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posted by Irish Cancer Society
11 December 2020

Take part in a cancer research study about body image and lymphoedema

Are you over 18? Have you been told in the last 12 months that you have lymphoedema as a result of cancer treatment by a health care professional? If you have, our reseachers would like to hear from you! A team of researchers at DCU, funded by the Irish Cancer Society, are looking for people who have been recently told they have cancer related lymphedema to take part in a research study. The study involves filling out questionnaires on how you feel about lymphoedema, how it affects your life and your body image. Body image refers to the picture we have of our own bodies and the emotions and thoughts associated with that picture. For further details and more information, please go to or contact Emma Byrne at  or from 9am – 5pm at the following number  083 0953847.
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posted by Irish Cancer Society
17 November 2020

Take part in a cancer research study about complementary or alternative medicine

The Clinical Nutrition & Oncology Research Group in University College Cork are conducting a national survey looking at what types of complementary or alternative medicine cancer patients/survivors are using throughout the cancer journey and how they feel about complementary or alternative medicine. They’re hoping to be able to use the responses to see how best to support patients who wish to use these therapies and how best to discuss this within the hospital setting. If you or anybody you know has had or still has cancer, and was treated in Ireland, they would love to hear from you. They are looking to hear from people who have used complementary or alternative medicine and those who have not. You can sign up for the online/telephone survey here and if you are interested, they will also be organising more in-depth telephone interviews to hear peoples' opinions on this topic. It takes 2 minutes to sign up and the online survey takes about 45 minutes but you will get an email link where you can access it as many times as you need to complete it, and your responses will be saved for you in between sessions. Contact or 085 133 3050 for more information.
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posted by carac
03 October 2020

How to know when your react to go back to ok

Last reply: 3 months ago
Hi I had triple positive breast cancer so gone through surgery (March), 12 sessions chemo, 4 weeks radiotherapy and ongoing herceptin and tamoxifen. Still having loads of fatigue, joint pain etc Just thinking about future and want anyone experience about when I could consider going back to work. It’s difficult in COVID times to get a real sense of how long this will take - just frustrated to get back to ordinary life again Any advice??
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posted by Cathyhyn
17 February 2020

Metastic breast cancer

Last reply: 8 days ago
I was diagnosed with cancer for the third time at Christmas . Am totally traumatised . Have had radiotherapy and am now on bone strengthening treatment every four weeks . Am very tired is this normal:
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posted by soconnor
05 September 2020

Change of Oncologist - advice needed

Last reply: 4 months ago
im 2.3yrs post treatment for Rectal Cancer with a permanent Colostomy. Really happy with consultant in a private hospital(im private patient). Hes asked twice to move me to another in team. 1st time said no, then relented said yes, I felt guilty. Now the person responsible for my life, forgive dramatics, ive never met and obviously knew little about my history. Only looked at current bloods. I never realised the relationship with my Onco was so vital to me. Now im so upset. What do I do?
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posted by grasshopper
26 August 2020

So down

Last reply: 4 months ago
Hi there, today I'm feeling so low, keep thinking of how long I've left.. 2 young kids and it's so difficult to enjoy the moment and make memories as everyone is telling me to do. I just can't do it, I'm so sad. .(metastatic breast cancer stage 4, terminal) 😥
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posted by Rebelchick
08 July 2020

Renal Cancer

Last reply: 6 months ago
Just wondering is any one currently going through oral chemo for renal therapy. This is my second time round on sutinent (sinutab) - the side effects are very different from the last time round - just wondering are others going though the same journey .
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posted by Ava
02 July 2020

Vaginal Dialators

Last reply: 6 months ago
I heard Vicky Phelan say that silicone dialators are now available rather than the hard plastic ones that I received during my radiation treatment. How would I go about getting them?
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posted by kora
30 October 2012

deuterium depletion?

Last reply: 8 months ago
Hi all! One friend of mine has recommended to us ( my uncle has prostate cancer ) to try deuterium depletion as a complementary therapy. In some European countries ( he is Hungarian ), well known and used this new treatment, for a while. Searching the internet i have found an article from the Journal of Cancer Therapy related to this topic. "Deuterium-depleted water (DDW) is a new promising agent in cancer therapy. The efficiency of the method is based on the discovery, that cancer cells are extremely sensitive to depletion of deuterium (D) and might cause necrosis of the tumor. The purpose of this study was to show the efficacy of D-depletion in prostate cancer (PC) patients. In the dou-ble blind, four-month-long, randomized Phase II clinical trial the daily water intake was replaced with DDW......Application of DDW is a new opportunity in cancer therapy. Growing evidence suggests that D-depletion might play a role both in treatment and prevention of cancer. In vitro and in vivo experiments confirmed the inhibition of proliferation of cancer cells [25] and the possible cancer preventive effect [26]. Numerous other experiments, including the study had been conducted on mice xenotransplanted with PC-3 cells, proved the anti-cancer effect of D-depletion induced by the application of DDW..." For me it is sound very interesting and promising. We want to try any complementary therapies to fight against cancer. Has anybody heard of it?
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posted by ICS Nurse Aileen
20 April 2020

Look Good Feel Better Virtual Workshops

  Look Good Feel Better is a charity that helps boost the physical and emotional wellbeing of women undergoing cancer treatment. Their dedicated team of volunteer make-up artists run workshops across Ireland where women undergoing treatment are invited to attend. During COVID-19 many cancer treatments continue and like all of us in these uncertain times they have found new ways of providing their workshops. Their virtual workshops and informative tutorials will help you with some of the issues you may be experiencing as well as giving you the opportunity to connect with others. To sign up for a ‘virtual make over’ visit their website:
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