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We are always on the lookout for media volunteers to share their story or experience.

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Why do we share stories?

Sharing someone’s personal story can help raise cancer awareness, inform people about our services, and bring reassurance to cancer patients and their families.

A personal story will enable the Irish Cancer Society not only to educate the public on cancer prevention, but also to highlight the services we offer to anyone affected by cancer, as well as help us with the recruitment of volunteers who are providing these services, fundraise for vital services and advocate for changes to help improve the lives of those affected by cancer in Ireland.

What’s involved in volunteering to share your story?

Our communications team shares stories in a number of ways, using a range of communication channels and platforms. Depending on the type of media engagement, you may be asked for a once off publication, or for a larger commitment, such as a campaign lead.

You will be contacted by a member of the communications team for a chat. They will explain the purpose of sharing your story and where and how they plan to publish it.

The communications team will talk to you about your experience and put your story in writing.

You will be given the opportunity to proof read the article before publication. There may also be photos or video taken where appropriate. Once all is agreed, you will sign a form to consent to the publication or launch of the campaign.

The Irish Cancer Society’s communications team will support you throughout the campaign, but will respect your level of engagement and the boundaries you have set at all times.

What are the requirements to volunteer to share your story?

  • You have /had cancer treatment yourself or
  • You or a family member have been using one of the services provided by the Irish Cancer Society or
  • You are a volunteer for the Irish Cancer Society and would like to share your experience with others
  • Willing to represent the Irish Cancer Society and their work in a professional way
  • Have good communication skills
  • Feel comfortable to speak in public if required
  • Are happy to consent to your experience/words/image/voice being publicised.

Next steps and application process

If you are interested in volunteering to share your story as a media volunteer, please fill out this online form. This will place your details on our database of potential media volunteers and a member of the communications team will be in touch.

Share your story

For more information about sharing your story, you can contact our communications team on communications@irishcancer.ie

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