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posted by Anne Treacy
28 June 2024

Biopsy Appointment

Last reply: 04 July 2024 16:06
Hi, My husband attended his GP with lump in his groin on 7th June. GP said it was from a small black spot on his foot. He referred him to a skin cancer consultant who he saw on the 14th June. The consultant said he would need a biopsy and scans. He sent his report to Waterford University Hospital. The consultant is now on three weeks leave. We have been anxiously waiting for an appointment and today my husband, Tom, received an appointment for scan next Monday and biopsy on 17th July. I know that biopsy results can take more than a week to come back. For me, Tom is taking a less worried view, this period from noticing the lump to diagnosis is very long. My question is: is the 7-8 weeks wait losing vital time if treatment is needed and if it is can we do anything about that.
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posted by MysteriousPancake
30 April 2024

How commonly are second opinions needed for skin biopsies?

Last reply: 01 May 2024 16:35
How common is it to wait up to 4 months for results and be told that biopsy needs a second opinion? I had a mole excision 8 weeks ago in a public hospital through a private dermatologist referral, was told I'd get my results 2-6 weeks by post. Its been 8 weeks and after getting my dermatologist office to chase my results I find out that the hospital refuses to release my results to them or to my gp. I finally got in contact with the hospital and they sent me an email saying that they didn't find evidence of cancer but are sending my biopsy for further opinion to confirm which might take up to 2 months more of waiting, so it'll be around 4 months in total. Is this normal?
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posted by DeclanS
10 January 2024

Melanoma in Situ

Last reply: 10 January 2024 11:10
Hi, today, after an 11 week wait, I received the results from a skin biopsy I had done on a mole behind my ear. The diagnosis was as follows "at least superficial spreading melanoma in situ with dermal regression including chronic inflammation and melanophages to a depth of 0.4mm. Lesion is 2mm clear of nearest peripheral margin" The gross description included "SE measuring 20x11x5mm with a central flat dark brown lesion measuring 10x7mm" I had overheard the junior doctor talking with a senior doctor/consultant outside before they came in and they were mentioning the 0.4mm and they had discussed it before Xmas but there was some confusion. My main oral & maxillofacial consultant then came in and told me it was a strange one and the report was saying melanoma in situ. I have an appointment again in 4 weeks but may be back sooner if they need to take more skin, I believe the MDT are meeting on Friday week. My question is, does the diagnosis seem strange that it would confuse the team, is there something not matching up. Also, what are the chances that I could have other melanoma in situ in other areas of my body once I have one? Any advice, experience is appreciated. Thanks.
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posted by DeclanS
01 December 2023

Skin Biopsy Results Delay

Last reply: 08 December 2023 14:44
Hi, my dentist noticed a suspicious looking mole behind my ear and referred me to an oral & maxofacial consultant. After review he removed the mole on the 24th October and advised it would be about 4-5 weeks to get results back. My stitches were removed after 10 days and they made an appointment for me for today (5 1/2 weeks after removal) to receive results. Today at my appointment they told me the results weren't back yet and have booked me in again for the 12 December. Is it usual to take this long to get results, or is it a bad sign, I.e. sample being sent for further review ?
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posted by PinkRose
12 May 2023

How long is GP referral to hospital

Last reply: 18 May 2023 19:49
I have a suspicious mole on my arm. It is two colours. It's brown and has a very dark nearly black centre. I have a lot of moles on my body. This mole looks different than the rest of them due to the colour. I went to my GP and she referred me to the hospital for removal of the mole. I think she said the plastic surgeon department for removal. She referred me as an urgent case. I am not very stressed or anxious about the possibility of a cancer. I read online that there's a few different forms of cancer and some of them can be slow growing cancer. Hopefully it won't be cancer. However there's something in the back of my mind thinking maybe it might me. There were many different stresses in my life over the past number of years that I will not go into. I think maybe this might be a cancer. I was investigating my arm again today. A few inches down my arm and a few inches away from the questionable mole is another mole that I don't like the look of. There's two different shades of brown in it and it looks very slight asymmetric. It's hardly noticeable. It looks like two moles on top of each other or one that is spilling outwards. Now I am concerned due to having two moles that look questionable located withing inches of each other. I am waiting for a referral. I was just at he GP this week and she sent the referral this week. She sent it in as an urgent case. Just wondering how long would I be waiting for to be seen by thr hospital? I am a public patient. I am in Galway.
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posted by Stage1apath
10 January 2022


Last reply: 05 January 2023 22:48
A number of weeks after receiving first two Covid vaccine a mole emerged on top right arm. Kept an eye on its development a number of months later got a private appointment with a dermatologist . Got it taken out and it was determined to be Stage 1a melanoma and two months after that got appointment for wider excision and told got everything. Follow up is with dermatologist every 3/4 months and he is checking lymph nodes - no ultrascans suggested - it fact just this. . Question: I keep hearing about a protocol care pathway for melanoma cancer which is the same for public and private patients but no one can give me documents or information has given me any information . I am reading all sorts of research documents on links with Covid vaccine on the internet and now getting very concerned . has this come up in this forum before
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posted by ScottDurkin
09 August 2022

Anxiety after Melanoma

Last reply: 15 August 2022 12:03
Hi all, About 5 years ago (19 years old) I was diagnosed with superficial melanoma. I had the procedures and checkups and all was good. Thankfully! Ever since, I’ve been battling anxiety from it. Always wondering if I’ll have more problems, constant worrying about every freckle and always thinking the worse for no reason. If anyone can relate and has received help to cope with the anxiety, I’d love to hear from you as I’m not sure where to go and it’s affecting my everyday life.
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posted by lolliec123
05 September 2021

Birthmark Change

Last reply: 26 February 2022 00:43
Hi, I have a very large birthmark on my leg which up until last December had no change. Then I got a black mark on it which then turned into an ulceration. My GP sent an urgent referral as he reckons I have 4 out of 5 characteristics of melanoma. I got my appointment within 4 weeks which is the 14th of this month with the dermatologist but I was wondering what to expect at the appointment. It is an extremely large birthmark so would the call me back to biopsy it? Thanks everyone x
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posted by Julied1987
23 August 2021

To go private

Last reply: 24 August 2021 15:46
Hi, I am looking for information with regards to results my mam was given last week, she has a small lump on her nose and had biopsy done and they told her in naas hospital that it's melenoma but it's growing outwards, they have told her that she could be 6 months waiting to be seen in James hospital to see will they remove or give her a cream, she's a previous breast cancer patient and is upset with getting this news and dose not want to wait 6 months for an appointment so I am looking for advice on how we could have this done privately?
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posted by Trishafitz2021
03 August 2021

Punch Biopsy

Last reply: 06 August 2021 10:31
Hi there, I had a punch biopsy on my hand, I was wondering how lomg will I be waiting for results? Thank you!
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