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About the Irish Cancer Society

What we do

We are a community determined to help anyone affected by cancer in Ireland

We listen to patients and their loved ones and we support them by providing free information and care. We fund cancer research to find better treatments that will save more lives. We work to keep cancer on the Government’s agenda, to make sure the Irish healthcare system functions as well as possible to help cancer patients and their loved ones through their diagnosis.

Providing free cancer information and support

Every day in Ireland, 150 people are diagnosed with cancer. That is 1 person every 3 minutes. As a result, there is an enormous need for support and information for patients and their loved ones in every community in the country.

The Irish Cancer Society is there to provide support every step of the way:

  • Cancer Nurses provide free information and advice for patients and their loved ones through the Cancer Support Line on Freephone 1800 200 700, online, and in-person at our Daffodil Centres in hospitals across Ireland.
  • We offer emotional support for patients and the loved ones of patients who are finding it hard to deal with a cancer diagnosis. Through our Survivor Support Programme, newly diagnosed cancer patients are connected to cancer survivor volunteers who provide one-to-one support in person or over the phone. We also fund free counselling for people affected by cancer in communities across the country.
  • For patients undergoing treatment, we provide help getting to and from treatments in hospital through our Volunteer Driver Service and Financial Aid programme.
  • Night Nurses provide in-home, end of life care for patients who are not going to survive their diagnosis so that the patient can spend their remaining days in the comfort of their homes, surrounded by their loved ones.
  • We produce and maintain free information on all types of cancer through www.cancer.ie and our cancer leaflets and booklets available for free on our website and in medical offices across Ireland.

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Raising awareness about cancer and how to prevent it

Stopping cancer before it starts is a key goal of the Irish Cancer Society. We know 4 out of every 10 cancers can be prevented by living a healthy lifestyle. For example, we can watch what we eat, choose not to smoke, limit our alcohol consumption and take regular exercise. 

We run programmes designed to raise awareness of cancer symptoms, increase cancer prevention and to help people to make lifestyle changes that can help reduce their risk of cancer.

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Funding life-saving cancer research

The Irish Cancer Society currently funds over 150 cancer researchers across Ireland working to development new and better treatments for many different types of cancer.
In 1997 4 in 10 Irish cancer patients were alive 5 years after their diagnosis. Today, that figure is 6 in 10, thanks in large part to huge strides in cancer research. 

Since 2010, the Irish Cancer Society has invested over €20 million into hundreds of innovative research projects. These projects have contributed enormously to our understanding of cancer, how it develops and how to treat different forms of cancer.

Our research has led to hundreds of discoveries. Each of these new findings have been published in international peer reviewed journals, making this knowledge available to researchers worldwide.

Data from the National Cancer Registry of Ireland, coupled with a growing population, means that this year around 40,000 people in Ireland are expected to be diagnosed with cancer.

Research into preventing, diagnosing and treating cancer is a must to help fight this disease. Research also helps identify the causes of cancer and is pointing the way to improved methods of diagnosis and treatment.

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Keeping cancer on the Government’s agenda

Through our cancer advocacy campaigning, we listen to patients and lobby the Government to make those patients’ lives better.

We work to influence policy, legislation and national budgets so that patients are at the heart of cancer services and cancer care. We push Government to take action to improve the quality of life for patients and to make decisions that will help to reduce the number of people getting cancer and improve survival rates.

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Raising funds to carry out our mission

Each year the Irish Cancer Society is able to provide free information, care and support to over 1.2 million people across Ireland who are affected by cancer. These activities come at a cost of over €20 million each year. 

Because the Society receives only 3% of its funding from the Government, we rely on donations, fundraising campaigns and our network of charity shops to raise the funds needed to carry out our mission.

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