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posted by irene79
29 November 2023

Painless lump in armpit

Hi I went to my gp today after finding a lump in my armpit about 4 or 5 weeks ago. It’s painless but yesterday and today I have a tingling sensation going down my arm to my fingers which is annoying only. I checked my own breasts and didn’t feel anything but Iv naturally lumpy breasts. Gp checked breasts couldn’t find anything either but has referred me to have a mammogram and ultrasound for the lump under my arm as it visibly noticeable with arm lifted but also while looking at me straight on in a sitting position . She said she doesn’t think it’s anything to worry about but better to get it checked out and said I could be called anywhere between 2 to 4 weeks. I’m 44yrs old and 4 months post vaginal hysterectomy due to fibroids and prolapse womb and bladder on hrt 4 yrs as went into early menopause. I feel well in myself but tiredness is my biggest issue. Iv two daughters early teens , husband and my mind is on over drive with if buts and maybes. has anyone been diagnosed with under arm lump or had an under arm lump and it turned out to be ok? Sorry for the rant and TIA
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posted by smaslug
19 October 2023

Concern about Oesophageal Cancer Symptoms

Last reply: 24 October 2023 16:28
Hi all. I hope it is okay for me to post here (if not- apologies and I will delete) I am concerned about oesophageal cancer symptoms. However, I feel like these will be dismissed if I go to a doctor. I think part of it is health anxiety, but another part is that my symptoms have increased. I've had a narrow oesophagus since I was a teenager (I'm now in my mid-twenties). It often feels tight, like it's closing up, and that I cannot properly clear my throat. I used to be able to clear it normally before this, but now I need to clear it much more harshly if that makes sense. I had an endoscopy as a teenager, and it came back clear. They suggested the tightness was due to stress. I had another endoscopy about 2/3 years ago, as I still had symptoms and had frequent nausea. This was also clear. Obviously I still have symptoms so something doesn't feel right, but I was relieved that these tests came back okay. The issue now is that I feel like symptoms have worsened. I'm having to clear my throat more frequently and harsher. It also feels like something is stuck in my throat. It feels like food/drink isn't being pushed down correctly by my throat muscles. Water feels like it sticks in my throat and I have to try to clear it. My voice also goes hoarse very quickly if I talk for a long time in situations like presentations. In addition, I have frequent (almost daily) acid reflux, which I know can be a risk factor as well as a symptom in itself. I'm sure it's fine given the previous test results, but I can't help but worry with the increase in symptoms. My father passed from oesophageal cancer a few years ago, so I think I may just be extra cautious around this sort of thing, but it was caught late, and he always had a narrow oesophagus too, so that's always in the back of my mind. I'm trying to reassure myself that I'm just worrying because of my dad, and remind myself that my last tests were okay, but I also don't want to ignore the issues on the off chance something is wrong. Since I feel biased towards checking it out due to the anxiety around it, I thought it might be good to ask others' opinions. Is it worth going to the doctor about, or am I likely just overthinking things? If so, would they even refer me for an endoscopy again considering I've already had two that came back okay? I also don't want to use up an appointment like this since I know people need those, but I'm also concerned about what could happen if I don't check it out. Any advice appreciated, thank you.
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posted by ShivS
20 April 2023

How often is a biopsy wrong?

Last reply: 28 April 2023 22:11
I had my biopsy back on 2 breast lumps. They have come back benign but the consultant wasn’t happy with them. He said the biopsy said they couldn’t be 100% & that they’d need to excise & test to be certain. He also said the scans & feel looked to be cancer but we should take the biopsy as a good sign. Is it often that it could be wrong?
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posted by ShivS
06 April 2023

Biopsy results

Last reply: 22 April 2023 16:36
Hi I have just received an appointment for my biopsy results on 2 breast lumps. The appointment came through 1 week after my biopsy. Is it normally this quick? I was told 2-4 weeks initially. There’s no mention to bring anyone to the appointment but I don’t know if that’s standard procedure since Covid or if it’s because it’s all ok. I was just wondering if anyone had any insight? Fairly nervous. Thanks.
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posted by C123
21 March 2023

Node detected

Last reply: 12 April 2023 10:16
Good morning, i recently had a cardiac mri its showed 11mm auxiliary nodes as an extra finding. I had my first appt within 5 days of referral. Had mamogram yesterday and have to go back for a scan. Has anyone had similar. My doctor was very rude no eye contact no time to ask a question. Thanks
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posted by neady1980
15 February 2023

Worrying symptoms

Last reply: 22 February 2023 16:27
Hi, I'm a 42 year old female who has been suffering with endometriosis since the age of 16. Last August I had a D&C due to a Miscarriage and everything has been grand up until January. I've started to bleed mid cycle not heavy but lasts 3 days, happened in January and this Month. Also I have a constant ache in lower abdomen (not the same pain I get with endo). I've also been getting pain coming and going in the back of my calf and spasms shooting up through my back passage aswell as loose stools. I have explained all these symptoms that have started in the last 8 weeks but because my smear was clear it just keeps getting put down to endometriosis. They have agreed to give me an MRI scan hopefully won't be waiting that long but these symptoms are so worrying. Has anybody else had similar issues just feel like I'm being fobbed of and everything is put down to endometriosis when I know something else is going on
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posted by georgie76
29 January 2023

Biopsy results question

Last reply: 05 February 2023 20:46
Wondering if someone can help? I am awaiting results of a breast biopsy-2.5 weeks between biopsy and results appointment. Wondering if anyone felt lumpier after the biopsy? And if this is normal. Also wondering if the hospital (mater breast clinic) will indicate if you should bring someone with you? I know that over covid-that wasn’t happening-but has anyone recently diagnose been advised to bring a supportive person with them? Don’t want to go alone if I’m getting back news-but equally don’t want people taken days off for no reason. Thanks so much for any help y oh can give me.
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posted by taylor09
26 November 2022

Armpit Itching

Last reply: 30 November 2022 11:56
Hi. The other night I had a bad odour smell coming from my left armpit so I washed both before bedtime. However the next morning I woke up and my left armpit had turned brown and it started itching. I was wondering if anyone can advise if this could be breast related or if it could be dermatological related? Thank You.
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posted by dochas1
21 November 2022

New breast lump

Last reply: 22 November 2022 14:20
I found a lump in my breast 8 days ago. I was referred to my local breast clinic. I was told if they think it's urgent I will be seen in 6weeks. If they decide its not urgent I will have to wait up to 12 weeks. I cannot sleep with the worry. I am a Mum with young children. My arm on the same side as the lump is very weak and heavy. Is this something I should be worried about in relation to the lump? Thank you
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posted by MsPaws
13 June 2022

Found a very small lump in breast

Last reply: 22 June 2022 15:53
Hi, Last week I got a shooting pain in my right breast, as I was reaching for the pain to ease it, I found a small pea size lump/shape. I am not even sure you would call it a lump, but it is small like a pea and hard. It does not move and is in the area close to the nipple (does not feel close to the surface if you understand). If you press in you can feel the small hard piece. My other breast does not feel like this and I have never felt this before ( I am 34). The shooting pain is gone but I have had a small amount of soreness/pain or discomfort in my breast since. I have made an appointment to see my GP this week, I guess I am feeling nervous, I don't want to be wasting a doctors time but at the same time I don't want to ignore it. Is a physical exam from the GP enough to know something or should a scan or something be done to properly determine what it is? Thanks to anyone who reads and I completely understand if there is not enough time to respond to my query.
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