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posted by tinytrina
16 February 2022

Partner has burning sensation in throat

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My partner has stage 4 neck and throat cancer diagnosed last year he under went surgery to remove parts off his tongue and then 6 weeks off radiotherapy and chemotherapy, he has constant burning sensation in his throat and while doctors are offering him pain relief it’s not really helping the burning , is there anything that will help, I’ve tried smoothies etc and went through his diet etc but feel nothing seems to be working , he finds it hard to eat and is losing weight again which is something I don’t want.

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commented by Cancer Nurse
22 February 2022

9 months ago

Dear Tinytrina

Thank you for posting on our online community. I am hoping you will hear from others who have gone through this very difficult treatment.  

I am very sorry to hear of your partners diagnosis. He and you have been through so much and it must be so difficult for him to be experiencing constant burning sensation. I am sure he has told his clinical nurse specialist as you have mentioned that he is on pain killers but they are not helping. Along with increasing the pain medication there are some very specific mouth gels and mouth washes that may also be of some help.

It can be very hard to eat with this pain. The nurse specialist might have other suggestions regarding nutrition. I see you are trying smoothies etc. I am sure you have tried so many things. Avoiding salty/spicy, coarse, dry and acidic foods and neither too hot or too cold is also recommended. I am sure at every opportunity you are adding butter, cream, full fat milk, peanut butter and many other high calorie drinks. I wonder would you phone our support line and speak to a cancer nurse. We would like to discuss this with you and offer any advice and support we can. Our number is 1800 200 700 and we are here Mon- Fri 9-5pm.

Kind Regards

Cancer Nurse

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