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What cancer type do you want to know about?

How doctors diagnose cancer depends on the type of cancer they're testing for.

Treatments for cancer vary. Find out what they are, how they're effective and what their side effects are.


Learn about our Daffodil Centres offering in-person, one-on-one information and support in hospitals across Ireland.

Find out more about our Cancer Nurseline staffed by specialist cancer nurses.

Learn about palliative care and how to get the support you need.

If your child or teenager has been diagnosed with cancer, we can provide the information you need, whether you're making a decision about treatment, looking for support or need to understand the basics.

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Spot cancer early. Know the signs.

Read more about the signs of cancer. It could save your life.

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Glossary of cancer terms


For more information on cancer types, tests, treatments, side-effects and how to cope, visit our publications section.