Standards of care for breast prosthesis and bra-fitting services

Woman in bra and prosthesis

The Irish Cancer Society has produced standards of care for breast prosthesis and bra-fitting services. These standards of care will help you know what you should expect when you go to a prosthesis and bra-fitting service. 

  • A fitting service should encourage women to make contact with the service and put her at ease. Everything possible should be done to ensure the best possible fitting experience.
  • The fitter should be trained, knowledgeable and sensitive to women’s needs. A woman should have a choice of seeing a female fitter.
  • The fitting environment should be easily accessible and spacious with good lighting and ventilation. A range of products should be on display and the room should have fitting rooms for privacy and a full-length mirror. 
  • Women are entitled to a prompt appointment. Adequate time should be made available for the fitting and for women to receive appropriate emotional support.
  • Women are entitled to see and try a range of products so that they can choose the best product to meet their individual needs. 
  • Women should always be measured for a breast prosthesis and/or mastectomy bra. If it is appropriate for a woman to be measured without removing her bra, this option should be offered to her.
  • Chosen products should be made available to women in a timely fashion. If there is a delay, women are entitled to know the reason for the delay and how long they have to wait. 
  • Women should be carefully informed about how to care for their prosthesis according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Women should receive impartial information about alternative products and ranges available from other sources. Brochures from a variety of ranges should be made available to all women.
  • An information leaflet outlining what to expect at the prosthesis fitting should be made available to all women, as well as clear guidelines on entitlements and the replacement of prostheses and mastectomy bras.

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