Breast reconstruction

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What is breast reconstruction?

Breast reconstruction means making a new breast shape for you after you have had breast cancer surgery. It’s done using an implant, your own body tissue or a combination of both. Everyone is different, so your surgeon will talk to you about your options and what might be best in your case.

Depending on the technique used, you might need a number of procedures to get the best result.

For example, creating a new nipple, further work to improve the size and shape of your new breast, surgery to your other breast to help match your new breast, or filling out any spaces with lipofiling.

Who does breast reconstruction surgery?

Breast reconstruction is done by either a specialist oncoplastic breast surgeon or a plastic surgeon trained in breast reconstruction. Depending on their experience, a plastic surgeon with a special interest in breast reconstruction can usually offer you a wider choice of more complicated surgeries.

In many cases, both the breast surgeon and the plastic surgeon work together to do more complex surgeries.

Making a decision about reconstruction

Not every woman who has breast surgery will want to have a reconstruction, but it’s a good idea to find out about it and think about your options.

  • Read the information you’re given about breast reconstruction.
  • Talk to your breast care nurse and consultant about your options.
  • Ask your breast care nurse to put you in touch with someone who has been through similar surgery.
  • Weigh up the pros and cons and think about what you want. Be realistic in your expectations of breast reconstruction.
  • Make the decision for yourself and not for anyone else.

You can also talk to one of our cancer nurses. Call our Support Line free on 1800 200 700 or visit a Daffodil Centre. You can ask the nurses for a free copy of our booklet, Understanding Breast Reconstruction, or download it below:

Understanding Breast Reconstruction booklet
Breast reconstruction booklet
This booklet has been written to help you learn more about breast reconstruction. It is aimed at people who have breast cancer and are considering breast reconstruction surgery.

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