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Information and support for carers and loved ones

Advice on caring for someone with cancer, taking care of yourself, and supports available.

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When someone is diagnosed with cancer, life changes for them, their family and their friends. Life also changes for you, the carer.

A carer is an unpaid person who helps the patient with cancer. A carer could be a family member, partner, friend or neighbour. Nowadays patients spend less time in hospitals and more time at home, so carers are also important members of the medical or healthcare team.

How to cope as a carer

Being a carer for someone with cancer is not an easy thing to do. It's very normal for carers to feel tired and stressed. The sections below contain tips on how to cope and look after yourself:

Providing day to day practical support

Information for carers on managing day to day matters like cooking, transportation, nursing and more.

Treatment and medical information

Tips and advice on providing medical care to your loved one including personal care and medications and caring for someone with advanced (metastatic) cancer.

Information for parents and young carers

Specific advice for parents of children with cancer, and for young carers looking after a parent with cancer.

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