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posted by jelly89
25 April 2024

Waiting for Biopsy Results

Last reply: 25 April 2024 14:51
I found a breast lump a few months ago. I just assumed it was a cyst as my mother had suffered from them and the lump is very round, smooth and movable. I finally got around to seeing my gp who advised that I shouldn't worry and was referred to a private hospital. I didn't get an appointment for 5 weeks so I assumed it was not urgent. I had a mammogram/ ultrasound/ biopsy yesterday. The lump is over 5cm. It is not a cyst. It is solid and has vascularity. It is very round & very movable. The ultrasound tech felt that my lymph nodes were clear. They seemed interested in some small areas of calcification under and maybe in the lump. Is vascularity in a lump an indicator that it is probably malignant? I saw the consultant afterwards and she didn't give me any indications! I'm due back to her for results in 8 days. Is this quick? I'm going crazy thinking about it and all the scenarios ahead of me.
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posted by Daiz
17 April 2024

Triple assessment

Last reply: 23 April 2024 12:16
I have a triple assessment next week. I was in with the consultant this week, the lump I have is large and they said the lymph nodes on that side feel swollen too. The assessment feels like it is months away rather than days! My mind keeps thinking the worse, I'm usually a very positive person. I'm trying so hard to keep it together at home and in work! I need some words of wisdom to get me through the next few days/weeks! Thank you in advance. x
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posted by libbymc44
15 April 2024

now live abroad but travelling to Ireland

Last reply: 17 April 2024 20:12
Hi, I live in Spain now and my prescription for Zoladex is from Spain. I need to travel to Ireland at the beginning of May but my Zoladex injection is due when I plan to be there. I have called 2 GP centres and no help and said can´t help me at all. So now I am stuck with not being able to travel or administering it myself which I don´t feel comfortable doing as it is a depot injection. Would you have any advice on this. In Spain, once you have a oncology letter, prescription and the medication any nurse can administer it. Thanks in advance
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posted by mariem
12 April 2024


Last reply: 15 April 2024 16:30
Hi, I was wondering is it possible to develop tamoxifen side effects after 16 months? I went through all the fun of hot flashes, aches, pains etc during the first few months but they thankfully stopped after 4 months and my period also returned around then after it stopped during chemo for about 7 months. However I have developed very excessive discharge in the last 4 months. GP has ruled out all infections/stds. I have been referred to a gynaecologist but I believe this appointment will not arrive for many months. So I was just wondering if anyone has experienced anything similar? Many thanks x
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posted by Grace.
04 March 2024

Breast cancer phantom pain

Last reply: 06 March 2024 15:22
Hi, I’m just wondering if this is normal? I had a double mastectomy Jan ‘22. I currently have breast expanders in, they were put in place at the time of the mastectomy. On and off over the last year I get an ache / pain in the exact spot where my breast cancer was located. I don’t have a new lump or anything else concerning in this area. Just on and off this feeling happens and it worries me. Is this normal? Thank you, Kind regards, Grace
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posted by karenkazz
28 February 2024

Breast clinic

Last reply: 05 March 2024 11:07
My mam received an outpatient appointment 8 weeks after having and ultrasound on a lump. The ultrasound in the day the nurse said was a fluid cyst and as mam was due a mammogram managed to get her in same day to have it done. It didn't seem concerning but now 8 weeks later she got this letter but it doesn't say anything about any abnormality found or further test need just an appointment with Consulatant. She really worried but also 8 weeks seems like a long time if something was actually wrong. Is this a normal timeframe and if results not on letter a good thing? Trying ti reassure her while she waits a week and a half for the appointment. Karen
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posted by LouiseK
26 February 2024

My Gastroscopy Report

Last reply: 26 February 2024 16:54
Hi there I wanted to get in touch & hope I'm not wasting your time here but I'm a little worried about a gastroscopy report I received from my doctors surgery. It has stated that after my recent endoscopy I had on January 25th 2024 that a Fundic Gland polyp was found & removed for biopsy they also stated I have an irregular Z line. They took 4 biopsies were taken ; Vial 1 biopsy from the fundic gland polyp x 2. Vial 2 biopsy from middle third oesophagus x 2. Vial 3 biopsy from oG Junction x 2. Biopsy for H. Pylori (unease test). Report states the Management Plan is as follows: RETURN TO WARD. REVIEW I gI CHART REVIEW FOR HISTOLOGY IN 8 WEEKS. I rang my doctors surgery to ask had they received any reports from my Endoscopy she said they had so I requested a copy for myself & I have not spoken with my doctor about this. I have had 4 or 5 Endoscopy procedures done but I have never had a report like this before. Could you give me any advice on what this means. Whether I should speak to my GP as I'm a little anxious about this. I have to wait another 4 weeks for a possible appointment. I also have a small Hiatus Hernia. My symptoms are reflux constant burping reflux felling bloated feeling full before I finish my meal Abdominal discomfort pains irregular bowel movements. I have been on a proton pump for many years & I'm now taking 1 tablet 40mg in morning & now & 1 40mg tablet in evening my symptoms have been getting worse. It wakes me up during the night with reflux in my mouth. I have difficulty swallowing it makes me choke & cough. Any advice would me greatly appreciated.
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posted by Aoife17
20 February 2024

Upcoming Appointment

Last reply: 21 February 2024 11:42
Hello I went to my GP over 2 lumps in my neck. I had an urgent referral to Vincent’s for an ultrasound which I had last Wednesday. The lady doing the ultrasound said my lumps looked like normal lymph node’s but that the radiologist would need to take a look etc. I received a text today with an appointment to see the ENT consultant on Friday. Now my concern is why am I being called in so quickly and also if nothing showed up in my scan would the results not just be sent back to my GP ? Should I be concerned.
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posted by Aileen Odgers
15 February 2024

Waiting for Referral

Last reply: 16 February 2024 16:40
My Partner went into the Mater Private in Dublin and his urologist performed a cystoscopy in November and a second cystoscopy on 4th Jan 24. On 5th Jan he was diagnosed with bladder cancer. At that time his urologist told him that he was referring him to a colleague of his and would be in touch in 2/3 weeks.. The urologist was on a months' annual leave in January and was back on 2nd February. My partner sent an email at the beginning of February asking for his referral, he has not got a response and he does not know the name of the oncologist he is being referred to. He has been ringing the urologist's secretary but is not getting anywhere. He is being tole he is on a list. Given his diagnosis I am very anxious at this stage and I would very much appreciate your help in any way to how to get a response. I would be grateful if you could let me know if there is anything we can do.
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posted by Jellytots1000
11 January 2024

Supporting my best Friend

Last reply: 13 January 2024 17:04
Hi there, My wonderful best friend has just completed her journey and got the all clear. She is worrying about symptoms she felt were signs of her cancer starting even though she has been checked several times and has be told all is ok, the stress and anxiety is has her living in consent fear. I need some advice on how to support her, reassure her without sounding condescending or dismissive and perhaps learn about some support or tools that can help her through this part of her journey. Thank you. A
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