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Life after cancer

Information for cancer survivors including coping with side-effects and emotions, follow-up care, dealing with practical issues and living a healthy lifestyle.

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The end of treatment is a time when people often expect to feel relieved, happy and able to get on with life again, but it can take some time for your body and mind to recover and to adjust to life after cancer treatment.

LACES workshops

Come and join one of our LACES workshops - They have lots of information to help you to adjust, live well, and feel your best, physically and emotionally.  

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Coping with feelings after treatment

Cancer can affect our emotional health as well as our physical health. Sometimes it’s only after treatment is over that the emotional impact really hits home. 

After treatment: Side-effects and follow-up care

You may still have side-effects, or new side-effects can develop. It’s also important to go back to the hospital for all your follow-up appointments so your doctors can check how you’re doing.

Dealing with practical issues

Life can feel as if it’s on hold during cancer treatment. When treatment ends, you may find yourself having to deal with practical issues, such as money matters, going back to work or getting life insurance. 

Staying healthy after treatment

After a cancer diagnosis, it's important to take care of yourself. Read more about how a healthy lifestyle can help you recover faster – physically and emotionally – and reduce your risk of getting cancer again. 

Having trouble coping?

Speak to somebody who's been there. Our Survivor Support Programme matches people up with cancer survivors who have gone through a similar experience. To speak to a survivor, contact our Support Line.

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