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posted by MIKEWALSH
10 November 2021

Mouth cancer

Hello Folks, I had 35 sessions of Radiation and 6 Chemo for cancer in my 'lower back tongue leading to tonsil' which I finished in early October 2021. {last month}. I've lost 3 stone ( i.e40 pounds or 18 kg). I can only take Fortisip - liquid food and my taste has changed terribly. I feel that the mucus membrane is gone from my mouth and throat and so it's hard to deal with any food. I find it to be a lonely place as there is not much follow up from my consulting team which is because they presumably are waiting for the treatment to do its job for the first months. I'd love to hear from other people who have a similar experience to mine and if they have any advice regarding my worries about taste and eating and when I can expect results of treatment and anything else they might feel I should know. Kind regards MikeWalsh
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posted by IrishHiker
05 October 2021

Buddy system?

Last reply: 1 month ago
Hi I was wondering whether or not you have the ability to set up a "buddy system" for folks. I have an MPN, Essential Thrombocythemia and it would be nice to connect with someone else who has the same diagnosis.
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posted by Paris2021
08 June 2021

Gastric mass

Last reply: 5 months ago
Hi my husband is waiting to get a biopsy on a 3cm mass attached to his stomach wall he has had ct and mri and barium swallow they are confused but said it is an oval solid with some dark thick fluid the tests also state that the mass is heterogeneous in appearance and returns an intermediate signal on T2 W I am really confused with these results cam someone shed a bit of light on them? Really appreciate it xxx
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posted by Eamon R
12 May 2021

Pancreatic Cancer Support Group

Last reply: 28 days ago
Hi All I was wondering if anyone is aware of a support group, specific to Ireland, in relation to Pancreatic Cancer ? I had the Whipple Procedure in January of this year and am currently undergoing chemo post operation. Any replies or suggestions welcome Many Thanks
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posted by Maeve
29 April 2021

Parotid Tumor

Last reply: 6 months ago
I've just been diagnosed with a malignant parotid tumor and to be honest until a few weeks ago didn't know was the parotid gland was. Is there anyone else out there going through this type of cancer? Id love to connect with people going through this too.
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posted by AnnieD
12 April 2021

Driving after thyroid fna

Last reply: 7 months ago
Hi. I’m going for a thyroid fna to have nodules assessed. I have been told to not drive for 24 hours afterwards because I will have a local anaesthetic. But surely this is the same as a local anaesthetic at the dentist?? Anyone advice would be appreciated
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posted by Amaru124
28 March 2021

Tonsil concerns

Last reply: 7 months ago
Hi, I am worried about my right tonsil. It seems to have got bigger recently but not swollen if that makes sense. It's opened up at the top and is when you compare both tonsils it's not even a defined shape, just bits of circular tissue. I have been having chest pains and pus pockets behind my tonsils so I have been on calvepen for 4 days and there is no difference. I am worried as there is a red nodule hidden above the misshapen tonsil, very sore and very hard to see. Also my soft palate seems like it is swollen and lower down and my uvula has a transparent coating to it. I am worried about hpv cancer of the tonsil as it is so odd the way it is growing so randomly and antibiotics are not having any effect. Any advice for this?
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posted by biddyq
30 January 2021

Hip fracture in Bone Cancer

Last reply: 9 months ago
Good morning folks. My husband has suspected fracture in his hip due to Bone Cancer. Anyone have any experience of this please and what treatment was given. He is stage 4. He has just been brought to hospital in an ambulance as could not even stand up pain was so bad.
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posted by PN
21 December 2020

Bile Duct Cancer -Cholangiocarcinoma

Last reply: 11 months ago
Hi -I'm only writing this as I find it impossible to talk about it to anyone. I was diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma in November 2019. I had surgery on the affected bile duct and liver re-section in December 2019. I've had follow-up scopes and bowel biopsies since then, with the most recent blood tests for tumor markers a few weeks back. As the blood tests are done in batches the results are due around now. I missed two calls from the hospital (I didn't have my phone on me) and I suspect the calls are related to the blood test results. I've deliberately not tried to ring back as I don't want to hear any bad news before Christmas. I'm due back in January anyway for more scans. I'm finding the stress very tough at the moment and I've had more or less no contact with anyone, outside my immediate family since the first Covid lockdown in March as I've been (lucky enough) to be working from home since then. Just want to get through Christmas and face up to it again in January.
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posted by Frodo
05 December 2020

Worried, awaiting tests (bladder, kidney?)

Last reply: 11 months ago
Hi, I am male, 46 and recently had visible blood in my urine (it occurred on one day and in two occasions of urination). Ever since, I have had frequent urination, pressure/pain in the bladder/abdomen and just generally feeling unwell. I went to my doctor the day after i had blood in my urine and he did a manual check of my prostate and said everything seemed ok. There was no sign of any infection but i was put on a precautionary course of antibiotics. My blood tests came back and my doctor said that they found no cause for my symptoms and has referred me on to a Urologist (who I am still waiting to see). I also had an ultrasound and all that showed up was a small kidney cyst that the sonographer said wasn't anything to worry about. I am up the walls with worry and am finding the uncertainty unbearable. I am tormenting myself on google wondering what kind of terminal illness could be at the root of this. I would really appreciate any feedback from anyone who has gone through this. Thank you
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