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posted by Dane7
15 August 2012

Did Chemo work for you?

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Just received news last Friday that post 5 chemos chemo didn't really work for me and only a very small shrinkage of my tumors occurred. Has anyone been in this boat?

Oncologist expected a very good response .... hence my surprise, disappointment and let's be honest, fear that it is not the case. Anyone else experience this at all?



commented by LindyLu
15 August 2012

9 years ago

In had surgery first so they had no way of measuring my response to chemo! Have heard other ladies who have had similar responses to chemo i.e. small shrinkage. Are you hormone positive? Are you a candidate for tomoxafin or AI (for post menopausal women)? what had your onc team suggested next? Surgery? Another type of chemo? Hopefully they have a good plan to kick cancer's butt.

commented by Dane7
16 August 2012

9 years ago

Hi Lindylu
I have 2 types of cancer going on so chemo up front was a way of stoping the rare type in its tracks and shrink before surgery. Surgery is on 17th Sept. Then the radiotherapy and as I am ER+ Tamoxafin. Hate the idea of surgery but hope it will be more successful than the chemo was. Worried as they really had expected a very positive response.

commented by K
09 August 2021

5 months ago

I went for an integrative approach and worked with an experienced integrative doctor in the UK to make the standard treatment more effective and minimise side effects. It worked well for me.

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