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In Memory tributes

Make a donation or raise funds in memory of someone you've lost or in honour of a special occasion


Make an in memory donation

Please accept our sincere condolences if you have recently lost a friend or loved one. We are extremely grateful to you for considering us at this sad and difficult time.

Making an In Memory donation is a meaningful way to pay tribute to a family member, friend or loved one while making a difference to the lives of others. As well as sending you a letter of thanks, we can send an In Memory card on your behalf to the family or a nominated recipient.

You can make an In Memory donation by calling our Fundraising Office on 0818 10 20 30 or by completing the form below.

Donate in memory

Donate online or by calling 0818 10 20 30.


Donations in lieu of flowers or hold a collection

You can make a request that in lieu of flowers at the funeral or memorial service, contributions be made to the Irish Cancer Society. You can let family and friends know about your decision by including some information in the death notice for your loved one.

An example of this would be:

"We kindly request donations in lieu of flowers to be sent to the Irish Cancer Society, 43/45 Northumberland Road, Dublin 4.

Tel 0818 10 20 30 or "

We can provide personalised donation envelopes for collecting contributions at the funeral or memorial service of your loved one.  Your Funeral Director will also be happy to help with your request for donations to the Irish Cancer Society by sending any donations received via the funeral home directly to us. Contact us by phone on CallSave 0818 10 20 30 or email us.

Extend your tribute online 

Through our partner JustGiving, you can create a free, personalised online tribute page that can be dedicated to the person's memory you are honouring. Your page can be customised with a photo and story and can be shared by email and across social media.

Your friends, family and co-workers can safely and easily contribute online to this fund using a credit card, debit card or PayPal.

Graphic: How to create a tribute page in memory to honour your loved one
How tribute web pages work
  • Register for an account on using Facebook or an email address. If you already have an account at JustGiving, log in.
  • Make a page in a few minutes, and add your own photos and story.
  • Spread the word to your contacts - it’s quick and secure for people to donate and leave messages.
  • JustGiving automatically transfers the donations to the Irish Cancer Society so you don't have to do a thing!

For more information

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0818 10 20 30

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