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posted by Flowerbud
19 February 2021

First oncologist meeting

Last reply: 1 month ago
Hi, my father was diagnosed stage 3b lung cancer after Christmas, surgery and radiation are all out of the question due to the location of his tumor. We are meeting with his oncologist next week. I looking for advice on questions to ask etc? I have a journal of all his previous appointments and I am up to date with his medical history. Thanking you in advance.
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posted by Hope59
15 January 2021

i want to connect with Lung Cancer fighter

Last reply: 20 days ago
I am Hope 59 I want to connect with someone who is in shock at their diagnosis ....November had having Chemo finding the whole thing terrifying want to hear about someone like me and how perhaps we can try and help each on the the only road we can entertain......the one of Hope....finding nights the worse. Please connect there must be others just like me.
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posted by Monikita
28 November 2020

Small cell lung cancer

Last reply: 4 months ago
Hi all..I'm 31 years old November 27.2020 diagnosed with small cell lung cancer...I'm single mum raising 2 boys on my own..having no family completely on my own.question is what support I can get in my situation...thanks
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posted by SusanK
27 May 2020

Father - new diagnosis Non-small cell Lung Lancer

Last reply: 6 months ago
Hi All, I'm new to the forum. My dad has just recently been diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer about 3 weeks ago. sadly it has spread liver bones, brain. Prior to this he was a fit and well 66yr old.Primary indication of diagnoses was what we though was a bad chest infection(or Covid) so news came as a shock. He is home with me at the moment and we are starting radiation treatment tomorrow to tackle the brain. I'm really just looking for information from anyone who has dealt with this type of lung cancer at this stage. As i say he is relatively well at the moment just weaker and very tired all the time. He has only had 2 instances of pain(at night) days apart and in both instances pain passed after a while. We are waiting on our palliative care appointment so in the meantime i'm looking for some information on what to expect from an escalation in his pain levels. Thanks
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posted by KarenD
24 August 2020

confused and worried

Last reply: 7 months ago
Hi, I really need some calification. My 76 year old Mother was diagnosed with lung cancer 2 years ago. she had 3 spots on her lung and she was treated with intense Radiation. After the radiation (that was only done on one spot) the spot responded well. In the last six months mum had a ct scan which showed that there are now four spots in her lungs ( the treated spot had grown again) and one in the thyroid. She had a Pet scat Two weeks ago the the doctor phoned her with the results yesterday. Here is where I am confused. The doctor said that the spot on the thyroid is behaving like cancer. But if it is Thyroid cancer and if the spots on her lungs are thyroid cancer then that is good news as it can be treated with Iodine. If not then the option is chemo which my mother would not be able for as she is allergic to most meds. How can the spots in the lung be thyroid cancer if they were there long before the one in the thyroid? and does this now mean that mum is at stage 4? I am so confused as I usually went with mum to her appointments, so I was informed of everything going on and could be prepared and knew how to help but she gets all her appoinments over the phone now. Any help figureing this out would be so helpful.
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posted by jk91
11 February 2020

My mother

Last reply: 1 year ago
Hi all I’ve just started on this , my mother was diagnosed with lung cancer 4 weeks ago and since then just got nothing but bad news ,, spread to lymph nodes in the neck and chest , tumor is bigger that first thought ,, now being told can’t do radiation as to much fluid around the tumor which has built up in just 2 weeks ,, hopefully start chemo next week ,, My question is this no sugar coating all I want to know is this curable at this stage ???,, I need to know has anyone solid info on this as I’m broken A straight forward answer please
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posted by nicholae83
26 July 2019


Last reply: 1 year ago
Any one on this chat with mesothelioma or a relative with it? My daddy was diagnosed last year and has had treatment and 8months without treatment now his mesothelioma is active again, we have been looking into clinical trials for immunotherapy but it’s a placebo trial and u and not guaranteed that u will get the treatment. Has anyone ever had this treatment or are currently on it? We could just go and have more chemotherapy but would like to hear other people’s opinion? Thank you for reading
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posted by cwitch
11 March 2014

Quit Campaign

Last reply: 1 year ago
Gerry Collins' advert on the Quit campaign is very powerful. I hope people take heed and try to quit & get family & friends to do the same. RIP Gerry.
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posted by joedu
24 November 2018

Treatment in Ireland

Last reply: 2 years ago
My name is Yi Du, I am from China. I have been resident in Ireland for 18 years. My mother is diagnosed lung cancer 2 weeks ago, the whole family is in a huge depression and I went back to her immediately to support her. Saying “diagnosis” I mean my mother feels a chest pain one day and went to see a doctor, then she is taken to do a chest CT. The image of CT shows a big shadow in the her lung. The doctor says it’s lung cancer. In China, cancer is a death sentence, incurable illness which cost people everything to survive a bit longer. She is giving up when she heard about her illness. I convinced her and promise I’ll try my best to find a treatment for her. Then we did a pet-CT, the image shows the tumour has transferred to nearby tissue, pleur and ribs. Then we did a pneumococcal biopsy(lung puncture), but the doctors failed to take enough biopsy. We did it again and third time. I was told to get a result yesterday and they said they could not identify what type of lung cancer it is and let me wait for longer. I was very disappointed about the doctors. I decided to bring my mother to Ireland and get treatment here. I found a company named oncologica that do both target therapy and immunotherapy. I am very interested. I wonder if my mother will get routine histology biopsy taken in Dublin and give the biopsy to oncologica. I sincerely appreciated if anyone could tell me the procedure of treating cancer in Ireland. Please instruct me what should I do next. Yi
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posted by setty58
20 December 2018

Cannabis as an Alternative Medicine

have you ever tried Cannabis as alternative medicine? I have a sleeping disorder that I can't sleep 2 nights straight. I tried to use a mask but I felt drowning but my friend told me to try cannabis and finally, I can sleep 6 hrs straight now. and I came across this article and I learned a lot of information to grow,
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