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posted by Shelly2702
19 August 2020

Am I worrying for nothing???

Last reply: 1 month ago
I don't know if I should even be posting here as I've not been diagnosed with cancer......but...well I'm worried! I had a smear done 3 weeks ago & the results came back HPV positive & with abnormal cells & I've been referred for a colposcopy. By way of background I'm 47 & I can't even remember the last time I went for a smear (yes I know I know) & the reason I was sent for this one was because I had been experiencing abdominal discomfort ranging from a dull ache to a really bad period like cramps & over the last few months. Initially I thought it was just either ovulation pain or period pain but it started lasting longer & longer. Also I'm on the continuous pill so I've no periods at all so shouldn't really have that type of pain (or should I?). My stomach can go hard as a rock when I have these pains & very tender to touch & even feels like I have small lumps under the skin but these are along my c-section scar so I put it down to scar tissue. I've told my GP all of this which is why he sent me for a smear & also for an ultrasound next week. I'm guess what I'm asking is should I be worried given the HPV & abnormal cells & these symptoms?
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posted by Mrsmoleary
25 July 2020

Scared of dilator

Last reply: 1 month ago
Hi all, I just found this forum and wish I had found it several months ago. I was diagnosed with cervical cancer on 26th February 2020, had a radical hysterectomy on 31st March and then 23 sessions of radiotherapy finishing on the 19th June. It's been just over a month since my last radiotherapy but I still cant bring myself to use the dilator to prevent the scar tissue. Honestly I dont know why. I am 36 years old and do wish to continue having a normal sex life but just cant mentally bring myself to follow the advice. I suppose I've just found it difficult to access supports during the pandemic and although technology is great, I do find it very difficult to say anything other than I'm fine in these zoom calls or whatever technology is being used. I also wonder how everyone is feeling about returning to work. Financially I'm very lucky in that I'm under no pressure to return any time soon, however it has been mentioned to me on several occasions by medical professionals about when I plan on returning. Honestly, I dont feel up to returning to work just yet, I usually work 60/70 hour weeks and know myself I wouldn't be able to keep up with my colleagues right now. Thanking you in advance for taking the time to read and any advice you can offer.
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posted by natcerv
01 July 2020

Cervical biopsy

Last reply: 2 months ago
Hi, I’m not sure if it’s selfish of me to use this site as I have not been diagnosed with cancer. I am just having a lot of trouble getting any answers and I hoped perhaps someone here could help me. I had been experiencing bad back pain almost like the beginning of labour pain for a few months and have had one instance of irregular mid cycle bleeding. In Jan of this year I went to the doctor who, due to my family history referred me to get a abdominal scan which came back clear. I had had a smear in April 2018 which came back negative HPV and negative abnormal cells but due to my symptoms the doctor wanted to look at my cervix and when she looked she said it was red and inflamed so she referred me for a colposcopy. I went for the appointment last Thursday and expected them to say everything was fine but instead said that there was HPV present on my cervix despite the negative result and then they took a biopsy. I am beyond scared as I don’t know why I would have a negative result but actually have HPV and would that mean that it was missed and could be progressing for years? I appreciate any replies. Thank you so much.
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posted by Lmullin
18 January 2020

Advise needed

Last reply: 8 months ago
I had my first smear last August and in October the results came back that i had abnormalities and HPV positive. I was sent to have a colposcopy exam in December. I was asked questions and I expressed how I have pain in my pelvis and abnormal bleeding (bleeding and pain after sex). 2 biopsys were taken and I recieved the results on Monday that it is CIN 3 and I will need LLETS treatment. However, I expressed the pain in my pelvis is now constant and I really have concern that I can feel something in my pelvis/abdomin area. Also bleeding after intercourse is worsening. The colposcopy clinic told me to contact my gp. My gp done an internal exam and said my cervix was red and I had alot of tenderness in abdomin. She sent me to A&E department in the same hospital I had my colposcopy. They checked my urine and blood pressure and all was normal. The doctor then done a quick internal exam and said yes it was red but not actively bleeding so she wouldn't worry about it. I asked what I was going to do about the pain and she said go home and take paracetamol... I rang the colposcopy clinic the following day asking if I could be put on a cancelation list for LLETS procedure. I was told no and that my procedure would be sometime the end of March and that I would get a letter with date in due course. I rang my gp yesterday as pain is still there and I'm beginning to get very concerned. She is sending me for CT scan next week. I feel like no one is taking me seriously and I know my own body and I know there is something wrong. I am left waiting until March for my treatment and there is nothing I can do about it. Has anyone else been in this position where they feel lost and let down by the health care in Ireland? I have to pay privately for the CT scan but I don't know what else to do.
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posted by Tired mama
21 November 2019

Should I be worried?

Last reply: 9 months ago
I had my smear done 2 weeks ago. It was my 1st back with gp I'd had my last 2 in colposcopy clinic in tallaght. The nurse went through usual questions & I answered yes to pelvic pain & sometimes bleeding after sex. So she said see the gp. I had an appointment with gp anyway for last week so I mentioned it to her. She checked my cervix & said she could see a red spot that "She didn't like the look of" & wanted to refer me back to tallaght. I wasn't particularly concerned, things were fine last time. The doc had simply cortised an area & that was that. I was surprised to hear from tallaght a few working days later. The lady said my gp is "very concerned" about my cervix & can I come in on Monday.. what struck me was she sounded worried/ sense of urgency about her.. I felt calmer than she sounded! Unfortunately I can't go this Monday so it'll be another week. Should I be worried? Is the fact that I've attended the colposcopy clinic before but still have syptoms a bad sign? I might add I have fibromyalgia so have a weakened immune system. Mam had a hysterctomy when she was a year older than I am now (I'm 43) because of fibroids. Anyone else been through something similar? Thanks
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posted by gailf
11 February 2019

Nerve damage

Last reply: 1 year ago
Has anyone experienced nerve damage after lymphnode dissection? My obturator nerve was damaged causing lots of issues. 12 months post op and still no recruitment. Would love to hear from someone who experienced similar.
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posted by Nonie
05 September 2018

Chronic Radiation Coilitis/Enteritis

Last reply: 2 years ago
Hello everybody, I finished treatment for stage 2b cervical cancer in June 2017. I did quite well for the first six months and then began to experience some mild stomach/bowel issues. In the last six months these issues disimproved. Four weeks ago I experience what Initiall I thought was a case of food poisining. As the symptoms did not clear up after a week I went to my GP who thought I may have had a stomach infection and prescribed antibiotics. These seemed to work initially however after 3 days of normal eating my symptoms became worse and I developed severe constant stomach pain. I am now in hospital having lost 2 stone and after various scans and procedures have been diagnosed with chronic radiation Coilitis/enteritis. The problem I now have is with the exception of my radiotherapy consultant the other hospital consultants are saying they don't have much experience (apart from the treatment of the symptoms) in the treatment of the condition. I would really like to hear about the experiences of others diagnosed with this condition and receive info on consultants that are experienced in its treatment. Thank you.
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posted by Sparklejars
25 January 2017

Hysterectomy at 93

Last reply: 3 years ago
Hi, We are currently having trouble deciding whether my 93 year old Granny should go ahead with a Hysterectomy. We are waiting on her doctor to have an interdisciplinary meeting to discuss the best course of action. She initially suggested we go ahead but did state that she hadn't performed this surgery on a woman of her age before. My mum and I thought it might be helpful to try and get some insight from others who may have been in the same situation. Has anyone else had experience like this? I understand no one can make the decision for us, but my Granny is really relying on my Mum's input. I don't expect anyone to push us either way but would really appreciate any advice or shared experiences. My granny was always in great health and only started slowing down in her 80's. We have already been discussing moving into a home before this diagnosis. We are just worried that she will never fully recover from the surgery, and it’s so hard to compare that to doing nothing, having already agreed that she is not strong enough for chemo. I would really appreciate any help at all, Thank you for reading.
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posted by chelsea
01 March 2016

smear find

I recently had my routine smear 3 weeks ago and while having it my gp noticed 3 growths/polyps in my cervix which she is referring me for a colposcopy plus I have to have them removed and biopsy can anyone help me with this matter I try not to worry but its the waiting thanks
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posted by littlemsmaggie
08 February 2016

pregnant and never had smear-terrified

Last reply: 4 years ago
hi all. im a first time poster. I am 31 years old and am ashamed to say I ve never had a smear test. I am 27 weeks pregnant with my first child. for some reason since Saturday I ve been terrified about not having had a smear. I am due one in august which I fully intend to have. I have myself convinced I ll be one of the people that will be told its too late when I have it. have spent weekend in tears.
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