Promote your fundraising event

Grafton Barber employees fundraising for the Irish Cancer Society

To make your event a success, you need to get the word out about it! Here are the best ways to promote your event.

  • Sign up to Everyday Hero or Just Giving to share event details online and collect donations from family, friends and co-workers.
  • Create a Facebook Event for your fundraiser and include a link to buy tickets or donate. Include Irish Cancer Society as an event co-host to appear on our list of upcoming events.
  • Tag us (@IrishCancerSoc) on Twitter or Instagram so we can share your event!
  • Post photos and videos online before, during and after your event and consider streaming it live!
  • A clear, colourful poster with your event’s time, date and venue is vital. Be sure to include the cause you are fundraising for - contact our team on 0818 10 20 30 or to use our logo on your poster.
  • Talk to local media - newspapers, radio and websites - about promoting your event. Ask our fundraising team about our Local Media Relations and Publicity Campaign Guide.
  • Consider sending a letter to local businesses, groups and clubs telling them why you are organising your fundraiser. Ask them to help out with sponsorship, donations or by coming along on the day. The more the merrier!

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