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posted by Tasha84
23 March 2021

Worried about lymphoma

Hey guys so long post just looking for info... 5 weeks ago I had an MRI for back pain. Physio said I had a bulging disc in L5 but also something in my L2, I was sent 3 days later to the mater private to the spinal clinic who said it was either a growth or infection. Next day to the bone specialist who said he was treating it like cancer and I needed a further MRI and ct scan with dye. That happened 4 days later. MRI showed rest of spine ok thank god. Ct scan was few days later and dr rang with results next day saying another growth in my hip but also enlarged lymph nodes in my neck and chest......very worrying he mentioned lymphoma and I was being transferred to a haematologist. So quickly had a biopsy from the nodes in my chest that was 8 days ago and I am a ball of nerves waiting on results.... so do results take this long ? Do Dr only mention cancer when they are sure ? Anyone else have a similar experience......Thanks
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posted by Amaru124
23 January 2021

Concerns about my tongue

Last reply: 2 months ago
Hi guys, please can I get I feedback about wheter I have a small or a big problem, concerned about some odd changes in the top left side of my tongue, lumps and indentations
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posted by cara74
10 January 2021

tamoxifen and bruising

hi been on tamoxifen for over a year now and from time to time ive noticed bruises but cant remeber and injury!?! tonight u have a big bruise on my elbow..looks like i fell on it and i definitely did not injure it..has anyone any side effecs like this from tamoxifen?
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posted by cal89x
08 January 2021

Waiting Times

Hi all, 4 weeks ago I went to my doctor with a new area of lumpy tissue that was not normal. I am 31 years of age have no other symptoms and my doctor does not seem concerned at all as she told me so. My mam suffers with breasts cysts a lot and we don’t have breast cancer in the family. A referral letter has been sent but marked as non urgent. I rang the hospital today and because I am non urgent my wait could be a couple of months as the list is getting longer. I am a tad anxious but the what if and unknown is always in the back of my mind. Just wondering has anyone been in the same situation or know how long the waiting list is? I am based in cork. I am thinking of asking the doctor to send the letter privately and I will pay whatever the cost it. Thanks a million
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posted by rubyfluff2020
15 December 2020

awaiting results of mammogram

Last reply: 3 months ago
Hi There, I had a mammogram last week after finding a lump. I had to wait 8 weeks for appointment so i just reallly want to get the results after such a long wait! I was told no news is good news. I went to vincents hospital and am just wondering has anyone else had to wait 2 weeks even if something is found. My mind is going crazy.I still have the lump and pain in collerbone. They didnt do an examination, just the mammogram. Thanks so much in advance
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posted by Peter Murfitt
05 December 2020

Black specs in poop

Last reply: 3 months ago
My 13 year old son has been receiving black specks in his poo and I am worried for him
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posted by Kazod
18 November 2020

Breast Cancer

Last reply: 4 months ago
Hi everyone, I'm new to this website so I'd like to just say I hope everyone is doing well and keeping safe from the virus. I had Breast Cancer 6 years ago which thankfully only required a lumoectomy and a month of radiation. However, last Friday I had to have a Breast MRI and the nurse rang me today with results. She said that the Radiologist reported changes and they were areas of enhancements but that they think it's hormonal and maybe I had my period at the time. I had a full Hysterectomy when I was diagnosed with cancer 6 years ago. Im wondering has anyone else heard of this and whether I should take them at their word or demand more tests. I'm very nervous tonight. She also said that the Consultant hasn't signed off on it yet. What's your advice anyone. Thanks in advance ❤️❤️
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posted by oldblueeyes
10 October 2020

Breast abscess 48

Last reply: 5 months ago
Gp referred to breast clinic as he thought abscess in left breast so have antibiotics etc have osteoarthritis since twenties so thought soreness was that am very surprised as 48 and long finished babies but know I’m menopause but still a little worry as My left boob lump but no discharge red and stuck downward have no temp just fatigue ..wish I knew this bout menopause as a little worry have apt v soon feel a bit silly
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posted by mrsmaggot
21 July 2020

Breast lump

Last reply: 6 months ago
Hi all. I found a lump on my breast three weeks ago now. There is a history of breast cancer on in my maternal grandmother and great aunt. I’m only 36 but I’m really worried. I went straight to the gp who feels it is a cyst but because of my family history she said she would refer me urgently to the symptomatic breast clinic and I would be seen within 3 weeks. I’ve been going out of my mind with worry. I had heard nothing and rang a few times - today I learned that I have been triaged as a routine appointment and I will get an appointment at some stage’. I don’t even have a date. I am now sitting up crying and worried and I’m so angry that someone along the line hasn’t taken me seriously enough. I inquired about going private to my gp and she said there was no need, that I’d be seen within 3 weeks. I’ve looked at the breast clinic referral for pathways and it states that if I have a unilateral discrete mass I am considered an urgent referral. I can’t understand how I am considered routine with a lump and a family history. I know that I should be ok age wise but I also know a women a few years older than me who is currently going through chemotherapy and I can’t stop thinking about it. I’m so anxious and angry. Can anyone shed any light on what has happened here and why the clinic are shrugging their shoulders? Thank you and I hope everyone’s ok xx
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posted by kerrie
25 July 2020


Last reply: 8 months ago
Hi so I felt discomfort underneath my armpit about 4 weeks ago while shaving in the shower I left it thinking maybe a swollen gland then a few days ago I felt it again 1 evening while watching tv so I felt around and near the edge of my armpit there was a lump I kept feeling and then felt a lump on my breast all on the left side yesterday morning when I woke the top of my arm felt dead or heavy I called go and went in for a check up he also could feel both he said there is a lot of pain and discomfort there and inflammation there is family history of breast cancer my nanny died from breast cancer at 46 and some of her daughters have had lumps removed not sure if they were cancerous though but I’m only turning 30 in 3 weeks time I have 4 kids 1 who is autistic adhd and odd his twin has intellectual disabilities and the youngest is possibly adhd although not diagnosed yet I’m very worried because of this my gp has reffered me to breast clinic said I will be seen within 6 weeks he prescribed inflammatory tablets and gave me difene for pain should I be worried or could it be nothing
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