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Thank you for wanting to fundraise for the Irish Cancer Society! Please use the form below to submit your fundraising event idea and one of our team will be in touch to approve the event.

Completing this form does not imply authorisation from the Irish Cancer Society to undertake this event on our behalf. When we have processed your form, we will be in touch to authorise your event. 

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Businesses and schools can get involved by holding an event and/or selling a box of daffodil pins in their workplace. By registering your business or school below you will receive a box of pins and a downloadable fundraising pack.
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We will also keep you updated by post. You can update your preferences at any time by contacting fundraising@irishcancer.ie.
We would like to keep you updated about the impact of your support with our e-newsletter. It's sent out every few months with updates on what we're doing in the fight against cancer thanks to your support.