Testicular cancer
posted by blaked113
17 July 2012

found lump - what next?

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[i]Was[/i] watching a programme 'embarrassing illnesses' and there was a bit bout checking yourself. So did that Sunday. Found a small pea size hard ish lump attached to the sort of testicle. Ok, slightly worried...I know the first thing to do is go to gp...but thankfully haven't been to doctor in over two years. And I know the doc is just going to refer me on to someone else. So is it possible to just go straight to someone else and avoid gp? Just seems pointless paying the money when they can't do anything!



commented by LMS2012
17 July 2012

9 years ago

HI there
You will need to go to a GP who will then potentially refer you to an urologist.
Its likely nothing but I would really recommend you go to a GP now.
My husband found a lump a few years ago when he was 29 (fit healthy etc) and it was such a shock. But he went direct to GP and the whole process went really quick.
If the dr feels that it could be something other than a cyst for eg. they try and expedite you through the system.
My husband is now doing great. But advice is go immediately to your GP.
Good Luck, L

commented by blaked113
17 July 2012

9 years ago

Made appointment for Thursday...I don't think its anything serious...but I suppose the money is worth peace of mind! Just gonna be really uncomfortable with the doc...only been to him once before! Oh well sure

commented by LMS2012
18 July 2012

9 years ago

great stuff and as you said its probaby nothing
and that dr has seen everything already so dont be one bit embarassed
best of luck

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