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posted by Emm
28 November 2021

Help! Cancer suspected!

Hi all, I attended the A&E about 3 months ago because of a hard lump and pain in my neck and my voice is hoarse too. The doctor told me they suspect cancer and are concerned for me and they needed to see me within 2 weeks but I later received an appointment letter for 4 months time. My pain got worse and I started losing weight unexplainably and feeling generally unwell. GP later sent me for an ultrasound which showed a solid nodule in my thyroid. He sent the hospital a letter for me to be seen urgently but no word yet. Prior to this, I have suffered from an undiagnosed severe abdominal pain and constipation for 5 years and colon polyps were found over 2 years ago. Please can anyone advise me on what to do because I think I am having a serious health issue that needs an urgent medical attention. Thanks!
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posted by Cancer Nurse
23 November 2021

Lung Cancer

  November is International Lung Cancer Awareness Month There are approximately 2,500 cases of lung cancer diagnosed in Ireland each year. Lung cancer is the fifth most common cancer diagnosed in men and women. It is important that we are all aware of the symptoms of lung cancer. The symptoms of lung cancer can include the following: Coughing up blood A cough that doesn’t go away or a change in a long term cough Repeated chest infections that continue after antibiotics Pain in your chest especially when you cough or breathe in Unexplained weight loss or loss of appetite Difficulty breathing A hoarse voice or difficulty swallowing These symptoms can caused by conditions other than cancer. It is important to have any symptoms or a change in a symptom reviewed by your GP. Detecting cancer early can make a difference. If you have any questions or concerns and would like to speak with a cancer nurse please contact our Support Line on 1800 200 700, Monday – Friday, 9am -5pm. Kind regards, Cancer Nurse  
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posted by hope47
11 October 2021

Tamoxifen- Nausea & headace

Last reply: 22 days ago
Hi, I just started Tomoxifen a month ago. Side effects not too bad so far except for a bit of nausea in the mornings. Occasionally I have really sharp shooting pains in my head. Anyone else experience similar symptoms and any remedies that might have helped? Also, apart from grapefruit is there any other foods I should avoid while on this treatment? Thank you 🙏🏻🥰
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posted by Friend123
09 August 2021

A second biopsy

Last reply: 3 months ago
Hi , I have a swollen lymph node found during investigations for not related condition. The first biopsy came back clear. The node has not gone down and I am been send for a more detailed biopsy. Anyone have any experience of this ? Thanks Mary
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posted by Carlos_PG
21 June 2021

Testicular cancer

Last reply: 5 months ago
Hi there! My name is Carlos Pedrosa García, I am 25 years old and I just find a lump in one of my testicles. I am a bit scare because it hurts when I touch it. I am from Spain and I current live in Dublin for almost 4 years. I am not really sure how to process that and I don’t know where should go to test it. I have insurance with Irish life health I hope that helps. Would like to have an advice in this situation and see what should I do first. Thank you very much. Kind regards, Carlos.
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posted by katara
05 May 2021

Switching to private

Last reply: 6 months ago
I have a number of worrying symptoms, I have ongoing pain, as well as a mass in my abdomen confirmed by 5 GPS. I was sent to a and e twice by go requesting scans. Both times I was refused as bloods were normal so they decided I am fine. Did no checks, did not even feel for mass. That was a month ago, now I am still waiting for a colonoscopy, the gp said with how the public is atm it will be at least 4 more weeks. So I am requesting a private test. The go wants to know where I want to go. I can't afford it, am a medical card patient. A family has offered to pay. I am wondering where to go? Has anyone had experiences with the various private hospitals. Are they generally the same wait time/price or do they vary? Please share your experiences and recommendations. How much they cost, how long you waited etc. Thankyou
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posted by Tasha84
23 March 2021

Worried about lymphoma

Hey guys so long post just looking for info... 5 weeks ago I had an MRI for back pain. Physio said I had a bulging disc in L5 but also something in my L2, I was sent 3 days later to the mater private to the spinal clinic who said it was either a growth or infection. Next day to the bone specialist who said he was treating it like cancer and I needed a further MRI and ct scan with dye. That happened 4 days later. MRI showed rest of spine ok thank god. Ct scan was few days later and dr rang with results next day saying another growth in my hip but also enlarged lymph nodes in my neck and chest......very worrying he mentioned lymphoma and I was being transferred to a haematologist. So quickly had a biopsy from the nodes in my chest that was 8 days ago and I am a ball of nerves waiting on results.... so do results take this long ? Do Dr only mention cancer when they are sure ? Anyone else have a similar experience......Thanks
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posted by Amaru124
23 January 2021

Concerns about my tongue

Last reply: 10 months ago
Hi guys, please can I get I feedback about wheter I have a small or a big problem, concerned about some odd changes in the top left side of my tongue, lumps and indentations
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posted by cara74
10 January 2021

tamoxifen and bruising

hi been on tamoxifen for over a year now and from time to time ive noticed bruises but cant remeber and injury!?! tonight u have a big bruise on my elbow..looks like i fell on it and i definitely did not injure it..has anyone any side effecs like this from tamoxifen?
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posted by cal89x
08 January 2021

Waiting Times

Hi all, 4 weeks ago I went to my doctor with a new area of lumpy tissue that was not normal. I am 31 years of age have no other symptoms and my doctor does not seem concerned at all as she told me so. My mam suffers with breasts cysts a lot and we don’t have breast cancer in the family. A referral letter has been sent but marked as non urgent. I rang the hospital today and because I am non urgent my wait could be a couple of months as the list is getting longer. I am a tad anxious but the what if and unknown is always in the back of my mind. Just wondering has anyone been in the same situation or know how long the waiting list is? I am based in cork. I am thinking of asking the doctor to send the letter privately and I will pay whatever the cost it. Thanks a million
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