X-HALE Short Film Competition

The X-HALE Short Film Competition is an exciting opportunity for youth groups to spread the word about the impact of smoking by creating a youth-led short-film.

Every year, we support youth groups from all over Ireland to have their say about smoking and make a short film encouraging young people to stamp out smokes for good. Read more about the X-HALE story so far.

What's involved?
  •  We invite youth groups to apply for a grant. Groups can also take part without a grant and recieve free resources, training and support.
  • We provide free X-HALE Training for your leaders and digital film school for your group.
  • Groups then get stuck into exploring important smoking issues like peer pressure, the health effects of smoking and the power of the tobacco industry with the help of our resources. The information provided is relevant for all young people, both non-smokers and smokers are encouraged to take part.
  • We leave it up to you from there to decide how your group’s film will encourage young people not to smoke, you know your audience.
  • Completed short films are submitted to the Irish Cancer Society and are uploaded to the Irish Cancer Society YouTube channel so that you can promote and share your groups work far and wide on social media and in your local area to expand the reach of your messages among your friends and community. 
  • All films are showcased at the X-HALE Youth Awards each year. This is a fantastic event to celebrate the achievements of all involved with cool prizes up for grabs under various categories including an Online Winner for the film with the most YouTube views.  See the films of previous winners.
Why get involved?
  • The programme gives you and your group members a platform to discover, discuss and share the facts and your opinions about smoking. Check out all about smoking to get a taste of the topics you will have the chance to explore.
  • It’s a unique chance for you to develop film-making skills (script writing, acting, directing, filming, editing), creativity, confidence and team working ability in planning and shooting your film with your group.
  • We want you to take the lead on spreading the word about the harmful effects of smoking to other young people. We want to bring down the number of young people smoking in Ireland and we need you to be part of the tobacco endgame.
We want you!

We want to get as many groups as possible involved. We’re calling on you to join #TheXGeneration and be Ireland’s first smoke free generation.

Keep up to date with X-HALE opportunities, email schadwick@irishcancer.ie to be added to our mailing list

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Wednesday, November 11, 2015
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Monday, November 30, 2015