Cancer advocacy at the Irish Cancer Society

As Ireland’s national cancer charity, we are working towards a future without cancer. Advocacy plays an important role in achieving this vision.

Every day, Government departments and state agencies make important decisions about the policies and resources that affect the lives and wellbeing of people who have cancer, survivors, families and caregivers. 

An independent voice

The Irish Cancer Society is a not-for-profit organisation which receives less than 2% of its total income from state funds.

This allows us to be the independent and informed voice of those affected by cancer. We represent people affected by cancer and make sure that people who shape cancer policy and provide cancer services hear their voice.

We also lobby Government to introduce policy changes that can reduce cancer risk.

How does the Irish Cancer Society advocate on cancer issues?

We raise awareness of cancer related issues and campaign for policy and legislation that can help save lives and improve the lives of people with cancer.

We regularly meet elected representatives, civil servants and policymakers to let them know what we think about cancer issues and how we think policy and legislation can help save lives and improve the lives of people with cancer.  

Our independent voice and our on-going contact with people affected by cancer, and with the nursing, research and medical professions means that we can speak out in an informed way.

You can read our policy positions on a variety of cancer related issues here.

We produce briefing notes for elected representatives on cancer issues so that they are also take part in Department of Health, Oireachtas and other public consultations.

You can read some of our submissions here.

Some examples of our advocacy successes include:

  • The workplace smoking ban.
  • The introduction of warning images on cigarette packs.
  • The introduction of bowel cancer screening.
  • A commitment from Government to the extension of the age of breast cancer screening and cross-party support for sunbed regulation.

Campaign with the Irish Cancer Society on cancer issues

We need your help to help us campaign for policies that will mean a future without cancer.  

By becoming part of the network, you will have opportunities to use your voice to campaign for lifesaving policies at a local and national level.

  • Action on Sunbeds - Ask Government to protect children from skin cancer.
  • Action on Tobacco - Join a campaign to make sure that future generations smoke-free.
  • Action on Screening - Make sure that lifesaving screening is available to all who need it.
  • Action on Health Inequalities - Make sure that the risk of getting cancer, and chances of surviving it, is the same no matter where you live or what your circumstances are.
Date Last Reviewed: 
Monday, February 20, 2017