After treatment for breast cancer

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What follow-up do I need?

No matter what type of cancer treatment you get, you will still need to go back to hospital for regular check-ups once it is over. This is called follow-up. 

The follow-up may involve having a physical exam, blood tests and scans. 

If you are between check-ups and have a symptom or problem that is worrying you, let your doctor know. Make an appointment to see him or her as soon as possible.

What if the cancer comes back?

If the cancer comes back in the breast or somewhere else, you can still have treatment. When cancer comes back in the breast area it is called recurrent breast cancer. If it has spread to another part of your body it is called metastatic or secondary breast cancer. Read more about metastatic breast cancer.

Feelings after treatment

It can take some time to come to terms with a cancer diagnosis. You may find you have ups and downs months or years after your treatment has ended. Don’t be afraid to use the support services if you need them at any time.  Read about feelings after treatment and where to get support.

Living a healthy lifestyle

It's important to look after yourself after cancer treatment. Get some advice on healthy living here.

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