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Daffodil Centres

Our Daffodil Centres provide cancer information, support and advice, in 13 locations nationwide.

We aim to provide a wide range of information locally through our Daffodil Centres, to anyone affected by or concerned about cancer.

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What are Daffodil Centres?

In Daffodil Centres, the Irish Cancer Society’s local cancer information and support centres you'll find cancer nurses and trained volunteers on hand to answer your questions. Daffodil Centres are based in hospitals and you can find a confidential listening ear and information on everything from local support groups to help for the travel or financial problems cancer can create.

In 2019, Daffodil Centres dealt with over 17,000 queries from people all across Ireland.

Who can use Daffodil Centres?

Daffodil Centres are open to the public and if you have a question or concern about cancer you can visit at any time during opening hours. And you're welcome whether you have a cancer diagnosis, are worried about cancer or are visiting on behalf of a friend or relative. The Cancer Nurse will take the time to listen and provide you with information, advice and support that is tailored for you. 
If you are a healthcare professional, we can advise you about the information and support that is available to you and your patients or clients.

What information is available?

The Cancer Nurses provide free and easy to understand information on

  • Cancer types.
  • Tests and investigations used to diagnose cancer.
  • Cancer prevention and early detection.
  • Screening and early detection of cancer.
  • Cancer treatments and side effects. 
  • Local cancer support services. 
  • End of life services. 
  • Life after cancer treatment.
  • Financial and practical supports. 

What other services do Daffodil Centres provide?

In addition to providing free practical information and support patient education programmes are available in some Daffodil Centres. Please visit the website page for your nearest Daffodil Centre for the full details of patient education programmes available.

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“It is a place where you feel safe to rant and rave and not be judged as you come to cope and accept what is happening. It’s a place where you can debrief, you are listened to, and guidance is shown to you. It’s where staff see you as you, not someone with 'cancer'. To be able to 'drop in' was amazing. The staff were always friendly and never rushed me. I would be lost without it.”

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What can I do if I am unable to visit a Daffodil Centre?

If you are unable to visit a Daffodil Centre you can call or email your nearest centre. Alternatively you may speak with a Cancer Nurse by phone on our Support Line at 1800 200 700.

Daffodil Centre staff

A trained nurse with experience in cancer care is responsible for the day-to-day management of the Daffodil Centre.

The nurse provides clear and accessible information on any cancer-related issue, and is supported by trained volunteers.

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1800 200 700

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