Irish Cancer Society mission and vision

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Our Mission 

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The Irish Cancer Society is a community of patients, survivors, volunteers, supporters, health and social care professionals and researchers.

Together, we are working to save lives and improve the lives of people affected by cancer in Ireland.

Our Vision 

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By 2025, 3 out of 4 Irish cancer patients will survive their diagnosis and everyone affected by the disease will have access to world-class treatment, care and support. In future, no one in Ireland will die from cancer.

Our Big Commitments 

  1. We will address the unmet needs of anyone impacted by a cancer diagnosis or at risk of an inherited or genetic cancer. 
  2. We will offer much greater support for cancer survivors. 
  3. We will drive innovation in public cancer services by piloting new, world-class initiatives that improve experiences and outcomes. 
  4. We will develop new services that help people cope with the non-medical side of cancer, such as a Financial Entitlements & Advice service and a Returning to Work online hub for employers and employees. 
  5. We will provide more services for children and adolescents with cancer, and their families. 
  6.  We will take actions that accelerate the elimination of HPV cancers in Ireland. 
  7.  We will increase our investment in world-class cancer research. 
  8. We will double the number of patients on clinical trials through our research and advocacy work. 
  9. We will drive nationwide change that makes it easier for people to reduce their risk of cancer. 
  10.  We will enable more people with cancer to die at home.

Our Priorities

Healthy Living

Fewer preventable cancers

We will influence Government policy and laws so that everyone has the best chance of living a life free from cancer. We will invest in research that uncovers new ways to prevent cancer. We will provide advice to those who need it.

Catching Cancer Early

More cancers caught early

We will give people the best chance of surviving cancer. We will lead advocacy campaigns, innovate services, fund research, and work in partnerships that will eliminate the survival gap between Ireland and other European countries. 

Treating Cancer

World-class cancer treatment for everyone

We will lobby Government so that all cancer patients are given timely access to treatments that will work best for them. We will reduce the fear of cancer through our support services and invest in research that has the potential to transform lives

Living Well

Living well after treatment

We will make sure the emotional, physical, financial and practical needs of those who have undergone cancer treatment are met. We will provide services that will directly support people, so they are better able to cope with the impact of cancer. We will undertake research that will help us improve cancer patients’ quality of life.

End of Life Care

Holistic support for people dying from cancer

We will ensure people dying from cancer have access to the full range of supports needed by them and their families. We will drive changes from Government that will mean more people can die at home. We will prioritise research that guides the development of our own supports and informs our advocacy to improve public services for people dying from cancer.