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20 February 2022


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I've just been diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Biopsy report shows Gleason score 8 in 2 ( 2 of 5) of the 21 scores submitted, 6 in 6 of the cores.

Calculated volume of prostate is 40ml.

No perineurial invasion or extraprostatic extension.

ISUP 2014 prognostic grade group 4

Tumour replaces 80% of the most involved core.

PSA 5.4 up from 4 last Sept.

My urologist gave me the diagnosis by phone. he said the choice was between surgery and radiation treatment. I asked his opinion and he said that although he is a surgeon in my case he wouldn't recommend surgery and has referred me to a radiation specialist.

Has anyone a view on why he would not recommend surgery?

also, the biopsy report hasn't stated the stage off my cancer - does anyone know is this normal.

I am very concerned that with Gleason 8 I am not pursing the right option and also concerned about the pace at which this can develop.

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commented by Cancer Nurse
25 February 2022

25 February 2022 11:24


Thank you for posting on the  online community.

I am  sorry to read that you have been diagnosed with prostate cancer. This must be a difficult time for you, especially as you are trying to understand the treatment choices and plan ahead.

It is important the you get to speak in detail with both your urologist and the radiation oncologist in detail about the treatment options. If the consultants are recommending one treatment over the other it is important that you understand there reasons for this recommendation.

We also have Survivor Support service where we could put you in contact with someone who has had a similar journey. The following is a link to our webpage on Survivor Support: Survivor Support | Irish Cancer Society.

If you would like to speak with a cancer nurse about any of this please contact the Support Line on 1800 200 700, Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm.

Kind regards,

Cancer Nurse


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