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posted by Rachel Brady
17 September 2021

Dad died and I couldn't say goodbye due to Covid restrictions

Last reply: 1 year ago
My dad died on 3rd August 2021 only 4 weeks after receiving a lung cancer diagnosis. The doctors thought he would have at least a year to live but unfortunately he got an infection and died very suddenly. The cancer had already first to his spine which was broken in 2 places and his brain. He was still making jokes despite the pain he was in. He had been suffering with back pain for months but had been to the GP 4 times who says he had a slipped disk and did no tests. My dad was a very heavy smoker. I'm living in Australia and because of travel restrictions I did not get home in time to see him which I don't think I will ever get over. I loved him so much. I turned 27 a few days after he died and had not seen him in almost 2 years. I feel I missed out on so much precious time with him. He absolutely loved children and it breaks my heart that he will never meet mine if I have them. I had planned to take 3 months unpaid leave to come home and be with him and care for him. Even though this would have meant I might have been giving up my life in Australia. None of us thought he would go that quickly, especially my Dad who never gave up hope. Maybe it was better for him that he didn't have to go through loads of treatments and chemotherapy. It all feels like too much to bear at times.
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posted by abc@@@@1234
23 May 2021

Oesophageal Cancer

See full post on caring for someone with cancer. I didn’t tell you the full story, as my father was diagnosed with bladder cancer in 2009 and he got the all clear but was going back to hospital every year to get checked and had a CT scan in July 2020 to check for cancer and his last appointment was in October 2020 in relation to the bladder cancer and he was told all was good, he was delighted, we were delighted, then in November 2020 he began having swallowing difficulties and was losing weight but all the medical professionals were telling him everything was good so he or we didn’t think there was anything wrong with him. He was put on acid reflux tablets for 2 weeks at first as they thought it might be acid reflux, symptoms persisted (swallowing difficulty) my Mother rang our Doctors again and they were going to prescribe another weeks course of acid reflux tablets, but I explained to my Mother that she needed to ring them back as something was not right and ask for a letter for A&E. My father went to A&E on the 7th of December 2020 and on the 8th of December all alone was told he had advanced oesophageal cancer with a mass of 35 to 40cm in his oesophagus and it had spread to his liver, what a bombshell, it’s unbelievable 😭 My father passed away on the 7th of March 2021.
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posted by maireniuirthile
22 March 2020

Silent Heroes - the Night Nurses

Last reply: 2 years ago
Hello, its Mother Day and Mam Passed away on the 15th of February this year. I wanted to write a word of immense gratitude to 2 amazing nurses, Catherine and Mel, who helped us through the most difficult time in my family's life. I can't put into words how much this helped us to have 2 such caring, professional people on hand to ensure that Mam was as comfortable as possible at this most difficult time. Apart from telling them both individually how grateful we were to have them, which seemed to so inadequately describe how we truly felt, I have no other way of letting them know how much of an impact they had on our lifes. So today, on Mothers Day I pay tribute to the invaluable work of the silent heroes, the night nurses, by donating to this amazing service in the hope that I may help in what small way I can. Know that you are forever in out thoughts and prayers and may God continue to grant you his grace and blessings for you to continue your vital work, the kindest of regards, Ann(Hannah) Hurley's Family.
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posted by alanpeters
25 August 2008

In memory-John Anthony Peters

Last reply: 7 years ago
My dad died of a heart attack, brought on by a blood clot, caused by pancreatic cancer quickly on the morning of Thursday 21st August 2008. Diagnosed the previous day. So the passing was unexpected. We can be greatful that he didnt have to suffer the final stages of cancer. Im not sure what to say here, so I will just retype the newspaper announcement. Peters, (Santry, Dublin and formally of Callan, Co. Kilkenny) - Aug 21 2008 (suddenly but peacefully) John Anthony, late of Aer Lingus beloved husband of Kay: Very sadly missed by his loving wife, daughters Hazel, Ann and her partner Arthur, son Alan and his partner Cheryl, grandchildren Sarah and Holly brother Michael, relatives and friends. R.I.P. Reposing at Lanigan's Funeral Home, Beaumont Road. Removal on Tuesday morning to the Church of Holy Child, Swords road, Whitehall. arriving at 9.50 o'c for Funeral Mass at 10 o'c. Burial immediately afetrwards in Dardistown Cemetry. No flowers by request please. Donations in lieu if desired to Cancer Research in his name.
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posted by jaykay
04 November 2008

To the most wonderful Da in the world xxxx

Last reply: 7 years ago
Hi Ya Da, It feels like forever since I spoke to you but it’s only been 12 days , the night you left I was in complete shock Da cause I just would not let myself believe that you were leaving me . There are so many thoughts going on in my head at the moment which I am sure you are aware of cause I can feel you around me a lot of the time and I think the times that I am scared you have just gone to check on the rest of the clan to make sure they are ok too. It feels so strange not seeing you Wil , I hope you knew that I was there with you when you had to leave and I hope that you weren’t scared Da and didn’t have any pain. I’m trying to fill my head with happy memories Da and not sad ones Like the baileys coffees god that was so funny Da and when you brought me out for my 10th Birthday and bought me the Snow white and seven dwarfs washing game ye know the little basin and washing line and the little scrubbing board you probably don’t remember it Da but the reason I do was you were swinging my arm and singing and I begged you to stop cause I was scarlet funny how you remember these small things isn’t it. It was so hard to say goodbye to you da and If I seemed distant and quiet it was only because you wouldn’t of wanted me to make a scene in your words ( stop making a show of me ) through gritted teeth ha! Ha! Does it seem that that I act normal a lot of the time Da and I don’t miss you ? cause you do know that , that’s just me trying to block the pain of loosing you out of my head cause I reckon if I let all the emotions in Da I will just go to pieces. We are all looking after Ma for you and doing our best to keep her spirits up and she has been so strong for all of us just as you would have been. I’m gonna sign off now Da but just always remember that I love you so so much and I’ll always be your Kate. I love you always and Forever Love Katie xxxxxx
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posted by Stars777
05 September 2008

Anniversary for dear husband

Last reply: 7 years ago
Stephen Gleeson went to be with the Lord 17 th Sept 2007,age 51 yrs,born in Limerick and grew up there.he lived in Beal,Co.kerry for past 27 yrs.He bravely faught bladder cancer for the past year before he passed away...he was my love and our 7 kids and myself miss him soooo much... Please pray for then as the first anniversary comes about...we cant still believe we wont see him again this side of heaven..
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posted by eliza
18 September 2008

caroline kelly r.i.p

Last reply: 7 years ago
Im new to this site but my mam was diagnosed with cervical cancer about 10 yrs ago. She lived through the pain and suffering of cancer for about 4/5 years but unfortunately died on the 1st july 2002. I miss her so much 6 yrs later to me it never gets any easier.My mams last wish was to travel to Lourdes one last time as she knew she was dying but never told myself or my sisters. Thanks to the South Tipp Hospice and the CASA group my mams wish was granted and she travelled to lourdes.Unfortunately my mam died on the plane home from Lourdes so we never got to see her before she died. Cancer of any form is a terrrible disease and it can destroy families. Cancer runs in my mams side of the family two of her sisters have had breast cancer and survived her nephew at 18 got cancer and also survived but unfortunately her aunt and uncle passed on from this disease also. To this day myself and my 2 sisters since my mam died are waiting 4 genetics tests to see if we have this cancerous gene and ave still not received it. The cancer care in this country should be improved for both cancer suffers and thier families...
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posted by Trishmary
21 August 2015

Looking for help- grief

Last reply: 7 years ago
Hi, I am new to this message board but am looking for help. I Lost my mum to breast cancer, it is coming up to the fourth year anniversary and I am still lost in grief, what is wrong with me, I know part of it is that I cant accept that she is gone I so dont want her to be
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posted by garypeter
02 February 2012

Death of my husband Sean

Last reply: 7 years ago
My husband Sean, passed away yesterday, 1st. February. I want to thank most sincerely the Wexford Hospice Homecare team, they were absolutely wonderful, Janet, Niamh & Orlagh. Sean loved Janet, she told him she would always be honest with him & she kept that promise while also taking into account what the family told her. These ladies are true angels & are most deserving of all our support. Who knows when we might need them? We must continue to support this terrific service. The family want to thank the wonderful Oncology team at Wexford Hospital,they were so good & caring, thanks Mary, Jenny, Sasha & Margaret. Thanks to Dr, Calvert, Sean's Oncologist & to Dr. Caroline Hogan who was an absolutely wonderful support as well as a great & caring physician. Many, many thanks to Paddy & all the staff in Farrell's Pharmacy, Templeshannon, Enniscorthy. They really went out of their way to help me in every way they could & I appreciate it most sincerely. I will miss the love of my life forever but he is now with our Son Gary & I know I will meet up with again some day. Rest in peace my darling. XXXXXXXXXX
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posted by snake-lady
09 November 2008

new thread for anyone who has lost a loved one

Last reply: 7 years ago
i thought id start a new thread here for anyone who has lost a loved one. once they are gone the family tend to be forgotten to get on with things and [for many of us me included] we are not ready to forget the person who passed away. so i thought it would be a place to write down how we feel or just to talk to others in the same situation. i really hope anyone in this position will take advantage of this thread and maybe help someone else as well................ anyway, i will start the thread by saying, i lost my dad to cancer of the oesophagus on 25 sept 2008. i still cry a lot as he and i were very close. he was the best dad a girl could wish for [in my eyes] and he died not knowing he was going to be a great grandad. i feel cheated that he was taken from me the way he was, he was 73 and i always expected him to die of old age and without pain and suffering. i just celebrated my 40th birthday yesterday and it was awful that he wasnt here, but he couldnt hold on and i wouldnt have wanted him to try. anyway that about sums up my story so please feel free to put your stories here and hopefully there will be a little comfort in knowing there are others like you out there. thankyou all for reading this and [hopefully] putting your own stories here too. trisha.
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