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X-HALE Training is our smoking education and prevention resource for use with young people in formal and non-formal education settings.

X-HALE Training fit within a school setting

  • Within the school setting, the X-HALE Training resource is an ideal fit within the Social, Political and Health Education (SPHE) curriculum, under the substance misuse module.
  • The resource explores engaging and creative ways to facilitate students learning and reflection on a broad range of issues including the health effects of smoking, peer pressure and the global impact of tobacco use. The information provided is relevant for all young people; both non-smokers and smokers are encouraged to participate in sessions.

What is the benefit of X-HALE training?

  • The X-HALE Training resource provides SPHE teachers with the information and materials needed to tackle smoking issues in your school and facilitate a range of smoking topics in an engaging, interactive and participatory way with your students.

  • Through implementing resource activities your students will have the chance to discuss and share the facts about smoking and reflect on their own opinions and choices.

  • We want to bring down the number of young people smoking in Ireland smoking and we want teachers and schools to join us in supporting our young people to become the first tobacco free generation.

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