Our employees and their salaries

Daffodil Centre nurses and volunteers

The Irish Cancer Society employed an average of 182 people in 2020 at a cost of €11.4 million out of a total expenditure of €20.4 million.

This included salaries, social welfare costs, pension scheme and insurance costs and our contribution to pensions as an employer. Salary costs include all staff delivering services and programmes towards our four goals as well as staff employed in support and operational functions.

In 2020 our night nurses provided over 7,700 nights of care to over 2,229 cancer patients around the country. Night Nurses provide up to 10 nights of care for cancer patients who are at the end of their cancer journey, in their own home, during the last days of their life.

Of our 182 employees, 2 earned between €70,000 and €80,000 a year, 3 earned between €80,000  and €90,000 a year, while 4 earned between €90,000 and €110,000.

One person earned more than €110,000 and that is the CEO who earned €110,367. 

Our CEO's salary

In 2020 the CEO was paid a salary of €110,367 (2019: €125,000) and a car allowance of €7,910 (2019: €10,000). The Society contributed 15% (2019: 20%) of the CEO’s salary to the defined contribution pension scheme.

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