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posted by ClaireLonergan
04 September 2019

Wigs - free to a good home

Last reply: 6 months ago
Hi, I’m thankfully finished my active treatment and no longer need my wigs. I have 2, both blonde. One is a bob and one is longer. The short one is great quality. The long one is t as good but still looks nice styled. I’d like someone who needs them to get them. I also have a stand, brush and some shampoo and conditioner left over. Let me know if interested and I can arrange to provide pictures if you’d like. Claire.
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posted by Irish Cancer Society
28 March 2012

Managing Money

Last reply: 1 year ago
If you’re having financial difficulties after being diagnosed with cancer, we have a list of useful resources and more information on our Financial Aid Scheme. See ... ging-money You can also download the Irish Cancer Societies “Social Welfare Support” booklet and the SEAI “Keeping Well and Warm” booklet. The Irish Cancer Society also administers the Travel2Care scheme on behalf of the National Cancer Control Programme. For more information see ... assistance.
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posted by fridgemagnet
13 July 2018

Dealing with the authorities after death of my wife.

Last reply: 1 year ago
I'm depressed after the death of my wife from lung cancer. She survived the cancer, but never recovered from the treatment, and was bedridden for a couple of years, before dying. We were separated, she living in the UK, me in Ireland. Helping her out, and, in the end, burying her, was difficult, as the Irish part of my pension (I'm 70) is non-contributory, so I am allowed only 2 weeks a year out of the country. I have exceeded this allowance, and am now up for a pension review. To make matters more wearing, my youngest daughter (27 yrs) is mentally ill, and very difficult, and now needs my help, but I am already over my allowed 2 weeks. My question is - is there any organisation that can help me with the relevant authorities?
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posted by Rufus
30 June 2018

How do you actually GET a diagnosis? I'm stonewalled !

Last reply: 1 year ago
Have symptoms whch could indicate several types of cancer. Co-operative GP (a Godsend !) referrem to an Oncologist, who apparently will not see me UNLESS I have already BEEN diagnosed with cancer - so WHERE do we go from here? I am being pushed around in circles. Is there a moratorium or numerial limit on cabcer diagnoses in Ireland; an age limit, restrictions because of where you live, what type you've got or whatever?
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posted by Angelmagic
08 October 2012

Help with Oil??

Last reply: 7 years ago
[color=#4000FF:1c5heoek]Hello.. my husband has kidney cancer.. and 2wks ago suffered a heart attack.. he is now home recovering but I am asking if we can get any help with keeping the house warm for him?? I put in €250 worth of Oil for when he came out of hospital.. We are both on social welfare, so we do not have a lot of spare cash to fill the tank! any advice please. Thankyou. [/color:1c5heoek]
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posted by sheilajoyce
15 July 2013

paying for treatment

Last reply: 6 years ago
I have health insurance coming to me soon. can anyone tell me roughly how much should I put aside to pay for chemo and radiotherapy treatment. for breast cancer.
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