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posted by Cancer Nurse
27 May 2021

Living Well With and Beyond Cancer Conference 2021

Our free annual patient conference is taking place online next Wednesday, 2 June and Thursday, 3 June. A range of speakers will share their experiences, stories and expert knowledge on living well after a cancer diagnosis through a mix of virtual presentations, interactive workshops and Q&A sessions. The last year has been difficult for people affected by cancer and the uncertainty and isolation continues for many. We would encourage cancer patients, survivors and those that care for them to join us for this unique online event, all from the comfort of your own home. We will look at topics like self-care, healthy eating, exercise as well as advances in cancer treatment. We will also have a virtual exhibition area where you can view information and interact with a range of educational and practical exhibitors and cancer support services. Information about and registration for the conference can be found here.
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posted by el1981
24 May 2021

TC chemo

Last reply: 5 months ago
Hi so I had my 1st round of TC chemo last thurs which I am happy to be getting started with & puttin an end 2 this shit show ….thank god the side effects haven’t been bad …I took my anti sickness even though I wasn’t feelin ill as was told it’s easier 2 prevent the sickness than try getting on top of it …the muscle aches on day 3 in my legs was the worst 4m me but nurse said these could come 4m anti sickness injections ….they were more annoying than sore if that makes sense but I just took my pain killers n went 2 bed super early wit a hot water bottle under my legs & feel a lot better 2day thank god …..just wondering if anybody has any tips on gettin through if it does get worse as each cycle goes on Thanks
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posted by Irish Cancer Society
17 May 2021

Update following HSE cyber attack

Hi everyone As a result of the cyber attack to the HSE site it has created a lot of anxiety for those diagnosed with cancer or waiting for test results. Here is a link to the HSE information regarding their advice. The following is the HSE specific information for those due to have radiotherapy Our support line is 1800 200 700 and you can speak to a cancer nurse here Mon- Fri 9-5pm Kind regards Cancer Nurse
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posted by Irish Cancer Society
13 November 2020

Be kind to yourself during Men's Health Awareness Month

November is known for both prostate and pancreatic cancer awareness - the time of the year to highlight these cancers. However, we all know that any cancer can occur any month. So our nurses’ message to all men in Ireland today is to take note of any changes or symptoms you’ve noticed and talk to your GP. Read the second of our Support Line blog posts written by one of our cancer nurses here -
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posted by Rolexwatch1
29 September 2020

Hair loss and tamoxifen

Last reply: 11 months ago
Hi I am on tamoxifen 5yrs and I’m really losing my hair, I will be on tamoxifen for another few yrs., has anyone had this problem, and something worked for you
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posted by MollyAB
03 October 2020

Breast Clinic

I was referred to the Breast Clinic Eccles St 3 weeks ago, for a thickened area in my breast. I attended my appointment yesterday and had a mammogram done. I was expecting to see a Doctor and be examined and perhaps have an ultrasound or biopsy which didn’t happen. I thought there must be some mistake here. I was then told I would wait 3 weeks for results of the mammogram, It’s so worrying and stressful and the system seems to work so slowly. If I go private for a triple assessment would I be able to be treated in the public system if there is was a problem.
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posted by Saski
07 August 2020

Biopsy results

Last reply: 1 year ago
Hi Everyone today I had a mamagram and ultrasound biopsy I was told it was probably just fibroid I didn't really understand I got three samples taken I didn't want to ask any questions as the pandemic they said they would call me I have it in my head its fine but am I being silly trying not to think about it and how long will it take for them to call thanks so much for any help
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posted by siobhan123
30 July 2020

Breast reconstruction

Last reply: 1 year ago
Hi I have just had an appointment with the plastic surgeon about a breast reconstruction the option I am thinking of is breast reconstruction by latissimus dorsal flap and then I will need a reduction on the other breast I would love to hear from anyone who has had this done to hear their experience. I had my mastectomy in January 2019 and finished radiation in May of that year. I am feeling well but I am worried about putting my body through this and if I will be strong enough for this op.
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posted by Adrian33
05 July 2020

Triple negative breast cancer

Hi first time on hear can any give me information My wife has just been diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer. Has anyone gone through the same give me information on this type of cancer we are scared we can't find any information on this type She is going for a ct scan on Tuesday and starting chemo on Wednesday.
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posted by Irish Cancer Society
23 June 2020

HSE additional Coronavirus headwear grant for eligible cancer patients who are unable to attend a wig fitting due to Coronavirus

During the Coronavirus pandemic, some cancer patients who hold a medical card and would otherwise be eligible for a wig grant from the HSE have been unable to attend for fittings due to current Coronavirus restrictions. As a result, these patients have been unable to access wigs and hair pieces.  To address this, the HSE have agreed to provide an additional grant of €80 for medical card holders who ordinarily qualify for a wig grant from the HSE. This funding will be available for patients to purchase headwear such as headscarves, bandanas, or other headwear that can be accessed without need for a fitting.  Further information on this financial grant: This is an €80 payment to be used by eligible patients who hold a medical card and cannot attend wig fittings due to COVID-19. This funding is available to purchase headwear that does not require fittings e.g. headscarves, turbans, bandanas and other headwear.  This funding will not decrease the monetary value of a patients’ grant entitlement to a wig/ hair piece when they are eventually able to attend for a fitting. The €80 grant can be accessed in the same way that the regular wig grant is accessed i.e. patients will need to present their medical card and a letter from their GP to a HSE-registered retailer who would apply to the relevant local HSE Community Health Organisation (CHO) on their behalf for headwear. The relevant CHO will then determine a patients’ eligibility in line with eligibility criteria for the existing HSE wig grant for medical card holders.  Patients should source headwear from a HSE-registered wig supplier. These are retailers who are familiar with the HSE grant scheme and already apply to local CHOs on behalf of patients to avail of the regular HSE wig grant scheme.  Patients should contact their preferred HSE-registered retailer to discuss logistics re orders i.e. phone/ online, and the best way to make selections. Patients can speak to their local CHO for further details on accessing this payment. For more information, contact
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