Bowel cancer
posted by martcan
09 February 2013

bowel cancer

Last reply: 2 years ago

was under the impression that bowel cancer was one of the more common serious diseases/causes of death in ireland...if not worldwide; strange no replies from any I assume that there are very few suffering with this condition on this site...if so I could 'turn' elsewhere. Thanks. Image removed.



commented by Kathleen
09 February 2013

7 years ago

Hi Martcan,

I'm very sorry that you didn't get any replies. For some reason most of the posts on the ICS forum are from breast cancer patients. Not sure why.

I hope you find the answers you need. Maybe the help line would be a
a useful place to start. Good luck with your treatments.

All the best


commented by terbium
02 March 2017

2 years ago

Diagnosed with Feb 2017. Looking to connect with others in similar new found circumstances.

commented by FAPHusband
20 March 2017

2 years ago

Hi Terbium, I am not sure from your post what the specifics of your diagnosis are... if you have had a diagnosis of FAP, I can possibly offer some support as my husband has FAP and we have gained alot of knowledge and experience over the course of the past 15 or so years since his diagnosis between here and the UK.

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