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Organising your own fundraising event is fun, rewarding, and can make a real difference in the fight against cancer. We’ve put together some simple tips to help guide you through the process of creating your own fundraising event.

The health and safety of our supporters is our priority, and so we ask you to please ensure that your event is in line with current Covid 19 related restrictions and public health advice:

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Guidelines for Supporters

To help organise your event we have put together a list of guidelines

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Use our online form to submit your idea so we can make sure you have everything you need. Once registered, we'll send you a fundraising pack and help make your event a success!

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Important info

Do I need Insurance?

The Irish Cancer Society accepts no liability for any loss, damage or injury caused during the event you undertake. The Society’s insurance does not cover property or the property of your helper or guests, nor does it cover your personal liability for any injury suffered by yourself or your event participants. You should seek independent insurance advice prior to organising your event. Remember to use common sense when it comes to health and safety. Where food is involved, please take care and work to ensure safe preparation, storage and cooking. Please follow good hygiene practices.

Do I need a Permit?

Fundraising is all about having fun while raising money for a good cause, but you must remember that it is also subject to certain legal requirements. It is the responsibility of the Fundraiser to obtain all the necessary permits associated with the event from the Gardai, your local council, or from owners of private property etc. If you are unsure what legal permits or license may be required, you can contact your local Garda station for guidance or get in touch with our fundraising team. Small raffles held as part of a larger event do not require a lottery license provided ticket sales and the announcement of results take place during the event and there are no cash prizes. Larger raffles, lotteries and prize draws are all governed by legislation and will be subject to a Lottery License under the Gaming and Lotteries Act, 1956.

More information about Garda Permits for Collections

Cash Handling

  • Cash received should be collected, counted and recorded by two individuals.
  • Cash should be counted in a secure environment and held in a secure place until it is possible to bank it.
  • Income records should be made at the time of counting for reconciliation with banking details at a later stage.
  • Deductions must not be made from cash received. Expenses must be paid (where previously agreed) by the charity after receipt of the cash.
  • A receipt is given to the donor recording the amount of the donation, the source of the donation and the purpose for which the donation is being made (if relevant). If the total amount is not known at the point of handover, this should be recorded on the receipt as an estimate or noted as ‘not yet counted’.
  • Acknowledgements are issued, where requested and where practical, to third party donors e.g. a coffee morning participant, fundraising event sponsor etc. This serves to ensure that the donor receives official confirmation that their donation arrived and will be used for the purpose the donor intended.
  • Records are made of all donations including taking note of those made for specific purposes to ensure donors’ wishes are met.


  • For charitable lotteries, the prize limit is €1,000. Read more from the Lotteries and Gaming Act
  • There is an exemption under the 2019 Act for lotteries conducted for the benefit of a charitable or philanthropic purpose. A permit or licence will not be required when:
    • the total value of the prizes is €1,000 or less;
    • no more than 1,500 tickets at a maximum price of €5 is sold;
    • the promoter does not receive a personal profit and has not conducted such a charitable lottery during the previous 3 months

Irish Cancer Society compliance with fundraising guidelines

See here for our compliance with fundraising guidelines.

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