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Leaving a gift to the Irish Cancer Society in your will is an effective way to ensure the protection and care of your children and their children.

Once family and friends have been looked after and all other important personal decisions have been made, deciding to include a legacy gift to a charity is a very special way to support a cause that matters to you in the future.

Together, we can ensure that fewer people get cancer and those who do have better outcomes.


How to leave a donation in your Will

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Why make a will?

Making a will is the only way you can be certain that your wishes will be carried out after you die. You get to choose how your finances are shared and who will look after your assets. A will allows you to appoint someone you trust to sort out your affairs. You choose an ‘executor‘, who takes on this responsibility. A will can save time and money for those left behind. It also gives you the opportunity to leave a gift to charities that you have supported throughout your lifetime, or hold sentimental value to you or your family.

A donation made in your will is also known as a legacy gift. Legacy gifts play an incredibly important role in supporting Irish Cancer Society services. We provide free services across Ireland to all people affected by cancer. These services include Freephone Support Line, Night Nursing, Counselling, Daffodil Centres, and volunteer drivers.  We are the biggest provider of cancer information in Ireland and we also fund life-saving cancer research.

Legacy gifts allow us to plan for the future and helps us to continue to provide top-class care and information to those experiencing a cancer diagnosis. Your gift will impact children, young people, adults and their families for years to come.


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Making a will

  • To make a will you must be 18 or over and be of sound mind.
  • Your will must be signed in front of two witnesses. The witnesses must be 18 or over, and cannot benefit from the contents of the will.
  • You can change a will or withdraw it at any time before you die, as long as you are still of sound mind. Editing your will is called making a codicil, essentially an extension of your original wishes.
  • People tend to make wills during or after significant life events such as buying a house, getting married, having a baby or retirement.
  • If you already have a will, you should review it as your personal or family circumstances change.
  • If you are making a will or changing an existing will, you should always use a solicitor who will make sure it is legal and that your wishes will be carried out.


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Wording to include the Irish Cancer Society in your will

Leaving a donation to the Irish Cancer Society is a lasting act of kindness. Your gift will continue to make a difference to people affected by cancer across the Ireland, ensuring your legacy makes a difference for many years to come.

Legacies to charities are tax free, so leaving a gift to the Irish Cancer Society can help reduce the tax payable on your estate.
We hope you will consider including a legacy to the Irish Cancer Society. If you do, please let us know so we have the chance to thank you and to discuss your wishes.

Below is suggested wording for including the Irish Cancer Society in your will:

"I give to the Irish Cancer Society, 43-45 Northumberland Road, Dublin 4, registered charity CHY5863
a. All (or a percentage share of) the residue of my estate
b. (a specific item) or all my property know as (name of property) and situated at (location of property)
c. The sum of (amount in figures and in words)
And I direct that (i) my bequest be applied by the Irish Cancer Society for its charitable purposes and (ii) receipt of any Trustee of the Irish Cancer Society for the time being shall be sufficient discharge to my Executors."

If you need any assistance or would like to discuss the potential impact of your legacy gift, please contact our Philanthropy and Legacy Manager, Eve Kerton on 085 840 2080 or by emailing ekerton@irishcancer.ie

Write your Will Free of Charge

Irish Cancer Society has partnered with LawOnline to offer you the chance to make or amend your will free of charge using LawOnline’s Will and codicil online drafting service. Once you have drafted your will, you also have the option to have it reviewed by one of LawOnline's solicitors. This additional service is available at a significantly reduced fee.

To avail of this service or if you would like to discuss any aspect of leaving a gift, please contact Philanthropy and Legacy Manager Eve at ekerton@irishcancer.ie

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