Return of Prostate Cancer

March 26, 2017 - 11:34

I have not been on this site in a while..My husband had Prostate cancer back in 2011 , he then had a radical prostatectomy followed by 6 weeks of Radiotherapy.....followed by hormone treatment forward five years having not gone to the Doctor for regular PSA checks, he developed flu like symptoms in January 2017 and eventually returned to the Doctors office who had the good sense to do a PSA only to find it is at an all time high of 635, considering it was below .1 after all the treatment 5 yrs ago.....My message to all survivors out there ,,,please please continue to attend for regular tests, it's only a simple blood test to confirm PSA remains at a low level...hence our position has now totally escalated to a serious condition???Last week we travelled to Galway to meet with oncology team as the cancer is now advanced and present in pelvis,lung and possibly in bones....I am still reeling with this devastating news and the effect it is having on the whole family..We have a junior cert daughter and I work full time , We have spent the last two weeks on the road travelling to hospital appointments for consultation,scans and as now in hospital care for the past two weeks we are pretty much full time on the road....John(my hubby) is having difficulty breathing at the moment so once this is under control we shall have him home...He has just started a new therapy drug DEGARELIX/or Firmagon and also his much dreaded and always feared Chemo......I will share this journey with you as there are not many threads on the next phase... When and if the cancer returns and what the next treatments available are.... But most of all I want a lesson to be learnt from our story, this could have been detected earlier if John had of attended his GP who would have seen his PSA was increasing once again and we might not be in the place we are today...Happy Mothers Day to all the strong women..Mothers/wives , who in a lot of cases are the ones supporting and giving all the love and support to a sick family member to get them tru this tough time...

June 13, 2017 - 08:19

Thanks for sharing this. You're husband is lucky to have such great support.