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posted by ScoilteMc
29 June 2023

What to ask consultant

Last reply: 02 July 2023 18:33
Hi, My sister has just been diagnosed with BC, we've an appointment with the consultant to get the biopsy results and treatment plan next Monday (3rd July) - are there any suggestions as to questions we need to ask, TIA, Scoilte Mc
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posted by JL
22 June 2023

Using accessible toilets

Last reply: 01 July 2023 02:16
I am recovering from Prostate cancer surgery and am now most likely facing lung surgery. Shortly after my prostate surgery I had to use the accessible toilets in Hueston Station. Unfortunately they were locked with no information about how to have them opened. Unfortunately the delay caused me to soil myself in a very public way. The experience was horrific, worse than being told I had prostate cancer and now lung cancer. When I complained to Irish Rail they advised me that as I was not actually a customer I was not entitled to use the toilet and that they had no duty of care to me i.e. to open the toilet in a timely manner. This has really shaken my confidence about asking to use toilets in public places. Has anyone had a similar experience
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posted by ola2
21 June 2023

Breast cancer Facebook support group

Last reply: 29 June 2023 14:52
Hi I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and have started treatment in St vincents hospital. I am looking for some Irish facebook support groups for people going through Breast Cancer where I can connect with people on a similar journey. Thanks
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posted by PinkRose
25 June 2023

Referral from go and wait times?

Last reply: 29 June 2023 09:36
I wrote a post back in May but now I can't find it. My whole entire body is covered in moles. I have a mole that looks different than all the rest of them on my arm. It's black. There is one thing in its favour in that it's small. However it still looks different than the rest of them. I was at my GP nearly 7 weeks ago. She decided to refer me to the hospital for mole removal. I forget what she said but I think she said she was referring me to the surgeon department. Maybe day surgeon or plastic surgeon. I can't remember what she said. She referred me as urgent. I asked for a rough guideline of a waiting time. She said she can't say for sure but she hinted maybe about 2 months. 7 weeks later, not even a call from the hospital or a letter in the mail giving me a date for the procedure. I rang the waiting list number that was on the soalta website a few weeks ago and I was rushed off the phone and the receptionist did say they received the referral but I am being triaged. How long does a triage take? How many more weeks do they need to give me an appointment. I have another mole on my leg that is questionable and I was going to get the hospital to have a look at that too when I went for my appointment. It's nearly 7 weeks since my GP appointment. What is the point of going to a doctor and getting these things looked at when you are referred and ignored for how long?
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posted by Doireannf
04 August 2022

Hair loss in kids

Last reply: 25 June 2023 17:31
Hi my son who is 6 is receiving chemo and his hair has started to come out - would anyone recommend any child friendly books I could read with him or give to his teacher to read with his classmates to explain this for him and make it more 'normal' for him thanks
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posted by libra1975
20 June 2023

Herceptin side effects

Last reply: 22 June 2023 09:34
Hello, I had chemo and radiotherapy last year, am currently on Tamoxifen. I finished herceptin injections at the end of April. During treated I had a few little red dots on the ankles, but now they are almost up to the knee. And I am not sure if I just not noticed them before or if it has gotten worse. Is that something I should worry about? Should I contact breast nurse?
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posted by Cancer Nurse
21 June 2023

Happy LGBTQIA+ Pride Week!

  Pride is about acceptance, friendship, and coming together for the LGBTQIA+ community. We hope everyone is enjoying the festivities.   This Pride, we want to remind you that no matter how you identify or whoever you love, the Irish Cancer Society is here for you.  Sexual orientation and gender identity should not affect your access to the right healthcare.     If you, your friends, or family members have any worries or concerns about cancer, you can talk to one of our cancer nurses in confidence on our Freephone - 1800 200 700, Monday – Friday 9am -5pm   Cancer Nurse
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posted by maya
24 May 2023

Facial treatments

Last reply: 20 June 2023 13:10
Anybody has facial treatments like botox, dermal filler etc during the targetted drugs treatment ? ( Herceptin+perjeta) Thank you
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posted by Sunnyshe
09 June 2023


Last reply: 14 June 2023 23:52
Hi, I'm currently on hormone treatment for estrogen positive breast cancer, I am post surgery and radiotherapy treatment, I will be meeting with my Oncologist and surgeon as part of my follow-up care, I never seem to know what to ask, and I'm wondering if anyone could suggest what information I may need to ask about going forward? I know my follow on care will be an annual mammogram, but is there any other follow-up care I should be having that I may need to request? Any advice would be very much appreciated.
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posted by twig88
02 June 2023

Stage 1 breast cancer

Last reply: 14 June 2023 23:44
Hi, I’m just wondering anyone who was diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer if you had any other tests/scans such as bone scan, cat scan, mri etc??
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