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Have you donated to the Irish Cancer Society in the last four years? If so, just a moment of your time could make all the difference to someone living with cancer. And it won’t cost you a penny.

You can complete your CHY3 form online below.

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Tax-back form
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CHY3 Tax-back form
CHY3 Tax-back form

How it works

The Government-approved tax back scheme allows charities like the Irish Cancer Society to claim 44.9% in tax back on donations over €250, at no cost to you, our donor. All you need to do is sign and return a CHY3 tax-back form so we can claim the tax back from the Revenue Commissioners. You can also complete the CHY3 tax-back-form online here.

The form is valid for 5 years (unless you chose to cancel it), which helps lower our admin costs – allowing for greater impact in the work we do to improve the lives of those affected by cancer.

With this scheme we have the potential to unlock much needed income which could fund life-saving, cancer research or the delivery of a range of services that will improve the lives of people living with cancer. But we cannot do anything unless you sign and return your tax-back form today.

Do you qualify?

In order for us to claim tax back on your donations you must have donated €250 or more to the Irish Cancer Society within one year, in the last four years (2013-2016)

You can make your donation as a once-off donation or by instalments. For example, a monthly gift of €21 over 12 months totals €252, and qualifies for the tax back scheme. This only applies to personal gifts, and not to funds raised through sponsorship.

It doesn’t matter if you’re PAYE or self-assessed. Since 2013, self-assessed tax payers can no longer claim tax back on charitable donations – only the charity can make this claim from Revenue.

How your tax helps

We can claim 44.9% in tax back on donations over €250, at no cost to you. That’s an additional €112.25 on top of your €250 donation.

And it all adds up. An extra €100 can help provide comprehensive manuals and family information booklets for every Night Nurse across the country. Just sign the form. It really is that simple!

What do I do now?

Download your CHY3 tax-back form or call us on 0818 10 20 30 and we'll send you one in the post.

All you need do is fill in and sign the form, confirming that you are an Irish tax payer and that you have paid enough income or capital gains tax to cover the amount we will reclaim.

Send your completed forms to: Irish Cancer Society, 43-45 Northumberland Road, FREEPOST F215, Dublin 4, and we’ll do the rest.

Alternatively, you can also complete the CHY3 tax-back-form online here.

You’ll find more information in our Frequently Asked Questions but if you have any specific queries or concerns please contact Aoife in the Donor Development team on 01 2316629 or

Thank you so much!