer?
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posted by MC27
08 January 2022

Liver Cancer-Pain relief

Last reply: 8 months ago
HI. Just wondering if anyone has managed Liver Cancer pain with Canabis Oil? Been reading it might be helpful in certain circumstances. Unfortunately current medications are not providing relief. Thanks for any consideration.
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posted by Rolexwatch1
28 October 2021


Last reply: 10 months ago
Hi I have just finished Tamoxifen after 5yrs, and started on letrozole about 6wks ago. I have not had a period in over 6yrs since chemo, I had blood tests which showed I’m in menopause but this wk I have had heavy bleeding (I presume a period) has anyone else had this experience
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posted by Cancer Nurse
24 August 2021

Managing menopausal symptoms

  A brief post around managing menopausal symptoms during and after cancer treatment: Many women suffer from menopausal symptoms but in particular those who are on treatments to reduce the amount of oestrogen in their system. Symptoms can include aches and pains, hot flushes/night sweats, low mood and anxiety – among others. We have some helpful information on our website about the different symptoms of menopause nd some practical tips you might try (see the link below). Some symptoms can get you down. It can be hard to find the motivation to try and make lifestyle changes. This can be partly due to the menopause but can also be due to so many other concerns you have at this time. Making a phone call to our nurses, to your own nurse or doctor in your hospital, or to your GP, is the first step. There are some prescribed medications which may help with some symptoms. Many people will try all of the suggestions made to them and still struggle. Counselling and talking to others who have been through this may also help. I will include links on all of these supports below. I do hope we will hear from you as each person’s experience is individual to them and so often that one-to-one conversation can help. You can talk about what you have already tried and if it has or has not helped…and talk about other worries you may have that is making everything so much harder to deal with. Here is a link to our information on Managing menopausal symptoms. You can contact us on the Irish Cancer Society Support Line 1800 200 700 and speak to one of our cancer nurses or email us on You can also contact us at our cancer nurses at our Daffodil Centres located in 13 hospitals nationwide  see If you would like to speak to someone who has been through the menopause as a result of their treatment this can be arranged by our nurses. For more information on this see here:  Survivor Support programme. . The Society also funds professional one-to-one counselling and group survivorship programmes in communities all across the country. Contact us if this is something you might like to arrange. Take care  Cancer nurse.    
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posted by Irish Cancer Society
11 August 2021

Take a survey to help with our cancer research

Want to help out with our cancer research? If you or a family member Are waiting on cancer surgery, Have had cancer surgery within the last year, Or you are involved in the care of surgical oncology patients, Trinity Exercise Oncology Research group would like to hear your thoughts on exercise before surgery. You don't have to have experience with exercise to take part. Please feel free to share with any friends of family who you think may be interested in taking part. Link to questionnaire: Contact:
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