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posted by corbetski
09 November 2023

Second Opinions

Last reply: 14 November 2023 11:19
Hello, I have just joined this forum. My dad (76) was diagnosed with Stage 2 lung cancer 3 months ago. They are not giving him treatment for now as they say he would not be able for it. He is not in any major pain but is thin and has osteoporosis & a heart issue that needs attention. Also his lung is not great from previous pneumonia years ago. We are just wondering is it worth our while look at another opinion somewhere or how do we even go about this? private we don't mind where we have to go to. Just surely there is something he can take that can help keep it getting worse. He is out and about, a bit tired but able now I think for some treatment? I know the experts know best. Surgery is not an option and it's too close to his heart for radiation. I guess we just feel lost while also still in complete shock at the diagnosis. Limerick/Clare based. Thank you. Also the team he met already were really great in Limerick (that was about 6 weeks ago) Thank you
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posted by anriocht
22 July 2023

Lung cancer diagnosis

Last reply: 25 July 2023 16:46
Hi there, I had breast cancer 10.5 years ago, but have now been diagnosed with primary lung adenocarcinoma. Just got diagnosis this week, have yet to see surgeon and hear if there is a plan for me. Anyone on here recently diagnosed with primary lung cancer. Thanks!
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posted by Hopeful
23 February 2023

Waiting times

Last reply: 03 March 2023 16:29
Hi all, my mam was diagnosed with lung cancer , its non small cell lung cancer - squamous cell carcinoma. We were told the next steps she will have to get a pet scan and brain scan and see an oncologist to decide on treatment which will either be chemotherapy or immunotherapy. The pet scan appointment is next week but I was just wondering if anyone what are the normal waiting times to see the oncologist and for treatment to get started? Its been over a week now since the diagnosis I thought we would have at least received an appointment by now so am getting a bit anxious, a week is a whole lot longer when you have received news like this
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posted by Hope59
15 January 2021

i want to connect with Lung Cancer fighter

Last reply: 16 July 2022 06:49
I am Hope 59 I want to connect with someone who is in shock at their diagnosis ....November had having Chemo finding the whole thing terrifying want to hear about someone like me and how perhaps we can try and help each on the the only road we can entertain......the one of Hope....finding nights the worse. Please connect there must be others just like me.
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posted by SusanK
27 May 2020

Father - new diagnosis Non-small cell Lung Lancer

Last reply: 17 June 2022 02:59
Hi All, I'm new to the forum. My dad has just recently been diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer about 3 weeks ago. sadly it has spread liver bones, brain. Prior to this he was a fit and well 66yr old.Primary indication of diagnoses was what we though was a bad chest infection(or Covid) so news came as a shock. He is home with me at the moment and we are starting radiation treatment tomorrow to tackle the brain. I'm really just looking for information from anyone who has dealt with this type of lung cancer at this stage. As i say he is relatively well at the moment just weaker and very tired all the time. He has only had 2 instances of pain(at night) days apart and in both instances pain passed after a while. We are waiting on our palliative care appointment so in the meantime i'm looking for some information on what to expect from an escalation in his pain levels. Thanks
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posted by Aoifes
04 May 2022

Dad, Possible Lung Cancer

Last reply: 04 May 2022 18:03
Hi All My Dad has COPD, he recently had a chest Xray that showed 'something', doctor ordered a CT scan of his Thorax and Abdomen with contrast dye and he had that this morning, they said it could take 10 days for results. I understand they are looking for cancer but my question is, has anyone gone through the same experience and tests and it turned out to be cancer? My dad is 72 and a smoker, he is now living with me full time as he also has Dupuytrens Disease. Any replies welcome, thank you x
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posted by avmac
24 July 2021

Palliative chemo

Last reply: 04 August 2021 14:59
Hi, my mum has just started on palliative chemo. She was on immunotherapy but it stopped working. What is the purpose of palliative chemo? From my understanding, it will just prolong her life by a few months? Is this right? We haven’t asked about a timeframe, but I kinda need to know. I know it all depends on whether or not the treatment actually does anything for her. She has been fighting cancer for over 5 years now. Thanks
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posted by Monikita
28 November 2020

Small cell lung cancer

Last reply: 01 May 2021 00:31
Hi all..I'm 31 years old November 27.2020 diagnosed with small cell lung cancer...I'm single mum raising 2 boys on my own..having no family completely on my own.question is what support I can get in my situation...thanks
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posted by Flowerbud
19 February 2021

First oncologist meeting

Last reply: 01 March 2021 15:30
Hi, my father was diagnosed stage 3b lung cancer after Christmas, surgery and radiation are all out of the question due to the location of his tumor. We are meeting with his oncologist next week. I looking for advice on questions to ask etc? I have a journal of all his previous appointments and I am up to date with his medical history. Thanking you in advance.
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posted by KarenD
24 August 2020

confused and worried

Last reply: 25 August 2020 16:32
Hi, I really need some calification. My 76 year old Mother was diagnosed with lung cancer 2 years ago. she had 3 spots on her lung and she was treated with intense Radiation. After the radiation (that was only done on one spot) the spot responded well. In the last six months mum had a ct scan which showed that there are now four spots in her lungs ( the treated spot had grown again) and one in the thyroid. She had a Pet scat Two weeks ago the the doctor phoned her with the results yesterday. Here is where I am confused. The doctor said that the spot on the thyroid is behaving like cancer. But if it is Thyroid cancer and if the spots on her lungs are thyroid cancer then that is good news as it can be treated with Iodine. If not then the option is chemo which my mother would not be able for as she is allergic to most meds. How can the spots in the lung be thyroid cancer if they were there long before the one in the thyroid? and does this now mean that mum is at stage 4? I am so confused as I usually went with mum to her appointments, so I was informed of everything going on and could be prepared and knew how to help but she gets all her appoinments over the phone now. Any help figureing this out would be so helpful.
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