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About cancer

Information about cancer including causes, statistics, screening for cancer, and how it's diagnosed.

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What is cancer?

In this section we'll walk you through the basics about cancer - what is cancer, what are the types of cancer, what causes it, and more. If you are confused about where to get trusted cancer information, read some tips and advice on what to look out for.

Early detection

Did you know? The earlier cancer is found, the better the chance of surviving. In this section we show how to spot cancer early and explain cancer screening.

Cancer tests

Information about tests used to diagnose cancer, find out more about your specific type of cancer, how it will respond to treatment, and more.

Confused by all the health terms?

It can be hard to understand all the medical terms used when talking about cancer. If you're not sure what a specific cancer term means, you can see a list of commonly-used medical terms and what they mean in our glossary.

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