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How to cope with a cancer diagnosis

Advice on how to cope, talking to family and friends, managing money and work, and more.

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Dealing with the emotional effects of a cancer diagnosis

You are likely to experience a wide range of emotions during your cancer diagnosis and treatment. Shock, anger, sadness, sorrow, denial, guilt and anxiety are all very normal feelings. Recognising these feelings will help you to cope better and feel more in control of your illness.

Talk to a cancer survivor who's been there

Through our Survivor Support one-to-one support programme, cancer survivors provide emotional and practical support to newly diagnosed patients.

If you've been diagnosed and would like to speak to someone, let us know.

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Managing money, work and travel

In addition to the emotions and feelings involved with a cancer diagnosis, many patients worry about money and work. The information below provides advice on coping with medical expenses and financial pressures during cancer.

Treatment tips

A cancer diagnosis is overwhelming. You may find it hard to make sense of medical information and get used to talking to doctors and navigating the hospital system. In this section you can find tips to help make this easier for you.

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