When to have breast reconstruction


Immediate reconstruction:

  • Having reconstruction at the same time as your breast cancer surgery

Delayed reconstruction:

  • Having breast reconstruction months or years after your breast cancer surgery

Immediate reconstruction


  • More of your breast skin can be preserved. This can give a more natural-looking shape and appearance.
  • There may be less scarring on the breast itself.
  • You will need fewer operations.
  • You will have a new, reconstructed breast when you wake up after your mastectomy or breast-conserving surgery.


  • If you have any complications after surgery, it might delay you starting any chemotherapy you need.

Delayed reconstruction


  • You have more time to consider if reconstruction is right for you.
  • It may be less stressful if you are taking it just one step at a time.


  • Your body will look different if you haven’t had reconstruction, especially if you’ve had a mastectomy. This might affect your self-esteem and body image.

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